Home Alone .. Whats Out That Window?

Home Alone !! Whats Out That WindowI don’t like being home alone in a house I’ve not been in before at night.  Am i a chicken well in new house first night i do sleep with bathroom light on.  I carry a night light with me when i travel to some one else’s house so i wont run into a wall or trip and wake them up lol !!  Im still trying to fight this awful cold i have so i’m moving slow this morning . Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend .. 🙂

Vanilla Bae  Grace  EQUAL10

Sintiklia  Hannah  Access

[MANDALA] Pearl-Rain-Season3 ( Necklace)

Zenith Dolly Platforms


The Fringe

The Fringe

Well We got out of harms way of the hurricane here in Virginia !! But feeling so bad for SC/NC people . It could been us !!  Still Chesapeake back here looks rough . The creek/coves look high .  We will have road flooding . Grocery stores and mail and Banks opened back up yesterday . Back log of 4 days of no mail ( no bills lol )  and no real life work today . Off to go refinish my kitchen table ( just moved into my new rather 1940’s house we have re done i totally love it !!! I am a big avid decorator in rl .. My style is farmhouse and Primitives ( stars antiques quilts)  I refinish old furniture . Have a wonderful Saturday


little bones Vortex   equal10

EMPYREAN FORGE  Wayfare Collection ( bracelet choker long necklace ) FaMESHed


Zenith  =Boho Fringe Earring & Boho Summer Fringe Bag


What Do I do, Now That Your Gone?

What do i do now your gone

I have returned from being gone from Secondlife for Five months.

My secondlife husband Lars Convair, had been sick for long time He passed away on January 24 2018 .. A bit of quick history between us. I met this man when he was DJing at club Big Daddy’s .. I was his host for years. One day we finally had a date!  I always knew I had feelings for him for years! He said he had come to Secondlife to find me. (insert a awww lol ) Our six year marriage relationship was wonderful one. It was also a great friendship that carried over into real life . We were on each others real life Facebook.  We had gone threw, Deaths, Grand kids, Real life Marriages, Children getting married, Mother boards crashing, new computers . Isp going out . Snow storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Moving, new houses, surgeries, Doctors visits ect..

He called me 3 days before he died from ICU I knew he had texted me earlier that that he was in hospital .. He didn’t die from his cancer or Multiple sclerosis he had died from pneumonia.  I read his real life daughters post she tagged him and landed on my real life face book. What a total shock but i knew it was coming . Sitting in bed that night watching  tv i woke up my real and told him ( I had just gotten remarried in real life two years ago ) Lars Knew and was supportive and My real life knew about Lars .. Our love and past and his declining health.

 I logged back into second life to tell people about Lars  i haven’t been online in long time. I might like to go back to blogging again but .. I deleted my second life Facebook ( I thought it would be easier to walk away from second-life. ) I stand in Second life and just stand and stare and wonder after six years what do i do now?

Le Poppycock Heartbreak Rose Chapter Four

Beusy Cream Hairstyle  Uber

Real Evil   Cora Necklace

ISON  peggy turtleneck dress Uber

=Zenith= =Zenith=Dolly Platforms

Baby One More Time

Baby One More Time
This outfit sorta reminds me of 90’s  Britney Spears Song Hit Me Baby  One More Time.

This skirt by Narcisse is Sidd Kilt with pleats comes in a array of colors and textures !! hud with panties on or off its at the Rewind Event

Narcisse Sidd Kilt  Rewind Event

Doe  Punk Queen  Rewind Event

:V.e.  Nina Tie N Tank Black Plaid  Rewind Event 

Swallow  Pyramid Ears

Zenith  Dolly Platforms

[Kres]  Cheeky Neons – 14 Ride It Fetish Fair

oOo Studio   seductress

SAYO SCENES   Wright Staircase Backdrop – COMMON





Threw The Looking Glass

Threw The Looking Glass
Threw the looking glass ..My mind drifts looking  in  mirror at my self . I dont recognize the person thats looking back at my self . Who have i become ? Had i gotten to hardened by people taking advantage of my kindness? My trust levels had gotten to all time low. In the past I allowed negative people into my life..But… I am in the process on a new path to put it all behind me and Start anew !

The Suki playsuit with removable bows and colour change gems as well as a shiny (specularity/materials) on/off .There is 20 colours to choose from or and a Fatpack and has a bonus 10 colours


Narcisse Suki Playsuit Anybody Event

Exile Blown Away

Moon Elixir Dreamy Pearl Bodychain

Zenith  Dolly Platforms

White Widow  Tesis

zerkalo  Lovesong – Swing White
Mademoiselle – Mirror
Mademoiselle – Two Altered Bottles

Evening Bike Ride

Evening Bike Ride

This sim Neive i had just discovered !! It has lots to offer wonderful mountains, calm water, pigeons ! places to just wander around great for photos can pay to join group also Pleasant to walk around in evening .. Explore all areas !!

This adorable top by ChicModa Jane is to cute!! took me long time to pick color i wanted !!! It comes in Single Colors: 12, All single colors come with a color HUD that will change the color of the ruffles and the bow. The main shirt color will not change. This option is only available in the full pack,…But i think the full pack is awesome i can wear same top for over week lol !! Its at Cosmopolitan Event

ChicModa   Jane Cosmopolitan Events  (July 16 – 23)

:SG ( slack girl ) Leia Mesh Nail The Secret Affair

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

AD ( Analog Dog) chella


=Zenith= Shoulder Bucket Bag


[Cynful] Bae High Waisted Jeans