I’ll Wait Under The Tree For You!

I'll Wait Under The Tree For You!

Its Sunday Morning .. I’m getting all my blogging done before Christmas ( Hence is why i cut back this time of year and due to hubby having chemo) People just amaze me how can you get out 2 or more a day . I am ADD  I will spend hours on one photo and then delete 20 i have taken of one blog!! ill see hair going threw outfit wrong pose and wrong background .  I don’t have studio for this or up in sky on platform. I have been blogging for 3 yrs . I don’t get out much to meet any one . I don’t even have second life Facebook had one for many years 2 yrs ago i decided to leave second life for good not a break

I deleted my  second life Facebook i decided after 7 months to come back and i made new one some one kept reporting my Facebook as spam and you know story after 6 face books later i decided to give that up trying. I wont give up my real life Facebook to convert. Its also for my business. Ok guys have a great Sunday !!

Seniha Dalia Dress  Winter Spirit