Ruffles & Leather

Ruffles & Leather

Good Morning !! Its Sunday here .. Weekend is about over. Working from home has my days all screwed up !! When i used to work for government and school systems i knew what the date was lol !! So Sunday to me is like a Tuesday ! I have gone back to my dieting days. I lost about 4 yrs ago a whole person lol.. I have been ill for 3 yrs ( now back on the mend thank you wonderful doctors) I have gained some back.. ūüė¶¬† by being inactive. I go to the YMCA 2 Times week and on my diet for past 2 weeks . I had stopped smoking 3 yrs ago !! I don’t have any wine due to my illness but once a month 2 glasses.

Yeah no good food cant drink and no smoking. Now you know why my personality is evil lmao ( Your going ahh that explains it lol ) Ok enough you have great day all !!

Seniha Alana  The Whore Couture Fair

Eudora3D Annabelle Gacha The Arcade
Hat Red
Blindfold Red

RealEvil Industries Kassia Earring FaMESHed

Phoenix Kara Hair  FaMESHed