Purple Haze

Purple HazeMorning all. I must be getting tired of Thanksgiving . ( Means i have done my share and im done. ) I am not big turkey fan. My stuffing didn’t turn out way ( I ) Like it every one else did. To much food for one day and i’m not big Thanksgiving left over person. There is two of us and enough food left over for army!! Now to get ready for Christmas !!!

My RL Hubbie having Chemo Tuesday  and Wednesday  He will be tired to do our out doors Christmas stuff until he rest from it. I  told him this year lets not do it . He said HELL NO !!!  lol so we are going to get it done before Tuesday the out side.

Ok i’m worn out from yesterday going to get this out and relax Have great Friday!!


ViSion Charlotte – Nightgown uber


White On White

White On White

Morning .. I had blog all ready done for yesterday and low and behold … Flickr was down showing no photos uploaded for hours !!! ( on A Friday no less) So im totally out of gas to re do it . I deleted it lol .. Have a most happy weekend all !!! Make it a great weekend even if watching Hallmark Christmas movies starting this weekend .. Its what im going to do after i clean kitchen lol . !!!


ViSion Isabella Dress UBER

Fortuna Elsa Set ( Necklace & Earrings)  SENSE EVENT


Want To Lick My Panda ( Ice Cream Silly lol!!)

Wanta Lick My Panda ( Ice Cream Silly lol )

Good Morning its Thursday one more day folks till Friday !!! its cloudy and 60 degrees … Yes!!!! no ac this morning !!!  We have dual system for up and down heat pump ( central air) Give our electric bill break … Cant wait ..Our electric bill is lower in the winter.

Yesterday I got a refund from my old health insurance to tune of 2,500 dollars!!! (long story in letter) I looked at real life and said this is real !!!!! I signed it and was so happy i could of ran all way to bank * its only 2 miles lol* but i took SUV !!

I have my catalogs to my favorite expensive clothing store ( I only drool over and cant afford lol ) I told RL Im buying 2 sweaters and then paying few of his medical bills and paying few bills way ahead of time !! ( ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS !!!) LOL

I will pay my rent for over month in second life .. I do it bi weekly . When we get paid ..

Good things like this never happen to me lol .. Times are changing lol !!!

Have a most wonderful Thursday all hugs !!!


ViSion Skylar  Uber