Burr !! It May Be Cold But I’ts Ice Cream !!

Burr !! It May Be Cold But I'ts Ice Cream !!

Sunday Morning ! Up early need to get rolling . My mom is out of town and i need to get my dads Christmas wreath to his grave. My Dad died before Christmas 2 yrs ago on 19th.

I still have trouble with it. He was retired High School Football Coach ( He is still winning est coach with his record . He holds in State) He was healthy and just had stroke that day.

Ok enough  sadness.  Im going to get all my decorating done !!! Crossing fingers.

With real life still having chemo he had a round other day and is lagging a bit . He does more than most do when they dont have cancer.  You all have a most wonderful Sunday enjoy it !!!

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Morning all !!! Sigh!!! Long day yesterday . Doctors appointments for my nerve pain . Went to Walmart to get my prescription omg it looks like rats running in door tons of people !! I had to wait 30 min to get only one prescription  I still have to go back and get my other one. I didn’t want to wait any longer . Walmart is 25 miles from my house ( I live in small rural area on the Chesapeake bay In Virginia . ) So my doctor is 30 miles away the other way and i still had to met up with a costumer for our home business. I didn’t get home till 6pm and i left at 1pm lol

Today long day doing our business and i need to finish decorating our RL home.

We have had company last week and i was in middle of it. I need to get into that Christmas spirit!!! Tree is up but not decorated  have great weekend all Im

off to go post !!! Hugs

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The Colors Of Fall

The Colors Of Fall


We all made it past Monday !!! 1 down 4 to go lol … Ecky rainy day here … Open door to let dog out in our fenced in yard to go potty .. She turned to me gave me that are you kidding me look !!??? I pushed her out and shut door lol !!! She went super duper fast lol

I normally go out with her but not this go around . My real life just drove off to his second round of Chemo this morning.. He does well with it.

Im not cruel letting him go by his self . My husband( RL) Is strong minded .. He did it last round . He doesn’t want me sitting with him for 3 hrs .. He every one getting chemo is alone . The nurses and staff are friendly and chat to them . I text him while hes there and call him. We have a business someone has to be here to maintain that while hes out.

Ok im off to post before my mother calls .. ( i don’t want to try to post this and Flickr at same time with her talking i surely will mess up .. Im ADD LOL  Have productive day all !!!

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Polka Dot

Polka Dot

Good Sunday Morning …. Okay its  non eventful day !!!!! Yesterday i got this wild hair and started digging in my attic doors ( I have 3 doors in my computer room / spare bedroom like dormer doors where  all my holiday decorations are, One has Christmas stuff and one has fall/Halloween / Thanksgiving… other door is my valentines day / Saint Patrick’s & Easter lol its all shewn out on the bed up here !! ( cant let dog get into it .)

I also started decorating my land in second life I used to do it beautifully but lost the will to do landscape but taking my time again ( after 15 yrs you sorta get tired of it or rather i do lol ). Have whats left of a great weekend !! Hugs all !!!



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The Blues

The Blues

Morning !!!! Hoping that all who live near or in Louisiana are batting down the hatches !!! look like low category 1 hurricane but the water looks high. Been threw my share of hurricanes living in Virginia and lived in Florida . .

Super short blog today ( Lucky you lol ) Have a most wonderful weekend make most out of it !!!


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Sometimes Pink Boots Can Make Things Better

Sometimes PInk Boots Can Make Things Better

Good Morning Tuesday People!!  Short Blog this morning !!! Waiting a call from my Daughter. She has a Drs appointment for her gallbladder with surgeon to figure out few things shes 2 hr away from me I volunteered to take her but nooo lol. Her husband travels for his job  all over  cant be with her .  Mother worries about her children no matter how old they are ( She will be 36 in August !! ok enough of my real life … You all have a wonderful day!!


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Me & My Friend

Me & My Friend

Morning its a nasty rainy yucky day here in Virginia !!! When you live at sea level ( low more like it .)  We have extremely flat land. Our ditches here are about 4 feet deep if not we be flooded. But they do over flow from time to time. roads on bay flood. The electric some times goes out due to any wind with rain !! lol We all have in spring bubba boots white rubber boots or we call them bedroom slippers. I want gray ones with pink hearts !!!! But they are always out at the store here. Will order me some nice ones lol ok enough on dang boots already huh?!!! Have a most wonderful weekend my dear friends

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Evening Stroll

Evening Out!

Morning !!!  uneventful day yesterday !! So far this morning . I need to go shopping but my body says nooo stay home. ( Hates shopping lol ) Hubby is down stairs  making tons of noise in dinning room . We put our big wrought iron light up before we moved in . The light i told him was going to be when some one stood up from table they would get hammered in the head lol !!! He had to take light down this morning and the medallion and re wire it ( hes retired electrician yay lol ) cut new hole in ceiling and spackling and painting . Hes brawn im brains ( scary huh?) lol !!  ok enough of my small little life going on here . Time to post!!! have great Hump day!!

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Yes I Ate 5 LOL !!!

Yes I Ate 5 LOL

No I dont eat this many or any lol !!! I thought of this by Chicchica Eclair !! My diet wont allow these lol … I am not a sweet eater!!  ( even when i wasn’t on a diet.) I need to work out more 8 days on my diet can i tell ?!!! ehh maybe lol .. I got my computer glasses Tuesday!!

I hated them at first then got home went to my office I looked at my lap top it and loged into SL !! OMFG !!!! As i told a friend in SL It looks like some one seeing color tv for first time !!! all scratches and haze on my glasses and wearing them cockeyed that was horrible

Im off to post having hair appointment this morning !!! have a great Thursday !!

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Glamours @ Midnight


Helloooo !!!  Tuesday Morning !! ( ugh Tuesday is probably most under rated day of the week. In other words boringgg lol !!! )  Today on my agenda is picking up my computer glasses. They called yesterday morning i had to much to do in rl with our businesses.

I hope my glasses are right prescription they are for computer and reading only. I even took measurements of my laptop where i sit to make sure . I am wearing pair that my dog loves plastic chewed and scratched up !! over a year ago lol .. I wonder if my sl will look different that just squinting or looking side ways lol . Have a great day !!


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