Black & Gold

Black& Gold

Well its Sunday !!!! End of weekend nearing … Had the heat on here for past 2 days ! Now its pain in butt to let dog out to go potty at 2 am . She looked at me with that look that said Really???? I told her its 2am she can go really fast im not putting on her doggy  coat or sweater ( they are in my closet some where since last year. ) I have finished putting away Halloween  stuff up and the Thanksgiving flag is up out on the porch hanging.

You all have a most wonderful day … Relax its Sunday !!!

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White Leather

White Leather

Monday Morning and the week starts all over again !!! Seems second life ( for me) yesterday had lots of slowing rezing issues for me going to events I have super duper lap top plenty of gigs and great internet. (They say sometimes its server you are created on.)

I wasn’t bad but slowww could been a Sunday!!

Its been over 96 degrees here in Virginia for past few months. ( we normally get that in August!!)  My renovated farm house is 90 years old … We have dual heat pumps but one upstairs is brand new is not getting it due to the dormers have storage and its over front porch and part isn’t insulated. Need attic fan .. Dont remember it ever being this hot even growing up in Va … this many days keep cool all !!


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Miss Spring Daisy

Miss Spring Daisy!Morning !!! Have you ever laid in bed and couldn’t sleep?!!

My mind doesn’t turn off easily at all . I am thinking about re painting my Amish hutch in my dinning room.  We are going this weekend to put beams in living room with crown molding all mundane things but things that keep me thinking lol ..

I finally got to bed about 2am so im late posting its about 9am now been up hr or so . You all have a wonderful day i have busy day like most of you do .

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Maxi Gossamer Esra’s Giant Teardrop

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Happy Weekend !!  I haven’t posted in few days … Had few things to do in real life. Seems my diverticulitis has kicked up lol ( yes is there any thing i don’t have ??? ) I never been sick in my life until i hit in my late 50s lol !!  I spent the other day  sitting in court with  for our business ( some one bounced a check and they decided not to pay 😦 This was some one we had done business with for ages. ( They wrote it off a dead account also ) Go figure!! lol …

My sweet baby Pumpkin ( my cockapoo)  had been getting sick in my computer room ( new carpet, I love her more than the carpet .) We took her to the vet yesterday and she hasn’t liked her food lately and just liked her treats so vet has her on  1/2 Prilosec OTC and new dog food so far so good !! I live a boring mundane life !! I have been trying to decorate my new home in secondlife. realized when doing photos i move things around for photos . Now looks like hoarders house lol !!

Sooner or later i need to get rid of the snow . I rent from a nice guy ( i rented from him for 8 years on different parcels ) he uses prim snow, Im slowly not liking the snow !! lol . I know come on old lady hurry up and finish !! Have a great weekend all and make it a great one !!


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