It May Be Cold Outside, But It’s Warm In Here!

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In The Pink !!

In The Pink !


Hello Saturday Morning !! … Well its raining here, After hurricane /tropical storm last week this is last thing Virginia needs right now!! I was going to go to our fall fair the church puts on here in our small town of 8,000. I am sad its raining i certainly don’t want to walk in rain . I fell down few week’s ago on the deck ( water under our rug at back door) I pulled muscles in both legs ! So walking slow in rain isn’t going to work so staying home ūüė¶¬† ¬† Its ok i will be cleanings and baking, My daughter and son-in law come next weekend and my 3 grand-kids!! ( plus their older dog ) We will be going to pumpkin patch . I do lead a boring life compared to most. I wouldn’t trade it for any thing !! Have a great Saturday all ūüôā


Seniha. Haarlem TRES CHIC

little bones Alias equal10

shanghai Acacia Necklace Rose & shanghai РAcacia Earring Pink  Tres Chic



Eating Sweets Gives Me Nightmares !!

Eating Sweets Gives Me Nightmares !!

Its that time of year again !!! Halloween i absolutely adore !!! I love decorating and seeing pumpkins and ect. I am not the one that will watch any horror movies i did few when i was younger . I don’t do blood or gore movies. This was my first time i dressed in second-life as something bloody. I been in second-life since beta . I struggled with this . A friend i know when i was in my 20’s was killed.. and when i see this i think of them. I did omit the tattoo . I give Beautiful dirty Rich kudos for realistic tattoo. I hope if some of you are squeamish this didn’t offend you ūüôā Have a wonderful Monday !!

*B.D.R.*  The SL Purge: Kiss Me Outfit (Tattoo (blood ) chainsaw/mask/shoes included Choker)   The Dark Style Fair

ChicChica Ghost treats Cosmopolitan

Tableau Vivant Rosemary hair Salem Event

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear

Taking My Fav Girl On Vacay

Taking My Fav Girl On Vacay

Im back to work in rl now . So doing my blog night before .. Since posting my photo early in morning on flickr ill be half asleep lol !!! I’ll be off Monday -Thurs moving Wednesday !! This is short blog have good weekend !! ūüôā

Decoy  Top & Shorts ) Vivi Halter Top & Madison Shorts COLLABOR88

Exile  Storm COLLABOR88

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

*LODE* Crocus [bright purple]

[Black Bantam] Girlfriend Chihuahua Purple Kustom9

[Z O O M] Mio Bracelet  FaMESHed

BETRAYAL Off-Pin Clip Bag


Opps !! Did I Butt Dial You?! lol

Opps Did I Butt Dial You

When and Where did butt dial come from? lol .. I can safely say in real life ive never butt dialed any one . I got call from my mom few days ago she said she butt dial me lol i heard her talking in back ground at her card game at the club she goes to on Thursdays her laughing to her friends .. I figured she wasn’t in distress and fallen. Notice phone comes with the jean skirt from Justice in the back pocket.


[JUSTICE]  CINDY SKIRT (cell phone in pocket)   SanaRae

tram  H0702 hair  Uber

*COCO* LongSleeveLaceTop  UBER

(PrettyPlease)   Ivy Cami {White} РAppliers HUD

[Z O O M]  K&C Glasses ACCESS

Rocket Mainstore Chapeau Bag

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning . In my house hold lately its been all wacked out. Were moving in less than a month our new home, Were remodeling a older home and were near the end only tile shower and floor in bathroom . front porch painted and deck & fence stained. and few other things to boring to you all to mention. So yes we haven’t been to church in while . Today is my day to go get my nails done and pedicure and get few things from our storage unit out ( dishes and glasses ) im cleaning the kitchen cabinets now that RL has remodeled our beautiful kitchen so im posting and then heading out . So busy lately i wish i had less busy life for few days !!!


Beautiful Dirty Rich   Summer Breeze Dress (**Group Gift **) Marketplace

Pink Hustler disordered hair III // #3   equal10

shanghai   Gotchi Bag Black   TRES CHIC

[MANDALA]  TEFUTEFU Jewelryset Black

(Yummy) Raining Diamonds



Summer Time Party !

Summer Time Party

IDecoy  Carmen Blouse ( comes in 2 printed versions and plain one ) Collabor88

ChicChica  Beer Takeaway ( comes with hold/sip  single bottle  rez six pack and bento hold pose  equal10


shanghai  Swinga Necklace Pink/Green  Tres chicРshanghai РSwinga Earring Pink/Green

(Yummy)    (Rings ) Raining Diamonds  & Trudy Round Shades РMilk

The Secret Store¬† –¬†Fannie Capri Pant¬†¬†Collabor88




So Many Things To Do In A Day!!

So Many Things To do In A Day

Busy Busy Real life !! We all have moments of boredom of life and then all sudden it escalates to high pitch!! We are under a deadline of our new house ( not really new its 1930’s house) The deadline is ..We are staying at my moms and I think we all need us to get the house done lol¬† We are getting closer to the end of remolding it !! Hope to be in it by end of the month. Head ache is our privacy fenced back yard .. Previous owners didn’t take care of the 6 foot fence and let it go. We have tried to have some one come and help my rl or do it their self’s ( business ) but no one shows up . Well today there is someone coming to do a estimate crossing fingers!! This one isn’t a slacker lol !!


Beautiful Dirty Rich  Daydream Romper & Daydream Boots  ( Laced )  Marketplace

shanghai   Salina White Necklace & White Earrings

STUDIO EXPOSURE  CANDY MESH BUN  & Hairbase  Summerfest 18



PonderingWhen there is down time in my life … I am a deep thinker .. My real life likes to refer to if i didn’t have any thing to worry about in life id be miserable lol !!! I worry about my daughter in law has rare leukemia and my son and my daughter in law where in middle if invetro before she found out she had leukemia . I worry about the house we just bought were re modeling it, 1940’s crafts man my husband is lot older than i am and hes working on it day and night . We are living on the other half of my moms house . ( thank goodness this house is over 3,000 sqf lol ) I worry about¬† getting my photos out to blog, Between me working on house and still dealing with death of my father he died before Christmas unexpectedly. Then 1 month later my sl hubbie died from pneumonia complication in hosptial he had MS and cancer. SOoo i really don’t have any thing to ponder about lol !!! Im only now after being in sl since beta ! I am not in sl to play.. My friends have left second-life or deeply involved in it to point im past things. I used to own radio station¬† on Pontiac sim ages ago .. Owned texture shop and wedding venue and photography place. Owned 3 clubs . Hosted at Big Daddys for 7 years with my sl hubbie being first DJ there .Ive had full plate in secondlife now i log in to do my photos or park do work on my house ( take lap top there . ) I pay my tier for my land i live on sim with 2 other neighbors . So im pretty much a loner lol !!! i sorta like it that way . No gossip no rumors lol . Those days are long gone. I only go off my land to go to events to shop for things in my photo. I get a occasional IM.¬† Thats about it lol

[JUSTICE] Annabelle Body suit SANARAE

:::ChicChica:::  Mavi  (heels ) Uber

Tableau Vivant Paul Uber

Kunglers  Alana earrings РObsidian