Trying To Warm Up !

warming up 12

Good day all !!  So Happy Hump day!!!  I wont keep you long will be super short blog this morning . I’m heading im hoping to the Drs office this morning to have them read my X rays . I know what i have ( was told on phone) but i want to see them and know more . Don’t ever try to google on internet what you have  lol !!  One had me dying !! My doctors office last month i paid my co pay for my insurance 30.00 they took out 300.00 !! instead to many 000  Luckily it was a account i had for our business .. We had to wait 2 weeks for it to be put in!! I now only write a check i don’t trust the book keeper ( i hope she was fired) ok let me get to work have a great day all hugs ( Kelly !! i see you lol )

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Its Sunday Lets Liven It Up A Little !

its sunday lets liven it up a little !

Good Morning !!! (or Evening ) Its still the weekend… I had meeting yesterday in Real life most of the day . I am on few  committees in our small town here .  Between that and Our RL bushiness I looked at my house i so need to do lots of cleaning !! lol I finally got my results from my xrays . My Neck has a deteriorated disc and my back has slipped disc . My Dr recommended me to go to Physical Therapy. Most insurances require this before surgery. I tried to call the Therapist they recommended me too . They said on internet they close at 4:30pm i called at 2pm and answering machine came on saying they were at lunch till 1pm or in meeting . No one called me back i left a message. This i can see will be slow moving.  ok enough of my real life. My secondlife is wayy more boring lol . I log in and i do photos and i park most of day and i go shopping by my self and tp back home and park again lol !!! I have been in second life since beta i have had a long and full secondlife, .Life. You name it I’ve mostly like done it all. I Owned bridal venue was one of first bridal photographers in second life , Owned clubs. Tattoo shop, and texture shop, Clothing store, Radio station for one of the biggest sims on second life. ( Pontiac sim yes car sim in real life) Just a few things i had done. ok im off to post after ive given you a snoozing blog !!

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Breakfast On The Run!

breakfast on the run!

Good Morning !!! Its the weekend . I have taken down my tree ( thank goodness i can now see out my front window now lol !) The mantel looks empty after taking down the arrangement i do on it . The stair case is bare with all the greenery off. Now to find all things i took down to up my Christmas stuff!! This will take few days .. Still moving like a 80 yr old lady with my back and arm issues i do laugh about it lol !! Have a super weekend all !!

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On A Winters Eve

On A Winters Eve

Well its getting closer to the end of the year 2 more days !! Its sad when the end of the year comes the things you had wished had happened  of not came true, Or all the things you could of done this year if you had a few more days !! This will be short today aren’t you lucky lol !!!


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Snow Bird Time to Fly

Snow Bird Time to Fly

Good Morning !!! Its 2 days after Christmas .. I haven’t blogged since day before Christmas eve. !! I didn’t post i would be on vacation ( I was all caught up and then some)

I didn’t go away for Christmas i was home i had my kids grand kids my mom and my daughters & son in laws dog my dog and  ( my ex mother in law my daughter brought her due to my ex and his wife dont give crap about her ) my real life hubby here . 11 people here and 2 dogs!! for few days !!! My house is now back to normal. My dog now is worn out by my feet as i am typing . I ate to much crap !! (cookies /bread pudding/ sweet potato pie i could go on, We dont eat like this but once a year lol .I need to post this to flickr lol .. Hope you all had a awesome holiday/Christmas!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside!


Baby Its Cold OutsideMorning all !! Its Tuesday here in Virginia!! 32 degrees … I love winter any season but summer lol !! Is why we moved back from Florida after only 18 months .. Sold our house and moved back . We thought we would love Florida ( Not) . Im up in computer room in my robe and slippers ( computer room also known as my she shed! ) It has queen size bed for guests, Flat screen tv, My exercise bike i bought  .. looks good sitting there lol .

My desk my lap top & antique dresser. This is where my cockapoo ( Pumpkin) and i spend our down time watching hallmark Christmas movies & CNN  and my blogging . You all have great day . I wont be on much till Monday My rl Daughter is having tumor removed from her throat tomorrow and im getting the girls ( grand-kids ) My grandsons is going to his one of his friends houses.  That way my son -in-law can take care of my daughter .. So have a great week and weekend.


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Some of the items i blog .. That aren’t mentioned in my blog are items ive bought my own self or are old and no longer around.  or my dear friend made me years ago and no longer in game.


Celebrating Hallows Eve ( My RL Birthday )

Celebrating Hallows Eve

Yes its my Birthday .. Am i excited ? Not really lol !!! I’m 59 years old !! I have been in second life since i was 44 , I think this will be my last upcoming year. I’m pretty sure.

My wonderful second life hubby has passed away almost a year ago. This will be my first birthday with out him in 7 years !! He would sing me happy birthday on Skype every yr 🙂 … (sigh) This is also my first birthday with out my real life Dad too. They both died month apart. My dad an mom always called me and sang happy birthday on phone to me Mom called me this morning with out her back up singer !! . I am lucky this year My real life and i have bought a new house and sold ours in Florida last year. To be closer to my family and kids and grand-kids! Tomorrow is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary 🙂 so i am very blessed !! Have a Great Tuesday!!

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** Note * I dont always put all what im wearing or using in my blog if Im not blogging for them . If i bought it my self or its old and been in my inventory for ages .



Hmm, Look What I Found In My Drink

Hmm Look What I Found In My Drink

We have all been to a party and found something really odd floating in it . Bug, food, ( if a out door party )  We look around to flick it out or maybe pour it out  lol!! Well small blog this morning . My illness i had for years had been fixed with wonderful meds .. Seems I’ve had a set back /flare up ( Eye roll) lol. need to post so i can call go chill in rl . Have a wonderful Thursday all ! 🙂

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I love Caramel Apples !!!

I Love Carmel Apples

If you have been following my blog ( lol ) You know i adore fall  weather, season. Mostly i love  Caramel Apples !! I know they are fattening the Caramel  part. I haven’t had any yet. My RL made me some last year . The candy ones i don’t care for they are so hard you’d crack your tooth !!!  ok wont do a book. Have a wonderful Sunday !!


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My Favorite Time Of Year-Fall!!

My Favorite Time Of Year - Fall!

Yes i love doing fall/Autumn photos !!! This is my most favorite time of year!! October is full of fun things in my family My brothers birthday is 1st my moms was yesterday 2nd My grandfathers was 8th . My birthday is 30th ( day before Halloween ) !! Growing up i had birthday party and next day trick or treating!!  How much sugar over load was that ? lol !! I married my rl on Halloween 3 yrs ago ( so i could get double gifts lol ) Have a great Hump day all !!!!

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