Tangerine Dream

Tangerine DreamMorning all .. I have taken few days to get things together. My husband (RL) as you all know has had difficult times  with different cancers. He has thrush now. He has lost over 15 pds and extremely weak just recently . We hope its the thrush and not cancer coming back. ( sigh) he finished chemo in February . He has body scan this week and his oncologist will read the results next week. Watching your spouse go down hill is most stress full thing. I do park a lot in Sl but with my blogging it takes my mind away for few hrs off and on .

I cant go to my moms due to virus she lives down road from me about 5 miles we do talk daily . I need a hug from her but with this virus i cant chance it with her or me to give to my husband. My grown kids are working from home . They dont know my husband is taking turn for worse, I wont tell them till next week when we find out . Ok all im off to post really late i don’t get to bed until 3 am watching tv and my mind is all over place .

Hug your family you never know what is in store for you .

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Some Of Best Times Are Times Alone

Some Of Best Times Are Times Alone

Yes another night of watching late night CNN watching the protesters. Its happening all over the United States. I’m worried about the Virus spreading also. The safety of every one. I wont get into how i feel 😦 Due to My political views I wont put on my blog .. If people know me they know my thoughts. Hugs all be safe its almost 10am my time off to post .

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On The Board Walk

On The Board Walk

Good Morning to you !!! How are you all doing .. ??? I had to cancel a appointment this morning … Its cold here in 30s omg i cant believe it !!! ( we Hubbie and i going to go climb on my Doctors boat and measure for cushions for their boat!! ( we do canvas work for people that dont remember. ) The wind is blowing and boat is in the water lol its docked in boat house. We had to call them told them with high winds we be there tomorrow they would be on their land and we walk to it due to hubbie has cancer. Ok Im heading to blog this late due to i thought we were going to be gone and i was going to blog this tomorrow . stay safe

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By The Bay

By The Bay

Morning all . I feel since the virus has come . I have became a hunter lol . I cant get out of house  with Virus due to you know story .. Hubbie has just gone threw surgery’s and chemo for his 3 cancers. I order weekly or twice week we drive to local grocery store for it . We used to have 2 grocery stores ( Mom and Pop one which they sold out. ) We have a major one Food Lion we order on line from , Then we do a pick-up.

Few things they are not stocking lately . My coffee creamer they told us they are out of . I found 6 online from amazon got them other day.!! SCORE!! I had ordered toilet paper and it got here ( OMG Its like sand paper ugg!!!! Angel Soft its called pfttt not !!! ) reminds me of school toilet paper lol.

I did finally order Charmin and  Bounty Paper towels !!!! SCORE!!! Paper towels will be here Monday i got big bundle .. Now you know why i feel like hunter lol

You all be good and stay super safe hugs!!!

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Morning its a great day lol .. I’m laughing due to my Daughter sent us Paper towels and  toilet paper. You know by reading here ( my blog ) we have one grocery store here . Hubbie has cancer ( 3 Types) and we order our groceries from our local store and pick them up . (not in store they come out ) They have had napkins and tissues only ( if even that at times .. Friends cant find them either. Daughter sent 11 rolls!!! 2 rolls of paper towels. The order i did to Walmart didnt come in 😦  .. I got email last night the 12 pack of  toilet paper  is arriving by Sunday it says i say more like Monday !!! im so excited lol .. funny how small things now are most important. You all have a most wonderful day with you shut in families and we will get threw this hugs !!!

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Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sunday

Morning all . I hope your  being safe. Hubbie told me we still have appointment with our dog groomer .. He told us  on Facebook hes doing one dog a day  so i told hubbie to call him .. ( We have made appointment  for tomorrow . We can drop off at door and pick up at door my problem is my dogs collar is cloth and we know virus will stay on it . I told him to call him this afternoon and explain our issues. My dogs nails grow a lot we can do baths but the hair grows a lot ( cockapoo) We can order off amazon clippers and scissors and table and do our own . ( YouTube ) lol

Ok im off to post you have safe day hugs !!!!

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All Dressed Up And No Where To Go ..STAY HOME!!

All Dressed Up And No Where To Go ..STAY HOME!!

Alright Peeps!!! How are you all doing ?!!! Safe I hope. I know we all are ok as long as we shut out whats happening with the Virus. Being in SL does that . But reality doesn’t escape whats happening . Its just not in your country its all over world.

I dont get teary eyed till Night time when dog is sleeping and my RL  is sleeping. Im on my phone or watching CNN late at night, as i said i’m a news junkie.

I have been thinking what am i going to do with my gel nails!! got them done month ago before all this started. We are in lock down state here in Virginia !! I don’t have any nail polish remover to soak them to take them off. I haven’t had regular nails off in ages my normal nails have been brittle for ages. I started wearing them 18 yrs ago. But ugly ass nails are better than dying !!! Glad i got my pedicure then and my hair done.

Ok again this old woman is babbling. You stay safe and don’t take any chances. Hugs!!

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What Is Normal ..Now?!!

What Is Normal ..Now!!

Morning .. How is every one holding up??!! We are doing well . Just praying that this will flatten out for while. ( Virus) I wish my governor would lock down state we are hot spot now .. My town is super small and I’m afraid it will just wipe us out. We are a place where most come to retire to or vacation. We have 5,000 people live here one road in and one road out . If your not retired you work in Richmond or Newport News , Norfolk. which is 50 plus miles away. So your bringing it here regardless  … Ok off to post be careful be safe i hope to keep seeing my friends post to know they are ok. !! I pray for all of you !!! keep in touch with family and friends in rl and sl hugs !!!

We will get threw this !!


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Gray Monday

Gray Monday

Morning .. Hope your all healthy  ( crossing fingers ) .. My cousin here in Virginia close to Washington Dc area  says she cant find Toilet paper .. ( wow!!) We have purel due to hubbie had cancer and have tons and we have lots of grocery’s stocked up in case!!

We get virus. I do have my normal 6 month checkup going to ask my doctor what do, In case . We live in extremely small area.  Nearest hospital is 30 minutes away and our doctors is  office is 45 min away.  The stock market looks horrible close to crashing. ( SMH)

I’m going to go and get this posted and you all have a healthy day hugs !!!

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