Let’s Hope 2020 Will Be A Better Year !

2020 Will Be A Better Year !

Morning all .. Running late again posting . I came up stairs to my office, I turned on all lights and my recessed light over my desk burned out . UGGG!!! its like  dark of course i have other lighting in my room . But over top its like i need coal miners hat! I Have a dark office even though I have 3 windows in the room they are on shaded side in morning. Hubby stood on my chair and put in regular bulb until get gets his coffee lol and goes to the hardware store here in town.

We live in a tiny rural area where there is no Lowes or home depot.  Nearest one is 20 miles away.  We have one grocery store !! lol … A hardees ( fast food ) 8 restaurants seafood Mexican and few expensive ones on the water here this is mostly a vacation town.  Its nice but living in small town has it draw backs .. Its sorta like second life. They know your business and there are rumors lol . Luckily i married the nicest person in this area that every one loves !!! ( they just don’t know his nasty mental wife me lmao ) ok all enough yibber yabber have a great Thursday !! Hugs !!!  ( Ps i know I’m horrible speller and i don’t do paragraphs correctly .. lol

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White Smoke

White Smoke

Morning . I guess i was wrong . When i thought people didn’t read my blog. I only do my blog for therapeutic issues. Didn’t  think id have over 30 people respond in IM’S and in Flickr and on my blog about things. I dont talk to any one but few in second life . I don’t even go out only to Events to shop and on my land to do photos any more . I really don’t care if people know things about me . I have in second life since Beta.

My mom had called me yesterday for some information she needed. I told her we needed to talk she said we were ok.  ( Good cause i didn’t want to really talk lol )

I’m cutting this one short i have few phone calls and looking to find out where the material is for our canvas company is . Should been here yesterday Fed ex guy came but didn’t bring one bolt yesterday. We are doing a RV Seating now and have a boat in yard and some one will call today to look at swatches  for new seating on there yacht.  Even with Cancer my hubbie is out in his shop ( in our back yard ) working daily it keeps him sane and fighting !!!! Have a great weekend all .

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🎅 It’s A Candy Cane Day! 🎅

It's A Candy Cane Day

Morning .. Lack of sleep ugggh!!! No i didn’t party all night lol.  sciatica still in my leg and worrying about RL chemo this afternoon. I am positive but i still worry !! Today and tomorrow are his days for it. all he has left is January and Then February.

Our 5 year old beautiful Christmas tree we bought together our first year . lights have burned out on it 😦 few rows !! Hubbie is retired electrification and hes been sitting there working on it since lunch yesterday one row done 1 more we hope will be fixed  Why don’t i buy another? Well im picky for my Trees. ( i hate real trees!!  the mess) If im buying one it will be next year the one i want is 300- 400 dollars. So its to late to even order it . ok im off to post have great day all

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Purple Haze

Purple HazeMorning all. I must be getting tired of Thanksgiving . ( Means i have done my share and im done. ) I am not big turkey fan. My stuffing didn’t turn out way ( I ) Like it every one else did. To much food for one day and i’m not big Thanksgiving left over person. There is two of us and enough food left over for army!! Now to get ready for Christmas !!!

My RL Hubbie having Chemo Tuesday  and Wednesday  He will be tired to do our out doors Christmas stuff until he rest from it. I  told him this year lets not do it . He said HELL NO !!!  lol so we are going to get it done before Tuesday the out side.

Ok i’m worn out from yesterday going to get this out and relax Have great Friday!!


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Just The Beginning Of it !!

Just The Beginning Of it !!

Its The Beginning of it for sure !!!! Tomorrow its Thanksgiving in states !!! Im busy getting ready for company tomorrow . Not a lot my mom and few aunts and uncles dropping in for few . I went shopping with my mom yesterday .. I’m exhausted !!!

I will not go shopping on Friday .. Black Friday yuck!!! I’ve only done that once and that was enough !!! My grown son will go out for electronics  new tv’s and ect he is in his mid 30’s he has more stamina than i do or nerves lol If you live in States have a Happy Thanksgiving im off to post and get house dusted and clean hardwood floors in dinning room * uggg*  hugs all !!!

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The Rose


Good Morning … We all made it to the weekend !!!  I have 3 appointments with our home business this morning and its 9am and i haven’t eaten or even gotten out of my night gown lmao !! ( Yeah i’m really prepared huh?)  Our business is getting busy some are pulling up their boats out of water for winterizing it . By end of  month they want work done to it for cushions covers ect.

I have hubbies doctors appointments for his chemo and blood lined up . Then i have 2 appointments this month for me. On bright  side i have shopped on Amazon yesterday and got all my grand kids ( 2 grand daughters 13 yrs old and 5 Yrs old My grand son 10 yrs old) Their Christmas gifts done !!!! Yay me lol first time i had all finished by first of November woot !!!

Now i need to get my New house for second life for Winter one i have had my eye on. I

need to ask a friend to plunk it down on my land for me i can do it !!! She is so good at it

My house is really her house lol . She had same exact one and straighten it out . I she put few extra pieces are hers i love and i don’t want to mess with it . For past 6 years i have rented from this person . There are 3 renters on this sim counting  me .. I ask him to re do my land into snow. and decor.

Ok enough blabber and my virus scan has picked up a issue lol  Hugs have great weekend.

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Hot Cup Of Pumpkin Spice On Halloweens Night

Hot Cup Of Pumpkin Spice On Halloweens Night

Morning all !!! Yes Its Halloween .. Today is My RL & mine Wedding Anniversary !!! Yes we got married 4 yrs ago on Halloween lol .. Yesterday was my 60th … Yes 6O th Birthday !!!  I Spent day with my mom .. She made me home made crab cakes from my Uncles crab pot Home made potato salad and for desert she made me cheesecake. We had beautiful day sitting on her big deck facing the Chesapeake bay  leaves falling in breeze !

Chatting and yacking!!  Hubbie has gotten crabs from my uncles and my dads crab pots for this evening ( yes i do love sea food!!) My dad died 2 yrs ago and my uncle does crab my dads pots for all of us. ( plus his ) … Ok enough yabber . Have a great Halloween . We don’t get trick or  treater’s  here we live in country down long drive way .. They have things all week for kids in town.

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Salute !!


Morning all .. After last evening my time i couldn’t get into second life like most it was down . Had to scramble this morning to get landmarks lol !!!

This will be super short this morning my blog .. My mom called and kept me on phone for long time .. I love my mom !!! She wants me to come for lunch on Wednesday for my birthday ! Shes making me home made crab cakes yummm!!! Crabs from my uncles and my parents crab pots out on bay they have. I have client i need to call for my RL business you all have a most wonderful day !!

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Want To Lick My Panda ( Ice Cream Silly lol!!)

Wanta Lick My Panda ( Ice Cream Silly lol )

Good Morning its Thursday one more day folks till Friday !!! its cloudy and 60 degrees … Yes!!!! no ac this morning !!!  We have dual system for up and down heat pump ( central air) Give our electric bill break … Cant wait ..Our electric bill is lower in the winter.

Yesterday I got a refund from my old health insurance to tune of 2,500 dollars!!! (long story in letter) I looked at real life and said this is real !!!!! I signed it and was so happy i could of ran all way to bank * its only 2 miles lol* but i took SUV !!

I have my catalogs to my favorite expensive clothing store ( I only drool over and cant afford lol ) I told RL Im buying 2 sweaters and then paying few of his medical bills and paying few bills way ahead of time !! ( ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS !!!) LOL

I will pay my rent for over month in second life .. I do it bi weekly . When we get paid ..

Good things like this never happen to me lol .. Times are changing lol !!!

Have a most wonderful Thursday all hugs !!!


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