Windy On The Balcony

Windy On The Balcony

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PonderingWhen there is down time in my life … I am a deep thinker .. My real life likes to refer to if i didn’t have any thing to worry about in life id be miserable lol !!! I worry about my daughter in law has rare leukemia and my son and my daughter in law where in middle if invetro before she found out she had leukemia . I worry about the house we just bought were re modeling it, 1940’s crafts man my husband is lot older than i am and hes working on it day and night . We are living on the other half of my moms house . ( thank goodness this house is over 3,000 sqf lol ) I worry about  getting my photos out to blog, Between me working on house and still dealing with death of my father he died before Christmas unexpectedly. Then 1 month later my sl hubbie died from pneumonia complication in hosptial he had MS and cancer. SOoo i really don’t have any thing to ponder about lol !!! Im only now after being in sl since beta ! I am not in sl to play.. My friends have left second-life or deeply involved in it to point im past things. I used to own radio station  on Pontiac sim ages ago .. Owned texture shop and wedding venue and photography place. Owned 3 clubs . Hosted at Big Daddys for 7 years with my sl hubbie being first DJ there .Ive had full plate in secondlife now i log in to do my photos or park do work on my house ( take lap top there . ) I pay my tier for my land i live on sim with 2 other neighbors . So im pretty much a loner lol !!! i sorta like it that way . No gossip no rumors lol . Those days are long gone. I only go off my land to go to events to shop for things in my photo. I get a occasional IM.  Thats about it lol

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Wanta Taste?!!

Want A TasteChicChica is coming to the Arcade In June !! 15 items !! plus 2 rares

ChicChica smoothie blog

ChicChica     Smoothie Gacha #4 ( In Hand ) Opens June 1 2018 Arcade

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This Biker Chick Likes Mojitos

This Biker Chick Likes MojitosDecoy – Decoy – Jessie Jacket comes in 2 versions with and with out flower print Includes optional tank top with 8 color hud its at Uber NOW!

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Purple Passion

Purple Passion.jpg

The day after a holiday, Easter your either tired from all egg hiding or going to long church services, or eating way to much .. I spend mine working in real life with my hubby on our new house .. We bought a 1940’s house to remodel and  turn it into a cute farm house !!! I have been ill for while so its slow process ( we sold our house in Florida and moved back to Virginia) and bought this house .. So glad my mom has big house lol ! we  live upstairs 2 bedroom  bathroom and den up here she has bottom level we hope to be finished with the house by may and moved in.


Daniella by Sexy Princess is a cute sexy lacy spunky number! It comes in white & black & Red comes in Comes in Freya Hourglass Maitreya Curvy Fine Venus sizes

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My Thoughts

My Thoughts1The Apple Shorts Fatpack  are laced in front and on the sides the metal is changeable also it includes color hud for strings/straps Thigh Garters are Optional

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Out Behind Wood Shed

Smoking out behind woodshedI used to be a smoker .. I stopped two years ago !! cold turkey. I only smoked outside on the deck or front porch. Oddly i like clean smelling house. I only smoked at night, Like a vampire smoker lol .. I got sick two years ago and thought of smoking made me sick . I thought this would be a good time as any to do it then. I am happy i did ! I figured out i saved in two years time 8,200 !

I love this look its a classic but also a retro style You can find all clothing at Uber
boat neck top and black basic skirt will never go out of style !! soo love these gloves by  masoom  they fit perfect ! with cute little bow on it

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Bumming Around Town

Sunny Day Bumming AroundOn a Bright day you can see all sorts of colors !

Bumming around town in casual outfit and comfy sneakers not dressed up today. Messy gel hair, with a hint of  minimal  makeup. Being your self ! Having the  attitude of  i don’t care if i run into anyone this weekend .This is  how a self assured woman should be in this ensemble . Having a blast in the sun shopping and being comfortable.


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What Do I do, Now That Your Gone?

What do i do now your gone

I have returned from being gone from Secondlife for Five months.

My secondlife husband Lars Convair, had been sick for long time He passed away on January 24 2018 .. A bit of quick history between us. I met this man when he was DJing at club Big Daddy’s .. I was his host for years. One day we finally had a date!  I always knew I had feelings for him for years! He said he had come to Secondlife to find me. (insert a awww lol ) Our six year marriage relationship was wonderful one. It was also a great friendship that carried over into real life . We were on each others real life Facebook.  We had gone threw, Deaths, Grand kids, Real life Marriages, Children getting married, Mother boards crashing, new computers . Isp going out . Snow storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Moving, new houses, surgeries, Doctors visits ect..

He called me 3 days before he died from ICU I knew he had texted me earlier that that he was in hospital .. He didn’t die from his cancer or Multiple sclerosis he had died from pneumonia.  I read his real life daughters post she tagged him and landed on my real life face book. What a total shock but i knew it was coming . Sitting in bed that night watching  tv i woke up my real and told him ( I had just gotten remarried in real life two years ago ) Lars Knew and was supportive and My real life knew about Lars .. Our love and past and his declining health.

 I logged back into second life to tell people about Lars  i haven’t been online in long time. I might like to go back to blogging again but .. I deleted my second life Facebook ( I thought it would be easier to walk away from second-life. ) I stand in Second life and just stand and stare and wonder after six years what do i do now?

Le Poppycock Heartbreak Rose Chapter Four

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