Morning its late for me. Its 10am i normally post on Flickr at 9am or earlier. stayed up late and got up early and went back to sleep . You all have most wonderful day today if you can being in your home . If you have to go out please wear a MASK!!!! I cant express it enough as a person used to work in medical field you are protecting people with underling conditions . My husband has 3 different type of cancers and has  had chemo and surgery on all 3 . People that don’t  believe in masks say to people like my husband stay at home . He only goes out to hospital  & doctors office but there are people on way in or out that don’t. We wear it for you . Please wear it for him.. Thank you !!!

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Anchor’s Away!!

Anchor's Away!!

Morning .. If your from United States Happy Memorial Day. My hubbie is veteran  in Army in Korea for 5 yrs he was stationed there .  I’m going to make it short . His ear they took the cancer off is doing well. He is to have this week Pet Scan for his first cancer the Mantel cell non Hodgkin lymphoma ( its a body scan full ) to see if that cancer has come back he finished chemo in February crossing fingers on this one.  You all be safe and take care don’t forget if your going out use a mask you are protecting

my husband and others . Thank you Sparkle Mocha – Convair

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Quarantine Glam

Quarantine Glam

Good Morning . Nothing much to talk about . Hubbie is doing well after his surgery !! We have been super busy with our home business . Its boat season!!! our busiest time . My son calls my hubby a Machine lol  Due to he had part of his ear taken off from cancer and worked in our shop we have out back  ( we have big building that kind you buy already done they bring it in on huge trailer and back it in our yard . ( its like a wood cabin type of garage we put in Ac and heat in it ) He spent 11 hrs yesterday working on boat cushions for big boat for my doctor and her hubbie  . They want it for Sunday and monday to take their kids out on it . We practice safe distance with them .Im off to post this blog and then to flicker take care and be safe you all !!!

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All Dressed Up And No Where To Go ..STAY HOME!!

All Dressed Up And No Where To Go ..STAY HOME!!

Alright Peeps!!! How are you all doing ?!!! Safe I hope. I know we all are ok as long as we shut out whats happening with the Virus. Being in SL does that . But reality doesn’t escape whats happening . Its just not in your country its all over world.

I dont get teary eyed till Night time when dog is sleeping and my RL  is sleeping. Im on my phone or watching CNN late at night, as i said i’m a news junkie.

I have been thinking what am i going to do with my gel nails!! got them done month ago before all this started. We are in lock down state here in Virginia !! I don’t have any nail polish remover to soak them to take them off. I haven’t had regular nails off in ages my normal nails have been brittle for ages. I started wearing them 18 yrs ago. But ugly ass nails are better than dying !!! Glad i got my pedicure then and my hair done.

Ok again this old woman is babbling. You stay safe and don’t take any chances. Hugs!!

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Quarantine With My Best Friend

Quarantine With My Best Friend

Morning . I talked to my mom yesterday .. She told me she was going to go have a drink with my aunt and uncle 2 houses down from her. They will sit 6 feet apart. ( my mom and aunt and uncle are near 80 and are in great health ) My aunt and uncle just came back from Florida they were there for 4 months … They have been back for 2 weeks. I understand they are my moms best friends. But it scares me. My real life says my mom is adult and let her be. My mom is lady that works out at YMCA 3 times week and works at the Library doing the accounting for them. She is also involved with her church and She plays cards once week. ( not any more due to library is closed and The YMCA is closed )

I have read on Facebook my small town has 3 people with the virus ( we live in county of 5,000 people one way in town one way out.  I saw one of the local thrift stores were going to open up ( we aren’t suppose to our business are closed ) ok i vented lol .. Thank you for listening lol hugs all be safe!!!

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It’s A Beret Kind Of Day!!


Morning . I haven’t been blogging so much lately. Trying to get this Virus thing in check. I have ordered my grocery’s and had it picked up. We are in  staying safe here . Our schools in Virginia are out for while. I have my freezer  stocked and my fridge. Our meds all filled and we have cough medicine i got nose spray and big box of  Tylenol  tissues  .

limited our business customers coming to house just dropping off their orders on porch and calling us . Ok im late by 2 yrs posting !!! Hugs and please stay safe im praying for all of us .. Don’t forget were in this together !!! Hugs

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The Blues

The Blues

Morning .. I have cut back on 3 of my sponsors due things going on. All uninsured doctors bills from RL Cancer  .. They have racked up to 30,000 !!! ( Insurance didn’t cover)  We have been paying them fast and furious ..


Hubbie had talk to the hospital to see if they could modify his bills.  They said we made to much money to help us out.

We don’t want them to garnish his retirement checks. I didn’t know he was behind on the mortgage. We Were behind 2 now its one. They( FHA our mortgage company ) want him to drive 4 hours with cancer and to talk to them. or they will come to our home and then charge us (scare-tacit) told hubbie contact our lawyer ( a friend ) So hes gone to our lawyers office to see what rights we have .

Cancer can rob you and your home too ! My mom called me yesterday and wanted to talk i told her id call her in few days i cant deal with her asking and me bawling on phone to her. This morning again she was on her cell in car i told her mom its not been few days. ( I know shes dying to know) I have borrowed money fro my mom before its like owing the devil lol . I love her but not at this moment i just cant. She is going to out of town for few hrs and wanted me to know ( she never tells me this. ) I do vent on my blog and this is life!

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Late Night Munchies

Late Night Munchies

Morning !!! I finally got out to get my hair highlighted and cut .. ( Happy Dance) I haven’t been able to get out due to flare up with my Issues i have and Hubbie just finished another round of chemo. His last round is February . I have 3 clients this afternoon coming and more canvas orders coming in for our business. Its only January and were getting swamped. Hubbie is little slow after  this round of chemo. You all have a most wonderful Friday and great weekend hugs !!!

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