Morning all !!! Tomorrow is Super Tuesday here in United states .. Make your voice heard !!! I wont say who i am voting for lol. But Vote Vote!!! alrighty im off to post and get RL  things done !!!

Hangry Floral Drink – Rose {hold}

Stealthic Intrepid

KiB Designs Adalee Cocktail Dress Trunk Show


Some Say Do & Some Say Don’t lol !

Some Say Do & Some Say Dont lol !

Morning all .  Im having busy morning with RL I have busy schedule in few minutes off to blog this and park in Second life !!  Hugs make this day a productive one !!

Fortuna Jewelry Set Flora  Sense Event

AdoreZ Francine Dress Trunk Show

DOUX Ciara Hairstyle Hentai Fair



Lets Eat!!

Lets Eat!

Morning .. Its almost 10 am . Lately im sleeping in till 8am .. I got woken up by my canvas company i have ordered from for our business and he said he forgot to ship it !!! Half asleep i told this guy my RL Has been ordering before i married him ( politely ) I Need it to today!!! They are in Maryland were in Virginia i said ill drive to get it . He said he would or pay more for Fedex. We will see !! I need more coffee.  You all have great Monday hugs !!

Entice Only Exception (Top) Trunk Show

Entice Only Exception Skirt Cosmopolitan event

GizzA Nautical Set – Necklace

Doux  Paula

Hangry Burger Box Kustom9



Cheers To 2020 …

To 2020 !!

Morning .. I only wish Christmas Day was a good one with my Mom. I love her dearly but she knows how to throw a wrench into the pile!!! I have a younger brother that is a alcoholic in 3 weeks time he has fallen and broke his hip  then got home and he had issues and then now he just got hip replacement. He has jumped from job to job my mom has paid for al his bills since my Dad died 2 yrs ago . Hes coming home to live with her.

Eye roll!!! He has brand new audi suv!!! im pretty sure she co signed . Its 50k car.

She said he has to sell it . Who in hell will give him any money for 1 yr old car that cost that much !! She wants me to take care of him when she goes to play cards or to get out of house in case he falls. ( My brother years ago when drunk threatened to kill me and my Husband ) He  has threatened me alone before few times . I had past husband was a alcoholic he died from alcoholism . I told my mom i wouldn’t take care of him . She basically went off on me Christmas Day not heard from her . She is moving him here tomorrow, She has moving truck to bring his furniture to my moms house ( My mom has upper floor in her home. My mom lives in 3,000 sq home on water. He will continue  to suck her dry of her money. Ok time to get off my soap box. I have that on top of Hubbies cancer i so wish i had a girls day out lol !!! I have moved back here and 2 of my friends no longer live here . Small town of 3,000 hard to find any one i can click with . Hugs all you have a wonderful day !!!

Seniha Yeliz Gown  The Trunk Show


Flower Garden

Flower Garden

Well its Wednesday … Happy Hump Day !!! You will start seeing me talk more about cancer now … My husband as I’ve said has been diagnosed with Mantel Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  … He hasn’t started chemo yet. He is gone to have bone marrow biopsy today ..With my illness i have that flares up now and then has due to stress . Thank god for my Mom !!! She has him driving her suv with her and She will drive back its about almost 2 hrs away.

This is first time ive been alone since hes been diagnosed . Yes i did scream and cry !!!! ( I don’t let him see me cry )  I think dog understood she didn’t freak out she just laid there and looked at me. We have home business we don’t know once chemo sets in will he be able to work . life threw us one heck of a curve ball!! Tomorrow were suppose to go to meeting for people who are going threw cancer . Yes this is depressing and sad . but its my therapy to get things out . If its to much for you just by pass it to the blogging products . Have a great day all make most of your life !!!

HYPNOSE CARMY  Marketplace

Fortuna Beatrice necklace & Earrings  Trunk Show

LODE Head Accessory – Anna Ribbon


Sometimes I Over Dress Do You?!

Sometimes I Over Dress Do You

Its another rainy dreay day here!! We have had so much rain its a giant pool here. I am heading to get a new prescription for my computer glasses today i have had same prescription for years ! Seems when i get a pair they make them incorrect, To strong one i could seen 2 miles down road in lol. wayy to up close !! Lets see how this goes I don’t have to go in till 3pm so no rush have a great day!!!

Kaithleen’s Panthar Dress  cosmopolitan

Exile Awake Soiree

Tres Beau Bellissima Set ( Earrings,Head Piece)  Trunk show



Wait One Minute !!

Wait One Minute !

This is one of my most favorites is a Petite Four !! I don’t like sweets to much . A few come to mind like Red Velvet Cake. Brownies !! Pecan pie . Not a lot to blog about today .. I’m still unpacking in real life on the house & have hair appointment after lunch  . Have a great day !! 🙂


chicchica peti

ChicChica  Petit Four Arcade  ( Opens Sept 1)

Seniha Kirena  The Trunk Show

Cae  Sol Collection ( Necklace & Earrings)  Go! by FaMESHed

little bones   Reality UBER

Its Always a Party If You Have Cake !

Its Always a Party If You Have CakeI have a friend that is baker and he makes the best homemade beautiful wedding cakes and any occasion cakes !! They are so moist and yummy ! You just want to take a fork and keep eating it till you’ve done some damage to it lol !!!

This is sexy short dress comes in
Paperdoll’s Laced dress Hud has 9 colors and fits
Maitreya /Belleza/Slink/ Tmp/

Paperdoll’s   Laced dress  Marketplace

Exile::   Sure, Jan.

L’Etre  Les accessoires – Roses crown [Big]  ~ TRES CHIC Venue ~

RealEvil Industries  Monroe Bracelet & Earrings

*{Sese} *   Wedding Table and Fruit Cake   Trunk Show

FOXCITY  Photo Booth – Show Time- Lights Limit 8




Mother Of The Bride

Mother Of The Bride
Being Mother of the bride with my experience. My Daughter got married years ago. I wasn’t prepared how important it was being the “Mother Of The Bride” I thought id fade into the background it is my daughters day in limelight. I bit my tongue a lot at her decisions .. I never ruled her decisions ,Only when it came to cost. But finding my dress was important to me and my daughter as well to find right one. I wouldn’t of upstaged my daughter. to any thing that wasn’t appropriate and elegant. This dress reminds me how i felt on that day .. 9 yrs ago proud “Mother Of The Bride”

Cora comes in two parts, The Gown and Pearl Strands
Cora is being sold exclusively at the new Pale Girl Production Event, the Trunk Show which is a themed event specifically for Weddings and starts on the Aug19th
Single colors come with a HUD that allows you to change the Pearl strands to one of 3 colors, Ivory, Black or Silver. There is a fat pack just for the Pearl Strands that will allow someone who simply wants to purchase a single color dress, to enable them to purchase ALL the Pearl colors if they so desire.

Narcisse Cora Gown The Trunk Show

D!va”  Alyssa

Lazuri   Lazuri Heritage Pearl Bracelet -Lazuri Heritage Pearl Choker

MMC Charlotte Bento Gloves

Ariskea   [ Blossom] Cherry Blossom Wreath [ Soft ] [Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box

Apple Fall  Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace

Persefona Charlotte Veil

Lapointe & BastChild Designs  Evocative Floral “Rose” Pink Wrist Corsage

oOo Studio Toasty