Yes i do like Pink .. From Time To Time.

Yes i do like Pink .. From Time to time.

Morning . I am so sad .. I have 2 paint programs that came with my lap top I use primarily .. But my favorite one is online paint program, I use it to resize and do tiny touches with¬† Its pretty much gone after 5 yrs of using it . Some times its down for a day. I know it was to go down in December due to it wont support flash Player ūüė¶

Oh well .. I will find another for tweaking and ect. Pay for one or hunt one. down lol

Not heard from my Mom in Week. I dont call her due she has landline my brother picks up phone and listens¬† ( yes the alcoholic¬† that broke his hip that is 58 came home to live with my mom. ) My cousin was there for week and Im glad about that my Aunt and Uncle that lives 2 houses down is in Florida on their vacation. my cousin lives next door he works during day ( This is family land on the Chesapeake bay big beautiful houses down long lane the land has been in our family for ages . I’m happy we have family live near my mom . She will call me on her cell phone when she is out going to places , She knows i detest my brother. I’m hoping he finds a woman again and leaves . ( hes on dating sites prays there’s one out there to take him off my moms hands lol )

Ok enough jabber you have great Hump-day ( Wednesday !! )

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Pop Of Color !

Pop Of Color

Sunday Morning , Its almost 10am here EST . up and dressed and im upstairs in my office This is short and sweet i need to clean house . My 2 bathroom¬† and dust my dinning room . I haven’t dusted in there since Christmas lol .. Hubby is cooking breakfast down stairs.

Have a most wonderful day all  hugs !!!

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Sometimes You Need A Splash Of Pink!

Sometimes You Need A Splash Of Pink!

Well its Hump day !!! ( Wednesday) !! I Took 2 days off¬† to get all my Christmas stuff down I have over 20 boxes and Tree & out door things got things off mantel. Now to find where in hell i put few odds and ends at when i put up my decor in entry way. Found some in my walk in closet. I’m missing few .. RL hubby went for chemo today. I’m so proud of him he drives his self there. He is also still working in our business too.

He carried all our decorations up stairs to our storage area in attic.

Having¬† mantell cell non Hodgkin lymphoma¬† out come I’snt good period. It has low survival rate and always comes back. Is why im still in game blogging it takes my mind off it .¬† This blog is only for my thoughts and to get things off my chest. Im sorry its not all about the clothing. Its daily life and some times about Second life.

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Morning its Sunday when all should be resting and chilling and sleeping in .. I’m up and getting coffee and posting i try to keep my sponsors to a minimum. I¬† only post one daily i don’t know how these bloggers can do 2 or 3 or 4¬† a day!!! I am such¬† ADD and OCD I will do 15 and delete them and re do it lmao !!! I then post and still dislike it lol. There¬† are so many wonderful bloggers and some do such beautiful work i’m so in awe in them. I am just happy i am still hanging in there about mid way .. We all hit our stride early and some like me will hit it eventually or not. I’m here to fill my days while i work from home with my real life job . I don’t even play second life. I do have my big land that i will never give up lol i like no lag and only 1 other person the sim!!

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White Smoke

White Smoke

Morning . I guess i was wrong . When i thought people didn’t read my blog. I only do my blog for therapeutic issues. Didn’t¬† think id have over 30 people respond in IM’S and in Flickr and on my blog about things. I dont talk to any one but few in second life . I don’t even go out only to Events to shop and on my land to do photos any more . I really don’t care if people know things about me . I have in second life since Beta.

My mom had called me yesterday for some information she needed. I told her we needed to talk she said we were ok.¬† ( Good cause i didn’t want to really talk lol )

I’m cutting this one short i have few phone calls and looking to find out where the material is for our canvas company is . Should been here yesterday Fed ex guy came but didn’t bring one bolt yesterday. We are doing a RV Seating now and have a boat in yard and some one will call today to look at swatches¬† for new seating on there yacht.¬† Even with Cancer my hubbie is out in his shop ( in our back yard ) working daily it keeps him sane and fighting !!!! Have a great weekend all .

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Foggy Snow Fall

Foggy Snow Fall

Morning … Well¬† I have done my Christmas shopping food wise. My son and his wife are suppose to come for Christmas holiday and Daughter in law says my son has taken all his leave and on other hand he says hes coming but they don,t know when. I have been asking them before Thanksgiving. I’m to point Just don’t come . They are in their mid 30’s grown people ! lol My daughter is coming this weekend with her husband and my grand kids. My mom and Aunt and Uncle live down road will be here¬† Christmas eve or Day. Id rather do Christmas Eve. RL took our do to vet . For her yearly shots and ect. Shes gained weight ( hubbies fault he gives her to much from his breakfast lol ) ok im off to post this have a wonderful day all !!!

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Morning !!! Yes Thanksgiving is over and now lets get into Christmas!! I had less than 24 hrs notice for company yesterday . My husbands Daughter, I haven’t laid eyes on her in 5 yrs .¬† He has 3 grown daughters. he had been divorced 10 yrs before i met him. They were ok with me being girlfriend. But when i married him they didn’t come to our house they met up with him few times. He has mantel cell non Hopkins lymphoma fast spreading cancer . i told his grown grand daughter they need to grow up and come and visit him. Now Im sure we wont see them again in our home. They are in their 30’s one in her 40s grown women need to grow up. ok enough boring yacking you all have great Monday im off to decorate my house for Christmas will take¬† a week as much crap as i have .





Morning all !!! Its a chilly 29 degrees here coldest its been so far!!  but will head to 55 today. Tomorrow 62 and sunny!!  Thinking of going shopping with my mom tomorrow.

Shopping with my mom is a experience for sure !! I’m going to drive i love her but her car is brand new and has that beeping sound when you get to close to the road lines. its like playing old pong game from 70’s!! Ding Ding Ding !!! lol Bumper car style.

We Always go to library for her to get books on tape . My mom will clean house with her head sets on or do gardening with it on. You don’t talk to her when its on .. She will ignore you and not say a word. ( Sometimes its best like that lol jk )

I need to get blanket for guest room for company coming at Christmas and i need to go to get mascara  from clinique . You know your not supposed to wear your mascara over 6 months old .. Well i wear mine till it runs out . Like now lol !!!! Almost 2 yrs lol . ok enough jabber time to post have great Monday all hugs !!!

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I Love Barley

I Love Barley!

Morning .. Again late start to my day!!! My Mom called . Her smoke detector is going off !!¬† Its battery and electric. They talk to each other type my husband retired electrician put them in.¬† Hes going over to help her. ( His chemo is doing well !! ūüôā !!!

Hes working with our business doing canvas & leather on boats.  We have big huge job with this yacht were doing and we are getting a RV big one to re do seats .

Winter is our slower time of the year but seems were doing more !! ok enough yabbering off to post and call and do some real life work ordering . hugs all have good Friday !!

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