Bonfire !!

Bon Fire!!

This  Blog today will be about how i see on my Flickr feed every one jumping ship about Flickr, To Instagram !  This is my take on it. I don’t have a second life Facebook ( due to when i left long ago from second life) I deleted my second life Facebook I was gone for 6 months. I did hide it but i kept getting messages on my phone, So i deleted it and when i returned I kept making new Facebook and some one ( im sure i know who ) kept reporting it as spam i had 4 made and always being reported so i gave up. I have small circle of friends in second life . They don’t blog or do Flickr. I haven’t got the reason people are freaking about Flickr. I am thinking since its  going to paid account soon.

long time ago people were scared sl Facebook was going to delete us all and they all went to this other type of sl Facebook instead. I remember when mesh clothing was being made people all said im not going to wear mesh. Did people think Flickr was going to be free forever? lol !! Nothing is free in life but advice. I have Instagram but its for my personal use . I wont be like rat leaving ship. I have been pro member for a year now. I have been blogging almost 2 yrs and my photos are only at 300 +  I have deleted old ones over a yr ago.  Just delete them who is going to hire you by looking at all those photos when you started out? lol !! Have a good day all

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Snuggling With You In My Mind

Snuggling With You In My Mind

Ahh back from Real life . Worked Saturday and Sunday. Had my mom over for cook out yesterday for Labor Day! ( in States we celebrate all or who works us Labors ) I have only moved into my new house i bought 3 and half weeks ago and my house still looked upside down lol ! So got up late and worked like mad dog  to make it look good . So back to blogging and Flickr  have a great day 🙂

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