Morning !! Well it is officially cold here in Virginia . We went to 20 degrees last night .

it will be in high 50’s tomorrow . We never ever have consistent weather.

I’m little concerned with RL his last chemo made him really sluggish more than normal.

He has 14 days till his last chemo six months of chemo. I should be happy one more left you know but .. The odds he will need it again is about a year not good prognosis

With Non Hodgkin’s Mantel Cell Lymphoma. So don’t mind me if i am tad more crazier and stressed lately. He is sleeping more and tired more from this last round. If he was’nt so energetic before this i wouldn’t be worried. Ok all let me get off my soap box and post on Flickr and get some rl work done hugs all make it a great day!!!

Nerido Avrora Epiphany



Winter Wonder Land

Winter Wonder Land

Happy Hump Day!!! lol  Going to be super duper fast .. I have lots to do as always and want to watch Impeachment hearings!!! You all have a most wonderful day today !!!

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Stroll In The Woods

Stroll In The Woods

Friday  ahhh!!! Ya made it!!! Long Long week. So much in the news ( Political) wow!!! Im news Junkie … Ok i wont say any more ….

We are having company Sunday. My husbands grown daughter ..( long story short ive not seen her in 5 yrs) Sunday should be interesting … I am cleaning like a mad woman ..

How does a house get so dusty?!!! My hardwood floor in Formal dinning room looks like Halloween in corner of our hutch lol !!! and in foyer ( Entryway ) on hard wood. and stairs im off after i blog to get this done !!!Have as great weekend !!

Kaithleen’s Knit Mid Dress Epiphany

AD ( Analog Dog hair) jaime

Some Where Unexpected

Some Where Unexpected

Sunday Sunday !!!  nothing much for my blog this morning just trying to keep central air going. ( 113 degrees yesterday 100% humidity) never in my life have i seen heat like this i had to bring in all my porch plants they are wilting. I lost one so far 😦 …

My internet has had issues lately. keeps going out at same time of day . I have reset my router now i can log in with out my body flying and things rezing. ( you think when you pay for highest package you’d get what ya pay for lately) I know they have been cutting down trees here . In case of hurricanes here in fall. We are in super small area all of our electric is above ground on poles could be reason it has gone out. OK OK Enough yacking have a good weekend whats left of it !!

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Pearls & Lace

Pearls & Lace

Happy Friday all !!! ( Trying to seem perky ) … I’m up and ready ( not really still in my night shirt on my second cup of coffee! )  ok its going  be non eventful weekend . Going to be 100 today 99 tomorrow and 99 Sunday!! I cant ever remember being like this in summer here. Heat index is 115 yesterday. Next week it cools off. My poor heat pumps are spinning lol . Cant wait to see electric bill uggg !

Have a most wonderful friday if your like me stay inside!!! I want to sit on my screened porch but not this week unless i want to melt.

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Yes I’m On A Pink Kick !!

yes im on a pink kick !!

It seems im picking pink all time from the hud !!  No rhyme or reason lol !!

This morning is dreadful rainy day !! 60 degrees !!! and tomorrow will be in 30’s Living in Virginia motto is .. If you don’t like the weather today  you’ll love tomorrow, Weather is never consistent. Tomorrow high is 36 lol I got up late couldn’t sleep last night .. I have decided i don’t want to go to the physical therapy the nurse recommended . ( Read all reviews) I’m going to one that works with my gym ( YMCA) This way i surely will go to gym !! I pay for it and don’t use it . I Need too i lost tons of weight 4 yrs ago and I’ve gained back few since i have had all this mess going on.  I have made a appointment to go to drs office ( which they never read my results to me only nurse on phone.) Ok enough yammering and boring talk.  I know your reading this Kelly !! No one else does lol 🙂 hugs !!! have a great Thursday!!


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I Have Your Back !

You Have My Back!

I had a great blog this morning until I messed it up dont ask lol !! it didn’t upload correctly so i wont be having any long blogging !! having to re do whole blog again lol !! What a dork i am !! not done this ever in 2 yrs but there is always a first i guess lol !


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Cant Stay Awake Any Longer

Cant Stay Awake Any Longer

Morning !!! Its Sunday morning here in Virginia !!! I haven’t blogged since Thursday morning . I had my grand-kids here for few days my daughter had tumor in her throat removed. They went back yesterday. This morning im blogging and i need to get down all my fall decorations in my house.  I like decorating … But… Christmas stresses me out. I am such a perfectionist lol  I will spend hours fluffing my tree and placing each Christmas ornament in its own place . This year our house we bought ( 1940s) we have this beautiful stair case to do with bows and greenery !!  let me finish up and post !!! have good Sunday all !!


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Front Porch Relaxing

Front Porch Relaxing

I love a front porch. Yes i’m bragging on the house we are remolding we bought in rl few months ago. We have long screen porch ( its screened in ) due to living on Chesapeake bay with misquotes in summer . Old fashioned one but updated. Cant wait to move in on 15th of August!! to relax and chill .


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