Out On The Lanai

Out On The LanaiThese colors and The furniture reminds me of our lanai we had in Florida!! It was glassed in with sliding windows . It was where we entertained with cocktails and when weather wasn’t so hot we had nice breeze with palm tress blowing . We loved our home in Florida we lived there for two years, But as beautiful as house and yard was .. We didn’t realize how much we miss our family and grand-kids !! 1,000 miles away was to far . They all came for visits, But wasn’t the same so we sold our home and moved back to Virginia !! where there is 4 seasons.


***Josephine Skirt Fits Maitreya Lara Each color includes 2 versions, Pattern and Plain

Decoy   Josephine Skirt: Fatpack Plain  COLLABOR88

***ChicChica Grapes come in 2 colors green and Dark purple and with two poses 1. hold 2. up.. Is now at The Chapter Four

:::ChicChica::: GrapeGreen The Chapter Four

ISON  lisa halter wrap top  COLLABOR88

Exile::  Evermore  COLLABOR88

[MANDALA]  The hair accessory – Kiku-corsage-Shiro(White)
Earrings – pearl rain 2 earring

(Yummy)  Festival Ring Set – Maitreya

Kalopsia Zelie’s Rattan set Couch rug and table and Macrame  COLLABOR88




As Sweet As Me !! lol

As Sweet As Me lol smallerPaperdoll’s Jeans Dress comes in diffrent denim colors !!
Freya Hourglass TMP Isis Physique Lara Maitreya Colors Dark,Blue, Faded,

Paperdoll’s  Jeans dress Marketplace

*Besom~  Love  equal Event

**RE** (Real Evil)     **RE** Ivy Necklace
**RE** Mara Bracelet
**RE** Witchy Ring

:::ChicChica:::  Plate with Peaches The Chapter Four

Exposeur  Marrakesh Door – Orange  Pose Fair


What Do I do, Now That Your Gone?

What do i do now your gone

I have returned from being gone from Secondlife for Five months.

My secondlife husband Lars Convair, had been sick for long time He passed away on January 24 2018 .. A bit of quick history between us. I met this man when he was DJing at club Big Daddy’s .. I was his host for years. One day we finally had a date!  I always knew I had feelings for him for years! He said he had come to Secondlife to find me. (insert a awww lol ) Our six year marriage relationship was wonderful one. It was also a great friendship that carried over into real life . We were on each others real life Facebook.  We had gone threw, Deaths, Grand kids, Real life Marriages, Children getting married, Mother boards crashing, new computers . Isp going out . Snow storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Moving, new houses, surgeries, Doctors visits ect..

He called me 3 days before he died from ICU I knew he had texted me earlier that that he was in hospital .. He didn’t die from his cancer or Multiple sclerosis he had died from pneumonia.  I read his real life daughters post she tagged him and landed on my real life face book. What a total shock but i knew it was coming . Sitting in bed that night watching  tv i woke up my real and told him ( I had just gotten remarried in real life two years ago ) Lars Knew and was supportive and My real life knew about Lars .. Our love and past and his declining health.

 I logged back into second life to tell people about Lars  i haven’t been online in long time. I might like to go back to blogging again but .. I deleted my second life Facebook ( I thought it would be easier to walk away from second-life. ) I stand in Second life and just stand and stare and wonder after six years what do i do now?

Le Poppycock Heartbreak Rose Chapter Four

Beusy Cream Hairstyle  Uber

Real Evil   Cora Necklace

ISON  peggy turtleneck dress Uber

=Zenith= =Zenith=Dolly Platforms

What You See Isn’t Always True

What You See Isnt Always Trur I got this sign at kinky event going threw machine i died laughing at it . Due to what it says .. Sugar Daddy!!! We know there are different types people look for in real life and in second-life . I don’t have sugar daddy in second life and surely don’t have one in real life !! Most think i do due to my real life husband is older than I .. ( Is why i got a kick out of it giggled all way to my house with it . ) So sometimes what you see  even in writing isn’t true !

The heels are from Avie they come in so many colors its hard to pick from they are at Chapter 4 I picked a hot red to match the sign and to match the white stockings !!

Avie   Chloe Heels  The Chapter Four

Krescendo  Cheeky Neons – 09 Wanted  Kinky event

.::Nanika::.  Hope tattoo Henna  The Chapter Four

*COCO*  Bishop SleeveTop   FaMESHed

Dead Dollz Natural Diva – Stockings


Asteria  “Adel” Panties

[MANDALA]      Leather Feather Earrings/Polly White

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

Le Poppycock Hi fructose  The Chapter Four


Blue Skies Are Coming My Way !

Blue Skies Are Coming My Way*AvaWay* KRYSTAL Rings (For bento hands )Maitreya slink Vista
Theses rings come single wear as many or as less as you may like !!! Wear either left or right hand !! or both hands !! Comes with color hud 7 colored stones 8 metal textures *Now @ COSMOPOLITAN !!*AvaWay* KRYSTAL Rings (For bento hands )Maitreya slink

AvaWay KRYSTAL Rings Cosmopolitan Events 

^^Swallow^^   Pyramid Ear

ChicChica  Appetizer # 12 ( Cup Coffee) The Chapter Four

Doe Babe The Epiphany

White Widow  Rite II – White

Bloom Blossom Sport Glasses Lens


Legal Insanity      Shiny Shabby

Legal Insanity – Layla yellow corset

Legal Insanity – Myra light blue shorts

[MANDALA]  HARAMITA-season2-Bangle