Eating After Midnight Causes Odd Dreams

Eating After Midnight Dreamskeepgoing

Morning Rather a late morning for me. Had to call Verizon ( eye roll)

My husbands flip phone ( i have iPhone he doesn’t want one.) got broken into while back by hackers to use his number and run up our phone bill . I thought it was taken care of by now but got text and automated call saying it was going to be disconnected !!! I’m like crap they didn’t take care of it after hour and half later .. I’m posting at 10:30am Est

So im really behind with my real life work !!! Found out they never did last of paper work which i thought was done . Thank goodness i got a nice guy on phone and it will be all cleared up in 2 to 3 days which should of been done over 2 months ago .

Have a most wonderful day !!!


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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Ahhh spring !!!! Where things are turning green and My sinus will be kicking up !!! lol

Runny noses and watery eyes,  head pressure. But… The trees and yard will be green .

Im more a fall kinda gal.

I had long day yesterday, Worked off and on and went to get my pedicure. dropped off things for my business ( real life business) 2 meetings  with clients .. Today is rest day . But tomorrow.. My spring cleaning starts!!! You name it … We bought our house a year ago but had to re model it . So only been living here 6 months. 1940’s Craftsman we did all work our self’s. But few things we didn’t do to get in quicker. Ok all have a great weekend !!!

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Hi happy Thursday !!! Wow i cant believe i slept in that’s been twice !!! Its a dark dreary day to day . My dog slept in so did real life !!! We  have 2 clients having appointments this morning to pick out fabric  to order for boat cushions and for tops of their cabin cruiser/yacht

We only like to have one in office at a time some one canceled yesterday ..

I wanted to get my nails done lol  ( Yes im selfish lol )  ok enough gibber jabber ..

have a great day.

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Sometimes I Over Dress Do You?!

Sometimes I Over Dress Do You

Its another rainy dreay day here!! We have had so much rain its a giant pool here. I am heading to get a new prescription for my computer glasses today i have had same prescription for years ! Seems when i get a pair they make them incorrect, To strong one i could seen 2 miles down road in lol. wayy to up close !! Lets see how this goes I don’t have to go in till 3pm so no rush have a great day!!!

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Long Day And Not Started Yet!

Long Day And Not Started Yet

Good Morning !! It was suppose to snow today ( we haven’t gotten any all winter unless you count a dusting ) Little bit on deck enough to make you want more just to look pretty. Its now raining.

Not so much to do today in RL .. Going to eye doctor tomorrow .. My loving dog Pumpkin over year in half ago got my computer glasses and scratched them and i am taping them up on sides ( I don’t like spending over 300.00 dollars or more on glasses )

Being in sl I have to look close to screen due to so many scratches on them lol. I finally got my snow off my land on sim i live on. ( 3 people on it one not been online i think in month. one must come on super late at night. ) Its a blank slate now. That’s hard part will come to me how to do it .. But i so hate doing it lol . ok enough boring talk have a good  HUMP DAY !!

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