Black Lace

Black Lace

Good Morning .. Sunday im worn out staying up watching Nevada Caucus.  Yes i’m News Junkie and In to polices. This will be short and sweet running late putting in load of laundry and having phone rang and kept me from getting going . Have good day and make most of it !!

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Good Morning !!

Good Morning

Morning all !!! We finally got snow first time in 2 yrs lol !!! its only 2 inches lol .. But when you don’t get snow and your small town is only 4,000 and 2 snow plows lol . It is only 2 hr delay for our schools next county over got whole day off. Main roads here are clear .. My Doctors office today called said my Doctor wont be in . Her kids schools canceled  😦  last time she called to canceled her kids were sick. I love My doctor but i been trying to get my 6 month check up with her for over month lol .

I will stay home and let my dog play in snow lol !! I LOVEEEE SNOW LOL …

Even if its little amount . Have a great Friday !!


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Yes i do like Pink .. From Time To Time.

Yes i do like Pink .. From Time to time.

Morning . I am so sad .. I have 2 paint programs that came with my lap top I use primarily .. But my favorite one is online paint program, I use it to resize and do tiny touches with  Its pretty much gone after 5 yrs of using it . Some times its down for a day. I know it was to go down in December due to it wont support flash Player 😦

Oh well .. I will find another for tweaking and ect. Pay for one or hunt one. down lol

Not heard from my Mom in Week. I dont call her due she has landline my brother picks up phone and listens  ( yes the alcoholic  that broke his hip that is 58 came home to live with my mom. ) My cousin was there for week and Im glad about that my Aunt and Uncle that lives 2 houses down is in Florida on their vacation. my cousin lives next door he works during day ( This is family land on the Chesapeake bay big beautiful houses down long lane the land has been in our family for ages . I’m happy we have family live near my mom . She will call me on her cell phone when she is out going to places , She knows i detest my brother. I’m hoping he finds a woman again and leaves . ( hes on dating sites prays there’s one out there to take him off my moms hands lol )

Ok enough jabber you have great Hump-day ( Wednesday !! )

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Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Morning . I have taken 2 days off to get few things done around The business and RL

I parked most of weekend.  Hubbie is still little weak from his last chemo. He has whole body scan end of month to see if its spread any more . This will be short blog boy you got lucky !! Hugs all and take-care and have a great Monday !!!

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Gingham & Pearls

Gingham & Pearls

Morning .. Up late. Running like mad man to get awake .. Our microwave over stove is out. its a 400.00 2 year old Microwave FGS!!! Hubby is retired electrician he is looking at it after breakfast. Luckily we have Microwave up in our Den here we use for popcorn and grand kids when they vist. So we can use it . We will call our home warranty if he cant fix it. Just pisses me off last night wanted popcorn and had to go up stairs to the den to pop it at 11pm lol . I wanted Pop Corn in bed when i watched a Hallmark movie lol Ok you all have a wonderful Valentines day !! ( I haven’t told RL that yet going to see if he remembers .lol ( he did send his grown daughters candy hes done since they were kids so he should know lol )

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All Dressed Up , No Where To Go!!

All Dressed Up , No Where To Go lolMorning all . Ugh Sooo Much Rain here .. I’m soo done with it . 5 Days of rain .. We live on flat land near bay .. We had to dig trench  last year to not have water under our home.

Our drive way looks like mud bath lol … The weather has been soo wacky !! This week one day is 35 and next 65 .. Who says there isn’t global warming ??? ( we know who right?) ok I have client coming in next few hrs for order to pick out color of canvas .. for their boat cushions. .Have a wonderful day all !!

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Macaroons & Champagne

Macaroons & Champane

Morning .. Its raining horribly here.  I haven’t been into blogging lately with Hubbies cancer . He had high temperature last night and glad it went down. Hes working in our shop and didn’t turn heat on . ( Men lol ) He over did it . It normally takes 2 weeks for him to get back to his old self After chemo. Hes been over doing it getting our fence into shape after the bad storm came in at 60 mph and blew few pieces over.

I must be blind lately lol .. The new Maitreya hud i cant read small print on it .. The print was bigger on other one . I don’t know if its due to me having lap top and i cant read it .

Ok off to post i do babble . Have a great day all 🙂

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I sooo Need Coffee ( look at Shirt lol )

I So Need Coffee

Morning all… Hubbie is done with Chemo.. Crossing Fingers  This takes for while He has few more test and a surgery ahead of him. We have  had some high winds .. Our back Privacy  fence blew over and Hubbie had to go out after chemo and fix it . ( Told him to wait few days but noo lol ) Not felt like doing much of any thing around here but our business orders and ect.  I not sound like one of those people in Secondlife that complain all time  that I used to avoid lmao !!! ( Karma on me huh? lol)

Ok you all have a most productive Sunday and enjoy it.

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White On White

White On White

Morning .. HUBBIES LAST CHEMO WAS YESTERDAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Id like to say back to normal. He has more scan test now ( since this cancer is aggressive)

He also have melanoma on his ear before he had chemo ( They will cut that its not grown any . ) Now in next few weeks we will be doing our back deck and doing touch up paint around our home… Tell our friend ( Real Estate Agent)Were putting house on market.

We took a old farm house and turned it into a  beautiful farm house.. I love my home and it kills me to sell it . (Hubbie has over $30,000 in hospital bills ) I know its only a home .. I cry daily …We re did it all our self’s . Only carpet was put in by a company we did runner our self on the stairs and chair rail and wainscoting and crown molding. We figure our equity in 2 years is $75,000 .. Finding place to rent around here is next to none with only 3,000 people living here. not any rentals. Next county is bigger  35,000 population. There are 4 houses on Internet for rent.

Most are 1,800 month and 2k month . ugh … I better up and post this .. We have one heck of wind here !! Internet just went out and tv and home office land line.

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Satin & Lace

Satin & Lace

Morning .. Today is one day closer my husband will be off his chemo !!! Today he starts his next to last chemo Treatment. Tomorrow is his last one .. ( Crossing my fingers ) That at least he continues to be healthy for few years. ( The treatment failures in less than 18 months is prognosis . ) We will keep praying!!

I’m off to get few things done . Hope your day is a most productive day !!!

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