Classy & Black & White

Classy & Black & White

Good Sunday Morning !!!  looked at clock and it was little after 8am .. Realized had to get up and go post my picture and do my blog !!! Going to be short and sweet .. Not going to have any depressing blog this morning lol … Have a most wonderful Sunday all hugs !!

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Morning !!! Well we all made it to Friday !!! I will try to keep my blog upbeat even though Life has dealt a rotten hand …My  ( RL)  husband has been diagnosed with Mantle cell lymphoma is a cancer of white bloodcells, which help your body fight infections.

Started with lump on his lymph node gland under his jaw and kept swelling. He has appointment with oncologist Next week and Will be having pet scan ( to see if its spread to other parts of his body. ) Hes so positive type and is joking about it how i love this man  !!! if we all had his postive outlook( Me i needed full blown day of crying) When i met him i was a widow for 5 yrs ( in rl)  .. I have been in second life since beta .. I had second life hubby at time too. ( My sl hubbie had been battling MS for years and another long term illness which he died in 2018 ) My father ( RL)  has unexpectedly died in 2017 … I just read this man this is soo depressing !!  ok Enough depressing crap

Have a most wonderful day all hugs !!!!!

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Orange Dream

Orange DreamGood Morning !!!! its a breezy August day here in Virginia will be 87 today !!!

Going to take Pumpkin ( my cockapoo ) to vet this afternoon real life is calling this morning . We had her at our regular Kennel when we took rl to hospital for his biopsy over night . She is breathing oddly !! like some thing is up her nose or shes got cold. She has had her kennel cough shots up to date. Shes my baby just worried. We are still waiting for results back on biopsy for real life. The doctor is on vacation . His partner will be seeing rl on Friday ! long wait till Friday ( hes to take out stitches in a area. ok enough of my wacko life .. Take care and be good !!

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There’s A Little Minnie Mouse In All Of Us

Theres A Little Minnie Mouse In All Of Us

Good Morning .. Yes I’m late posting. Long night you know when you cant sleep and toss and turn. I had to get out and meet 2 customers took swatches down to our local coffee shop met them both at same time lol !! These ladies are friends and they go boating all over on their boats with their hubbies together .Thought id never get out. We are still awaiting news on My rl hubbies pathology on the lump on his throat and  something on his ear ..( sigh) Crossing fingers and praying and not sleeping are going hand in hand . Ok enough gibber jabber . You all make best of your Monday hugs all !!!


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In White

Do Think This Is A Dream Or A Nightmare Which Onr

Morning all. Its been long few days .. I haven’t posted in 3 days.. Due to My rl hubbie had to have biopsy late in evening Wednesday ( Doctor called at 7am) We didn’t get home until 10pm and was to be at 2pm .  Playing waiting game for results Doctor feels it most likely be cancer lymphoma ( in his throat growing rapidly )and part on his ear they are worried that its melanoma , So to say the least i’ve not had any sleep. Worried Losing him. about our business or losing our home cars ect. Losing him. my mind is all over the board. I wish now i never gave up cigs lol !! Its called wait and see game … Hes a hard rock i not so much !! Next week we will know what pathology says lets hope for good cancer as doctor says. Have a great day !!! all im worn out lol

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Happy Hump Day!!! Middle of the week its all down hill now !! I’ve been bit under weather but I’m still trudging lol  I am also sadden by all the shootings breaks my heart. W’eve had in the states.

My internet is super fast Now all is A ok lol..And shows its fast on SL. My issues have been textures going in and out of focus ( could be my land) Any one sees this know how to remedy this let me know . I don’t ask firestorm any more ( I been in game since beta ) it used to be you clear cache or you would hit debug or other ways now zippy !! Eventually i wait and then it can take photo lol . ( pain in ass for sure ) ok im off to go and post and do more orders for our canvas bushiness… It wont slow down until the boats come out of water which is about Beginning of November or first hurricane which comes first. Have great day all .

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Ebony Eyes

Ebony Eyes .

Well its Monday Morning . Long weekend with grand kids. I don’t do political stuff on my blog . But these shootings need to stop !!!!  its not from video games some are saying its caucusing its from people that are blind to who and whats going on. Ok im done getting off my soap box.  This is short i have long day today hugs all take care !!!

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Wanna Bite Of My Pretzel?

Wanta Bite Of My Pretzel

Hey !!! Its Friday we all made it thew the week!!!! One heck of a busy busy week.

After my company went home i took a day off and rested .. I am expecting my cable isp to come at 2pm today my internet has been dropping / Business phone. Not TV.

I been doing speed test on it and it was like super low .  It was like 8 Mbps download after hard reboot from office yesterday  its  96.1 Mbps download!! 

I still asked for tech to come out. I need to know what was making it do this and is my box old one instead of new one ? I had moved here a year ago.  Ok im off to post and get few things done i have company coming tomorrow my daughter and my son and law and my 3 grand-kids!!! I haven’t seen them since Christmas. My oldest grand daughter will be 13 next month !! 8th grade ( yes im old ) lol … My grand son is 9 and my youngest grand daughter is 5 going into Kindergarten!! You all have a great weekend hugs all

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Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Hey !!! happy hump day !!! ( im still like kid when i hear that lol ) middle of week ugh at least only few more days and its weekend again !! I was to have more company this weekend still not heard from them, Sent a message and they picked it up no reply ( rolls eyes children my grown daughter lol )

ok this will be super fast .. i have a lot on my plate just got back and its 8am had to met a client at boat docks this morning at 7am was nice breeze on docks !! loved hearing buoys dinging seagulls !!  I’m off to do some ordering of canvas , Sunbrella is type we use . Ok have a most wonderful Wednesday all take care !!

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Green Eyes


Green Eyes.jpgLong weekend !!! Much needed .. My son and daughter in law came and brought my grand doggie lol.. White french bull dog .. Two dogs in the house playing lol.. Both dogs got a long great!! We had 3 dozen steamed crabs and chicken wings and barbecue my rl made in our smoker and i made homemade cole slaw & baked beans and brownies ( god what fattening stuff !!)  Had my mom and my aunt and uncle and few others over .

Have a most wonderful Monday im taking it easy from the weekend lol

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