Is it Time Vacation Yet!?

Is It Vacation Time Yet

Morning all!!! Been busy busy few days here . I had  a sonogram yesterday morning ( no im not pregnant hahah)  That’s one health issue im sure not to have !!!

My son is and his wife are coming this weekend ( My son has agenda coming for steamed crabs !!! ) My mom still has her crab pots out her dock we have been sharing them with friends so were going to fish them out  in holding tank and get them this weekend.

Next weekend my grand kids and my daughter and my son in law are coming !!

My daughter in law is a germaphobe! she doesn’t have  leukemia any more but its a reminder of how she lives.

Ok off to post and super clean house !!  have a great Tuesday all

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Southern Lady

Dressed And No Where To Go

This reminded me of a Southern bell or lady .. Im from South here In Virginia in 60’s We used to peek in the country club with my friends and i past our house and look threw the windows and see them all dressed up and sipping tea or some having fancy sandwiches and all laughing !! One we saw pulled out a bottle of whiskey ( as kids every thing looked like booze and called it whiskey lol !! ) We all ran and laughed like we thought we saw something really exciting .. I had boring life it seems as child lol !!!



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Bike Ride

Bike Ride

I cant remember last time i was on a bike could been about 9 yrs ago !!! If you want to count my  bike i have in computer room for exercise bike, for working out i do it 2 times week  not like real biking . I live in county but here in this place we have big ditches where i mean deep ones ( for water to flow to from  rain this is flat land) i would never get out of if i rode a bike and had to hit the ditch lol !! Have a great Thursday all !!!

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