Some Of Best Times Are Times Alone

Some Of Best Times Are Times Alone

Yes another night of watching late night CNN watching the protesters. Its happening all over the United States. I’m worried about the Virus spreading also. The safety of every one. I wont get into how i feel ūüė¶ Due to My political views I wont put on my blog .. If people know me they know my thoughts. Hugs all be safe its almost 10am my time off to post .

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Morning all i had a really hard day yesterday . My husband as you all know has 3 diffrent types of cancer. and most of you that dont i know it sounds wild .. Frank ( RL ) Has Non Mantel Cell Hodgkin’s Lymophanomia , Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Melonnomia

He has gone threw Chemo and had squamous 7 places cut off .. In doctors office

Yesterday he had Melonnomia¬† on his ear taken out . They took top his ear off.¬† That is ear he had cancer in 4 yrs ago they built him new ear then . ( total 4 cancers in 4 yrs of our marriage. ) They wouldn’t let me in due to the rules no visitors to wait . That was 8 hrs at hospital . Franks niece and husband took him and picked him back up for us. ( The hospital .. They did this due to I have flare ups of my issues for my stomach .. Yeah i put this all out there to see . I do this for my self . and below is for blogging for my sponsors i dont think but few of my friends see this so im not to worried about world knowing my rl ..¬† Adding stress of his cancers with virus it makes a stressful house hold for sure lol !!

Sooo I am blessed i wake up with my husband¬† … He is strongest person i know .

Ok all enough yapping hugs and make it a good day even if your home being safe i know i am !!

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Evening In Paradise

Evening In Paradise

Morning .. I am up early this morning hubbie has to go to Dr  hr away  to take stitches out of his head from surgery from them  getting cancer out this 3rd cancer.  I know it sounds like this is unbelievable hes had 4 types of cancer in 4 yrs of our marriage.  He has had chemo and now these 2 skin cancers. You get numb to it or unfortunately get used to it when we hear another cancer has popped up.

I keep hearing in my head the song from Kelly Clarkson –

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes you Stronger .. I’m a believer in that that !!! And my grandmas saying .. When god shuts a door he opens a window!!

Ok its simple and sweet today i have few calls for our business to order canvas while hubbies at Doctor . Hugs all and keep the faith we will get threw this Virus!!

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Morning ill make this short . ( haha ok ill try lol ) Slept in till almost 9am !!! Im up normally early. If you read my blog . You know i have said, My proof reading and punctuation sucks . I do own it lol I’m in hurry sometimes to get it blogged and before virus our home business was booming and super busy . We still are busy but slow.

I’ts good though due to hubbie has 3 different types of cancer. ( he had a 4th and was taken care of 4 yrs ago.) Sometimes i do get depressed and no one to talk to.¬† My dear friend in rl died almost 2 yrs ago. My dad died in December¬† 3 yrs in December

My Second life hubbie of 6 yrs died month after my dad. My mom lives 5 miles down road not seen her in months now ( from virus) .  I Keep my circles small in Second life.  ( My dear friend of  6 yrs in second life ) She has lots of rl things and only logs in from time to time.

Id look for new friends in SL but blogging takes over my time¬† & RL . My friend when she logs in doesn’t understand im blogging she doesn’t blog. ok see i said id do this short .

I lied lol !! Ok have good Thursday and be safe!!

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Morning its a great day lol .. I’m laughing due to my Daughter sent us Paper towels and¬† toilet paper. You know by reading here ( my blog ) we have one grocery store here . Hubbie has cancer ( 3 Types) and we order our groceries from our local store and pick them up . (not in store they come out ) They have had napkins and tissues only ( if even that at times .. Friends cant find them either. Daughter sent 11 rolls!!! 2 rolls of paper towels. The order i did to Walmart didnt come in ūüė¶¬† .. I got email last night the 12 pack of¬† toilet paper¬† is arriving by Sunday it says i say more like Monday !!! im so excited lol .. funny how small things now are most important. You all have a most wonderful day with you shut in families and we will get threw this hugs !!!

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Ruffles Can Be Classy!

Ruffles Can Be Classy!

Morning . Ground Hog Day 100000 lol … Nothing to blog about mostly no news lol

I did have hubbie go to my moms and get Paper towels out of her garage ( the good ones Bounty !!) We try to order them from our grocery store they are out of any paper products here . Grocery store says they are hardly getting any at all. My moms garage is double garage and she before virus she went to Costco and stocked up for few months at time ( don’t forge nearest Costco is over hour away. We have one grocery store here .

Small place nearest Walmart is 25 min away. So we are in her stash !! of Toilet   paper and her paper towels lol . ( shes even going to be out soon ) . Ok im running late this morning posting on flickr you all stay safe and take care hugs !!!

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Tea Time

Tea Time

Morning .. I am dragging lol.. Stayed up later then dog started barking . ( god knows what it was ) We live way out in country and im sure it was either deer or wild turkey or another animal she heard lol  We live on almost 2 acres on our adorable farm house .

I Let her out ( we have some of our acreage privacy fenced off for us ) i had to bribe her in with bone lol. Im so happy i ordered her bones from amazon due to the grocery store online now is out of them .  My hubbie ( RL) is going to doctor to take some more cancer growths off about hr away. ( Im not going due to they wont let me in office due to virus)  its  a local hes awake . Ok im hoping you are doing well . Our state is locked down we are until end of May ! ( or maybe longer our peak is now just beginning to come )

Be safe all hugs take care !!!

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Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sunday

Morning all . I hope your  being safe. Hubbie told me we still have appointment with our dog groomer .. He told us  on Facebook hes doing one dog a day  so i told hubbie to call him .. ( We have made appointment  for tomorrow . We can drop off at door and pick up at door my problem is my dogs collar is cloth and we know virus will stay on it . I told him to call him this afternoon and explain our issues. My dogs nails grow a lot we can do baths but the hair grows a lot ( cockapoo) We can order off amazon clippers and scissors and table and do our own . ( YouTube ) lol

Ok im off to post you have safe day hugs !!!!

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Morning . I just logged into my Blog here @ World Press and it said Congratulations you have been blogging 3 yrs here at world press!!! wow i even left second life for 4 months thought i was going to leave for good and deleted my sl Facebook in process lol . ( which was stupid i cant get one it keeps getting reported as spam. ) I have sort day on my blog .

You are so lucky you don’t have to see any jabbering lol hugs all !!

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