Some Times We Hide Behind A Mask

Sometimes We Hide behind A Mask1

Some times its true .. We all hide behind our self’s and try not to let others get to know us fast or in bits at a time. I my self hide a little . I am the girl that’s all about earning my trust. I have few circle of friends in second life . Lets say i can count on one hand how many i have . Rest are just acquaintances, I or i call fair weathered friends. I have met only few i trust . I am a open book once you get to met me. If i tell you about my real life other than my blog. You are in lol .. ( you poor soul lol ) I was to go shopping with my mom this morning . I got phone call from her at 7am . She has cold and didn’t feel like going i was like YESS!!!! ( Not mom not feeling well)  I just needed to get few things done with our real life business few calls and orders. RL is heading to Dr and i am manning the ship today.. !!! Have a happy Tuesday all !!


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Happy Weekend !!  I haven’t posted in few days … Had few things to do in real life. Seems my diverticulitis has kicked up lol ( yes is there any thing i don’t have ??? ) I never been sick in my life until i hit in my late 50s lol !!  I spent the other day  sitting in court with  for our business ( some one bounced a check and they decided not to pay 😦 This was some one we had done business with for ages. ( They wrote it off a dead account also ) Go figure!! lol …

My sweet baby Pumpkin ( my cockapoo)  had been getting sick in my computer room ( new carpet, I love her more than the carpet .) We took her to the vet yesterday and she hasn’t liked her food lately and just liked her treats so vet has her on  1/2 Prilosec OTC and new dog food so far so good !! I live a boring mundane life !! I have been trying to decorate my new home in secondlife. realized when doing photos i move things around for photos . Now looks like hoarders house lol !!

Sooner or later i need to get rid of the snow . I rent from a nice guy ( i rented from him for 8 years on different parcels ) he uses prim snow, Im slowly not liking the snow !! lol . I know come on old lady hurry up and finish !! Have a great weekend all and make it a great one !!


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Trying To Warm Up !

warming up 12

Good day all !!  So Happy Hump day!!!  I wont keep you long will be super short blog this morning . I’m heading im hoping to the Drs office this morning to have them read my X rays . I know what i have ( was told on phone) but i want to see them and know more . Don’t ever try to google on internet what you have  lol !!  One had me dying !! My doctors office last month i paid my co pay for my insurance 30.00 they took out 300.00 !! instead to many 000  Luckily it was a account i had for our business .. We had to wait 2 weeks for it to be put in!! I now only write a check i don’t trust the book keeper ( i hope she was fired) ok let me get to work have a great day all hugs ( Kelly !! i see you lol )

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On A Winters Night Walk

on a winters night walk

Happy Saturday!!! This reminds me of last night letting our dog out. But i surely didn’t dress like this lmao!! I had yoga pants ( with hole in side ) My uggs due to im to lazy to lace up my sneakers lol  hoodie gloves under armor on . My girl ( Pumpkin ) for some reason didn’t realize it was 23 degrees and wanted to go to the nearest puddle that hadn’t frozen just yet ! 😦  I wasn’t in mood to wash her at 10pm ! I yelled NO so loud im sure i woke the dead down the street at the local church!

Glad the man next door is hard of hearing and other guy next door works night shift! ( Im not glad the guy next door is hard of hearing just meta fore. Okie dokie enough yammering !! Have a productive day today !!!

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In The Pink, And Have The Munchies!!

in the pink, and have the munchies!!

Morning !!/Afternoon/Evening !!  Long night last night . I had to look on my phone to see if it was full moon or not. My dog ( Pumpkin Female Cockapoo 2 yrs old) Was up all night ugh !! We live in country on over a acre. I hear owl then i hear a cat meow .. Then Pumpkin goes to door barking ( she thinks her territory is whole county lol ) She is like Mrs Kravitz ( on Bewitched .. The nosy neighbor.) Had to let her out and she paced last night for no reason. My sleep was 4 hrs long lol. ( I see  a Nap in my future. who am i kidding ill be awake all day on my 4th cup of coffee already! ) Ok that’s 5 minutes of your life you wont get back reading this .. lol Have a great Saturday & Weekend !!!

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On A Winters Eve

On A Winters Eve

Well its getting closer to the end of the year 2 more days !! Its sad when the end of the year comes the things you had wished had happened  of not came true, Or all the things you could of done this year if you had a few more days !! This will be short today aren’t you lucky lol !!!


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I Have The Light To Find My Way Home

I Have The Light To Find My Way Home

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah  / Merry what else !!

Im Getting ready for 11 people to be at my house and one extra dog lol Will be posting and then finishing up on all baking and cleaning my last bathroom ( mine lol ) putting sheets on the guest rooms .. Means during Christmas i wont be in computer room/guest room. I hope they all go home by day after Christmas i hope lol !!!  See you all after Christmas !!

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I lit A Candle For You, My First Christmas With Out You.

I lit A Candle For You, My First Christmas With Out You.

My first Christmas with out the most important people in my life. My real life Dad died week before Christmas 😦  a year ago as of today ,Unexpectedly of a heart attack. My Second life Hubby Lars Convair Died In January he had long time illness.they both passed away with in 3 weeks of each other. Lars and i had been married for 6 wonderful years! ( In Second life) This would been our 7th Christmas together. Lighting a candle for my Dad and Lars . I love you both and miss you both so much !!! I think of you both daily. Time goes on ….Christmas can be sad time or happy time. So tell the ones you love you love them . You never know when you will never seem them again .


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I Have Your Back !

You Have My Back!

I had a great blog this morning until I messed it up dont ask lol !! it didn’t upload correctly so i wont be having any long blogging !! having to re do whole blog again lol !! What a dork i am !! not done this ever in 2 yrs but there is always a first i guess lol !


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I’ll Wait For You Under The Tree

I'll Wait For You Under The Tree

Yepp… Thanksgiving is over. You know what that means !!? Its time for all fall & Thanksgiving decorations to be taken down and .Christmas stuff goes up!! I normally do it now. My daughter (RL) is having surgery this Thursday .. I will pick up my  Three grand kids I Think Thursday after school ( 2 hrs away!) While her husband is at hospital with her. I will be making Christmas cookies with the grand-kids, I decorate my tree alone lol im a perfectionist lol …. So Im catching up my blogging ( which i always am head for cases like this in RL) My blog is always about my real life or how it ties into second life. Its boring im sure. I don’t have a  perfect life .. ( no such thing) .. My life has it ups and downs but i wouldn’t trade it for any thing else.


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