ūüéÖ It’s A Candy Cane Day! ūüéÖ

It's A Candy Cane Day

Morning .. Lack of sleep ugggh!!! No i didn’t party all night lol.¬† sciatica still in my leg and worrying about RL chemo this afternoon. I am positive but i still worry !! Today and tomorrow are his days for it. all he has left is January and Then February.

Our 5 year old beautiful Christmas tree we bought together our first year . lights have burned out on it ūüė¶ few rows !! Hubbie is retired electrification and hes been sitting there working on it since lunch yesterday one row done 1 more we hope will be fixed¬† Why don’t i buy another? Well im picky for my Trees. ( i hate real trees!!¬† the mess) If im buying one it will be next year the one i want is 300- 400 dollars. So its to late to even order it . ok im off to post have great day all

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I Love Barley

I Love Barley!

Morning .. Again late start to my day!!! My Mom called . Her smoke detector is going off !!¬† Its battery and electric. They talk to each other type my husband retired electrician put them in.¬† Hes going over to help her. ( His chemo is doing well !! ūüôā !!!

Hes working with our business doing canvas & leather on boats.  We have big huge job with this yacht were doing and we are getting a RV big one to re do seats .

Winter is our slower time of the year but seems were doing more !! ok enough yabbering off to post and call and do some real life work ordering . hugs all have good Friday !!

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‚ĚĄÔłŹWinter Is Around The Corner!‚ĚĄÔłŹ

Winter Is Around The Corner!

Burrr This is our first big cold hit !!! We had snow flurries yesterday !!! ( I get excited about snow .)¬† We don’t really get much down in this part in Virginia . I live over from Richmond¬† and 40 minutes from Colonial Williamsburg . We are on Bay and its 10 degrees warmer .¬† That may as well been my snow for year lol .

I have super busy day today . Work here in Real life ordering supplies for our business

Have a most wonderful Hump Day!!! ( lol )

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The Rose


Good Morning … We all made it to the weekend !!!¬† I have 3 appointments with our home business this morning and its 9am and i haven’t eaten or even gotten out of my night gown lmao !! ( Yeah i’m really prepared huh?)¬† Our business is getting busy some are pulling up their boats out of water for winterizing it . By end of¬† month they want work done to it for cushions covers ect.

I have hubbies doctors appointments for his chemo and blood lined up . Then i have 2 appointments this month for me. On bright  side i have shopped on Amazon yesterday and got all my grand kids ( 2 grand daughters 13 yrs old and 5 Yrs old My grand son 10 yrs old) Their Christmas gifts done !!!! Yay me lol first time i had all finished by first of November woot !!!

Now i need to get my New house for second life for Winter one i have had my eye on. I

need to ask a friend to plunk it down on my land for me i can do it !!! She is so good at it

My house is really her house lol . She had same exact one and straighten it out . I she put few extra pieces are hers i love and i don’t want to mess with it . For past 6 years i have rented from this person . There are 3 renters on this sim counting¬† me .. I ask him to re do my land into snow. and decor.

Ok enough blabber and my virus scan has picked up a issue lol  Hugs have great weekend.

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Little Devil In Me

Little Devil In Me

Good Morning !! This is 3rd day of rain!!! ugh … 2 Days of heavy rain and now more expected .. We live near¬† Chesapeake Bay about water all around us here. Mathews County Va is flat,¬† low, sea level. When it rains a lot there is road flooding. and mushy grounds . Every one here has boots( white high rubber boots ) Ugly and cheap but works

We call them Mathews county bedroom slippers lol ( due to we all wear them at some time ) . Useless information you will never need ! Hubby has to go to Richmond today about his Cancer. If it happens to get worse and whats his options. Its at VCU medical hospital . Its 2 hr drive but hes doing so well with his chemo his numbers are up which is out standing !! I have to stay here due to we have 2 customers coming and UPS Is coming with bolts of material ( We own Boat canvas business for cushions tops on boats ect)

Ok its after 9am im running tad late have a great Tuesday !!! hugs all

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Be Gone Spell… Poof!!

Be gone Spell Poof!!

Morning …. Its hump day again!!!¬† Middle of week its all down hill now.

Rainy yucky day again… Leaves stuck on car and on our screened in porch .. Blowing leaves. RL is off to his¬† Last day of chemo for this month !!! 3 more months of chemo to go crossing fingers!! …

After few meetings with some clients here at house. Then to do house work have great day and make most out of it !!!

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Lazy Afternoon

Fall On The Water

Sunday Morning …. Its 9am im dragging a little to come upstairs to my office to post this.

laying in bed thinking i can sit and drink another cup of coffee with news on.

Then thought opps i have photo to get out!!! I am finally human i got my hair done with highlights !!! My gel nails & my pedicure !! ahhh i can be seen in public now lol

ok this is short blog ( you all got off lucky lol )  Have great rest of your weekend whats left of it !!!

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Welcome Fall


Well we have made it all to the weekend. This week was hard one. for My house hold

My RL hubbie is going steady in his chemo and doing really well . I had to go into hospital for infusion for dehydration for few hrs ( my Doctor ordered it . ) When you RL Hubbie has cancer your whole life changes… Things that you wished would get done you just dont care about any more. You end up depending on family more that you ever did .

Is why i have always felt family was most important thing there is.¬† I have a brother ( i might as well been a only child due to hes not visited with all of my family here in 2 yrs since my dad died. ) I’m really happy about to be honest … There is always a f .up in family lol !!!¬† ok enough yammering off to post have a wonderful weekend !!!


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Toast Anyone??

Toast Anyone

Morning all .. Its Friday !!!¬† Phone rang at 7:45am this morning It was cancer center for my RL¬† He has to go back in for infusion for hr saline for this chemo his liver ( something don’t ask me to remember so early in morning i was asleep) Hes heading there in few .

Im so proud of him hes doing well for now hes out in shop working yesterday . He went to see boat to do a order on and went to our florist and brought me home a single rose .. Awwww hes such a sweet man We have  been married 4 yrs next month!! done a lot in our short 5 years together !! Have a great weekend all !!

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