Hmm, Look What I Found In My Drink

Hmm Look What I Found In My Drink

We have all been to a party and found something really odd floating in it . Bug, food, ( if a out door party )  We look around to flick it out or maybe pour it out  lol!! Well small blog this morning . My illness i had for years had been fixed with wonderful meds .. Seems I’ve had a set back /flare up ( Eye roll) lol. need to post so i can call go chill in rl . Have a wonderful Thursday all ! 🙂

ChicChica   Chocolate Spider Cocktail   Salem Event

AZUL Trixie Dress  Black Fair


Lazuri Enchanted Diamond and Gemstones Earrings

Eating Sweets Gives Me Nightmares !!

Eating Sweets Gives Me Nightmares !!

Its that time of year again !!! Halloween i absolutely adore !!! I love decorating and seeing pumpkins and ect. I am not the one that will watch any horror movies i did few when i was younger . I don’t do blood or gore movies. This was my first time i dressed in second-life as something bloody. I been in second-life since beta . I struggled with this . A friend i know when i was in my 20’s was killed.. and when i see this i think of them. I did omit the tattoo . I give Beautiful dirty Rich kudos for realistic tattoo. I hope if some of you are squeamish this didn’t offend you 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday !!

*B.D.R.*  The SL Purge: Kiss Me Outfit (Tattoo (blood ) chainsaw/mask/shoes included Choker)   The Dark Style Fair

ChicChica Ghost treats Cosmopolitan

Tableau Vivant Rosemary hair Salem Event

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear

I love Caramel Apples !!!

I Love Carmel Apples

If you have been following my blog ( lol ) You know i adore fall  weather, season. Mostly i love  Caramel Apples !! I know they are fattening the Caramel  part. I haven’t had any yet. My RL made me some last year . The candy ones i don’t care for they are so hard you’d crack your tooth !!!  ok wont do a book. Have a wonderful Sunday !!


ChicChica  ChicStick # 13  Arcade

Narcisse  Trill Pleated Mini  Kinky Event

Narcisse  Glinda Pentagram Bustier  Salem Event

{Limerence}    Karen hair  Black FAIR

Eudora3D   Ada Heels&Socks  Uber Event

[CAROL G] Feeling – Red Tattoo

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear

Bloody Mary Anyone?!!!

Bloody Mary Anyone

This is my favorite time of year !!!!  Love fall and Halloween !!! I got married to my real life on Halloween and my Birthday is day before Halloween . For you squeamish people its fake blood lol !! I’m sure plenty of people are going ewwww how could you ? add the blood to it . But it did get your attention didn’t it or you wouldn’t be reading this would you ??  lol Have a wonderful Friday / weekend all

ChicaChica  Holy blood Cocktail &  tray  Salem Event  starts 29th September 2018


Swallow   Pyramid Ear

SEUL  Jordyn Dress  Uber

[CAROL G]   Embroided – Black