Green Eyes


Green Eyes.jpgLong weekend !!! Much needed .. My son and daughter in law came and brought my grand doggie lol.. White french bull dog .. Two dogs in the house playing lol.. Both dogs got a long great!! We had 3 dozen steamed crabs and chicken wings and barbecue my rl made in our smoker and i made homemade cole slaw & baked beans and brownies ( god what fattening stuff !!)  Had my mom and my aunt and uncle and few others over .

Have a most wonderful Monday im taking it easy from the weekend lol

Salamandre Freya Swimsuit  Cosmopolitan

*LODE* Head Accessory – Anna Wreath [yellow] RARE Shiny Shabby

Sintiklia Bethy UBER


White Leather

White Leather

Monday Morning and the week starts all over again !!! Seems second life ( for me) yesterday had lots of slowing rezing issues for me going to events I have super duper lap top plenty of gigs and great internet. (They say sometimes its server you are created on.)

I wasn’t bad but slowww could been a Sunday!!

Its been over 96 degrees here in Virginia for past few months. ( we normally get that in August!!)  My renovated farm house is 90 years old … We have dual heat pumps but one upstairs is brand new is not getting it due to the dormers have storage and its over front porch and part isn’t insulated. Need attic fan .. Dont remember it ever being this hot even growing up in Va … this many days keep cool all !!


COCO BikerJacketOverShoulders

Maxi Gossamer  Necklace Esra’s Giant Teardrop

Truth VIP Hairstyle Julys 2019- Alias

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde

Monday Morning !! Another week Hope you had great weekend…. Ever have most of your light bulbs go out in your house??!! at same time ? I am married in real life to a retired electrician ( SMH) We are out need to run to store. Its dark in my computer room for sure. Need to get more lighting on desk too. lol

Hope your week and day is a most productive one. !!

Salamandre X 28LA. Tamia ( Top & Bottom) Anybody Event

Kuni Ari Anthem