Thanksgiving “Fall” Party

Thanksgiving Party !

Thanksgiving time of long ago when i was much younger ( In my late 20’s ) There used to be a formal dance with moose lodge ( Here in States) It was called the turkey twist!
Mostly was excuse to get drunk and all dressed up with members of Moose lodge  lol !!!

I went few years in row . Started off great all rich older people in their furs and jewelry and they bring their little case ( their liquor case full of top shelf brands ) I brought my cheapo brand lol ( still had same effect !!) I had my dress that i had worn year before

( they are drunk by 9pm they don’t remember where their car was parked let alone

I wore this dress two years in a row lol ! Ok enough yammering im off to post and then get busy making pies for next week Thanksgiving, i will freeze them. Then to make grocery list .. We are having 8 people for Thanksgiving so far !!! ( I’m hoping few wont come lol )

{Limerence} Pamella hair  Romp

ChicChica Lavish champagne dispenser Cosmopolitan Event

AVALE  Dolce Cosmopolitan

shanghai   Anita White Necklace