What Is Normal ..Now?!!

What Is Normal ..Now!!

Morning .. How is every one holding up??!! We are doing well . Just praying that this will flatten out for while. ( Virus) I wish my governor would lock down state we are hot spot now .. My town is super small and I’m afraid it will just wipe us out. We are a place where most come to retire to or vacation. We have 5,000 people live here one road in and one road out . If your not retired you work in Richmond or Newport News , Norfolk. which is 50 plus miles away. So your bringing it here regardless  … Ok off to post be careful be safe i hope to keep seeing my friends post to know they are ok. !! I pray for all of you !!! keep in touch with family and friends in rl and sl hugs !!!

We will get threw this !!


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All Dressed Up , No Where To Go!!

All Dressed Up , No Where To Go lolMorning all . Ugh Sooo Much Rain here .. I’m soo done with it . 5 Days of rain .. We live on flat land near bay .. We had to dig trench  last year to not have water under our home.

Our drive way looks like mud bath lol … The weather has been soo wacky !! This week one day is 35 and next 65 .. Who says there isn’t global warming ??? ( we know who right?) ok I have client coming in next few hrs for order to pick out color of canvas .. for their boat cushions. .Have a wonderful day all !!

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Best Buddies

Best Buddies

Isn’t this a cutie !!!! ( not me ) This guy!!! I love it !!! its by RINKA&AMPRENTA

Not a blog today im tired didn’t get much sleep today and i need to start getting boxes out of the attic to take down Christmas things. I get so sad taking them down. I don’t know if this will be our last Christmas here in our home or is This my last Christmas with hubbie. Since he has cancer and I’m afraid of all hospital bills that aren’t insured will over amount so far its over  10k Im hoping for miracle for New years !!!! I wish you and your family sl or rl A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Huggs!!!

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🎵 Listening To Christmas Music Walking In Snow🎵

Listening To Christmas Music Walking In Snow

Morning all. I’m Our first big time frost last night !!! I could hear upstairs and down stairs dual heat pumps just rolling !!! I’m laying in bed thinking omg how much money is this lol !! Im hoping to find time to get out and get my nails done today . My Daughter and my son in law and grand kids are coming next week. For 2 days before Christmas.

I wish they would come for Christmas but They are going to take his mom with them to South Carolina to see relatives. Still my son  hasn’t decided what day he and his wife are coming . ( Boys !!) lol My husbands kids don’t come .Well due to they aren’t happy dad remarried after 9 yrs of being single . ( Grown kids eye roll) !!! ok im off to post you all have a most wonderful Thursday !!

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Morning !!! Yes Thanksgiving is over and now lets get into Christmas!! I had less than 24 hrs notice for company yesterday . My husbands Daughter, I haven’t laid eyes on her in 5 yrs .  He has 3 grown daughters. he had been divorced 10 yrs before i met him. They were ok with me being girlfriend. But when i married him they didn’t come to our house they met up with him few times. He has mantel cell non Hopkins lymphoma fast spreading cancer . i told his grown grand daughter they need to grow up and come and visit him. Now Im sure we wont see them again in our home. They are in their 30’s one in her 40s grown women need to grow up. ok enough boring yacking you all have great Monday im off to decorate my house for Christmas will take  a week as much crap as i have .



Classy Leather

Classy Leather

Morning … Hope your all up and feeling the one hour extra sleep !!

I feel im running  behind from  it !! I have finally got my new house placed in Second life. A dear friend of mine taught me something I knew existed in second life but i didn’t know how to do ( in almost 15 yrs being in second life one of few things i didn’t know ) Shes a blogger (Home &  decor /furniture ) She taught me how to group all and move in one swoop !!! I had a friend that knew this long ago shes left sl . She used do it for me i did my own one piece at time uggg when i changed houses . I can add that to my bag of tricks now lol!!!

Ok im off to get VOTE ( Local here in Virginia !!) Get few things done if i have time i soo need pedicure and my nails done if i have time today full week with work ( in RL ) and hubbie gets his next chemo round this week 3 more rounds to go ! His levels have been doing awesome crossing fingers .. Its a aggressive cancer  Mantel Cell Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma  not a good success rate next to about none few yrs is most it can do and come back.. Ok all have great day hugs !!!

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There Is A Fighter In All Of Us !!!!

There Is A Fighter In All Of Us !!!!

Morning all !! This outfit by Rinka ( which i blog for )  has inspired me for how i feel about my Real lifes Cancer!!!!  F*** Cancer!!! ( believe it or not he hates that term)

Well  todays another week . I have finished my fall decorations ( not started on my Halloween till beginning of October) Real life got few mums ( they will be dead i know if i don’t re pot them. They are all on my screened in porch . I have my big fall wreath up and my fall leaf garland around our door and fall flag up! Mantel is done and my entry table. Dinning room is decorated.  ok enough fru fru things have a blessed day all ❤️


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Blowing Smoke!!

Blowing Smoke !!

Morning !!! busy day here . Our business is kicking up  SUMMER!!!!… cell phones and business phones ringing off hook. I don’t know why people are waiting until summer to get their boat seats and tops done. Do it on off season then you wont have to wait so long. Its a first come first serve deal .. Unless  you want a tear or strap sewn.  This type of work is one person only. Sewing machine is industrial one not one like your grandma or mom sews up rips lol  ok all have a most wonderful Tuesday!!!

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Hey Morning !!!! Seem by my own schedule im always running late!!  My Mom called this morning . A good friend of ours died of a debilitating disease.. ( My Moms best friend for ages) Now my dad died over yr or so ago . This has taken toll on her. Ok enough sadness  as i got off phone with her i had to order material for our business and i didn’t get the dog out to back yard soon enough … I think my dog ( Pumpkin ) decided the new carpet up stairs in den was a perfect place to do her stuff!!!! No wonder she didnt want to go out side lol !!!  All reasons why things hold us up in mornings huh?? !!! You all have a great Tuesday !!


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