Its Sunday Lets Liven It Up A Little !

its sunday lets liven it up a little !

Good Morning !!! (or Evening ) Its still the weekend… I had meeting yesterday in Real life most of the day . I am on few  committees in our small town here .  Between that and Our RL bushiness I looked at my house i so need to do lots of cleaning !! lol I finally got my results from my xrays . My Neck has a deteriorated disc and my back has slipped disc . My Dr recommended me to go to Physical Therapy. Most insurances require this before surgery. I tried to call the Therapist they recommended me too . They said on internet they close at 4:30pm i called at 2pm and answering machine came on saying they were at lunch till 1pm or in meeting . No one called me back i left a message. This i can see will be slow moving.  ok enough of my real life. My secondlife is wayy more boring lol . I log in and i do photos and i park most of day and i go shopping by my self and tp back home and park again lol !!! I have been in second life since beta i have had a long and full secondlife, .Life. You name it I’ve mostly like done it all. I Owned bridal venue was one of first bridal photographers in second life , Owned clubs. Tattoo shop, and texture shop, Clothing store, Radio station for one of the biggest sims on second life. ( Pontiac sim yes car sim in real life) Just a few things i had done. ok im off to post after ive given you a snoozing blog !!

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Celebrating Hallows Eve ( My RL Birthday )

Celebrating Hallows Eve

Yes its my Birthday .. Am i excited ? Not really lol !!! I’m 59 years old !! I have been in second life since i was 44 , I think this will be my last upcoming year. I’m pretty sure.

My wonderful second life hubby has passed away almost a year ago. This will be my first birthday with out him in 7 years !! He would sing me happy birthday on Skype every yr 🙂 … (sigh) This is also my first birthday with out my real life Dad too. They both died month apart. My dad an mom always called me and sang happy birthday on phone to me Mom called me this morning with out her back up singer !! . I am lucky this year My real life and i have bought a new house and sold ours in Florida last year. To be closer to my family and kids and grand-kids! Tomorrow is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary 🙂 so i am very blessed !! Have a Great Tuesday!!

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** Note * I dont always put all what im wearing or using in my blog if Im not blogging for them . If i bought it my self or its old and been in my inventory for ages .



Casual Monday

Casual Monday

Busy Monday!!  I move next week 9 more days !!!!! Still few more things to finish on house . We are thinking of moving Monday furniture comes Wednesday .. We have our bed and tv here at my moms staying here while our new house is being remolded by us

Trying to get all caught up in blogging . Thank goodness we have internet already at the house !!  My computer chair and desk are here at my moms to be carried over ( only 2 miles away ) . So busy day 🙂 have a great Monday !!

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Worn Out!

Worn OutAfter long day of shopping or a long weekend .. I sit down and have what i call a let down. From all the hustle and bustle . My mom and i got together and we decided to get up at 4:30am est to watch Prince Harry and Megan Markle get married !! I bought few UK pastries from my baker friend.  Wore a big feather hat lol !!! My mom is in her late 70’s still sleeping i made coffee and woke her up ( Were living  with her until our renovation in our new house is done. ) We were sleepy eyed and drank coffee and had our breakfast ( Im not into tea. ) by 9pm last night i was feeling so worn out and eating non diet food yesterday morning  had me down .. So was worn out lol

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Timeless Enchantment

Timeless Enchantment..::PD::.. Bento Mistress gloves comes with hud colors white/red/black

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SunriseI woke up early this morning to get ready to drive 2 hrs to my grandsons first communion. Family friends and my daughter and her husband . My three grand kids . Its a 2 hr drive and its suppose to rain 😦  Putting our little girl in a kennel for the day .  Going to be long but happy event !!

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Out Behind Wood Shed

Smoking out behind woodshedI used to be a smoker .. I stopped two years ago !! cold turkey. I only smoked outside on the deck or front porch. Oddly i like clean smelling house. I only smoked at night, Like a vampire smoker lol .. I got sick two years ago and thought of smoking made me sick . I thought this would be a good time as any to do it then. I am happy i did ! I figured out i saved in two years time 8,200 !

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