Classy Leather

Classy Leather

Morning … Hope your all up and feeling the one hour extra sleep !!

I feel im running  behind from  it !! I have finally got my new house placed in Second life. A dear friend of mine taught me something I knew existed in second life but i didn’t know how to do ( in almost 15 yrs being in second life one of few things i didn’t know ) Shes a blogger (Home &  decor /furniture ) She taught me how to group all and move in one swoop !!! I had a friend that knew this long ago shes left sl . She used do it for me i did my own one piece at time uggg when i changed houses . I can add that to my bag of tricks now lol!!!

Ok im off to get VOTE ( Local here in Virginia !!) Get few things done if i have time i soo need pedicure and my nails done if i have time today full week with work ( in RL ) and hubbie gets his next chemo round this week 3 more rounds to go ! His levels have been doing awesome crossing fingers .. Its a aggressive cancer  Mantel Cell Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma  not a good success rate next to about none few yrs is most it can do and come back.. Ok all have great day hugs !!!

RINKA&AMPRENTA  Sana  Cosmopolitan

Back In The Day When……

Back In The Day When..

Monday Morning !! its going to be in 70s today!!! Were heading towards cooler weather ( don’t’ let Virginia fool you lol ) Old saying is is you don’t like weather in Virginia give it few minutes and it will change. Our weather is never on even keel. Weather will be in high 60’s this week .. By end of month it could be 86  lol . We don;t get out  heavy winter coats here until December or January .. Jacket or hoodie or my jean jacket is only needed . First frost will be November lol . Yes you just had weather lesson!! Ok off to do this blog and get to my rl work ordering canvas for boats take care all have great day !!!

Kaithleen’s Highwaist Shorts & Top FaMESHed Event


Country Gal

Country Gal

Good Sunday Morning !! I cant not believe i slept in till 8:30 am EST !!! Another storm last night i had settled down after watching tv .. I got woken up by my phone !! My 7th grade granddaughters name came up on my phone at midnight !! I was like omg!!! One ring only . I called her she said she was at sleep over and was looking at her phone and hit my number she and all girl were giggling . I said im glad your ok ( Think was this truth or dare game ) lol. Ok guys im off to hurry up you all have  most wonderful Sunday !!! Having storms all day today (uggsss)

Seniha Aura  Uber

Little Bones Juice  LEVEL

Meva Nia Gloves


Casual Monday

Casual Monday

Busy Monday!!  I move next week 9 more days !!!!! Still few more things to finish on house . We are thinking of moving Monday furniture comes Wednesday .. We have our bed and tv here at my moms staying here while our new house is being remolded by us

Trying to get all caught up in blogging . Thank goodness we have internet already at the house !!  My computer chair and desk are here at my moms to be carried over ( only 2 miles away ) . So busy day 🙂 have a great Monday !!

Narcisse Riri Tuxedo Halter FaMESHed

MINA  Carissa  FaMESHed

Meva  Isa Necklace Dubai

[MANDALA] Cheerful Earring Uber

[MANDALA]  HARAMITA-season2-Bangle

Lazuri Sapphire Ring

Addams Katty Flare Pants


Cordial**Sexy Princess** Xtreme Ways one piece dress, The back of the dress is solid and criss crosses in back . Comes with hud in 8 colors
– Slink Physique
– Slink Hourglass
– Maitreya Lara
– Belleza Venus, Freya, Isis

Sexy Princess    Xtreme Ways Marketplace

Doux  Medea Hairstyle  Black Fair

Meva Meva Marlene Collar Silver
Meva Marlene Earring
Meva Marlene Bangle
Meva Marlene Bento Rings
Meva Bento Claw Dark Nails

^^Swallow^^   Ears HD – High Definition

::::ChicChica:::  Blackberry Chammy Black Fair

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Clouds are as thin as satin
The cool breeze caresses our faces
Millions of stars gleam so bright
Like no other I describe the night

There I see your eyes ever so pretty
Jaw-dropped as they look at mine
Your face defines such beauty
That It cursed me with dementia

Your lips is as red as velvet
Cured my color blindness
As they move as you speak
I can’t respond, I’m tongue-tied

The warmth of your embrace
Overthrew the coldness afar
As both our eyes collides
I fell more in love with you

I stare in your lips one more time
For they kept me in astonishment
Oh I really wanted to kiss them
Yet I can’t cause I can’t

I know that time will come
All I have to do is to keep my faith
Under this bright blue moon
I promise, with all my heart, I will wait

A late night stroll into  a gazebo Waiting for you. Realizing your not coming …. Ever…. Realization sets in your … Gone…


The dress by Mevo is a saucy little number very classy in front and hot in back . Hud has different colors for dress and for the insert of the material of rear and down the stomach and leg .

Meva  Joline Dress Cosmopolitan Event

Meva  Coins Set Gold  ( earrings bracelet)

Magika  Good Vibes

^^Swallow^^  Aphrodite rings

REIGN  Tied Pouch- FAMESHED GIFT ( May 2017)

DaD  “Byron Pavillon”  Collabor88 

ISON  nikki sunglasses (white)