Out An About

Out An About

Morning .. I haven’t blogged in few days .. With RL Cancer and my health issues amped up .. We are the people you don’t say to us how are you doing?? lmao with out getting a full ear full. So We just don’t saying any thing . We just smiled when asked and change subject lol !!! Lots of laughter and jokes are key while your ill .. You all have most wonderful  day !!!

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Blue Jean & Lace

Blue Jean & Lace

Wow its Monday already?!!!!! Days are just flying by !!! Talked to my daughter ( RL) yesterday it was her Birthday !! She is 36 !! ( she thinks shes old haha !!! ) I’m one that is old if shes 36 lol Well not much going on here in RL other than working and ordering getting our business all caught up before my RL  Starts chemo after Labor Day

We don’t know how chemo will effect him. Hes strong man in 5 years we’ve been together I’ve not seen him have flu or only 2 colds. !!!  I’m off to blog this and post on Flickr you all have the most wonderful Monday and don’t take life and who you love for granted you never know when they will need you the most and when you will need them the most.

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Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Hey !!! happy hump day !!! ( im still like kid when i hear that lol ) middle of week ugh at least only few more days and its weekend again !! I was to have more company this weekend still not heard from them, Sent a message and they picked it up no reply ( rolls eyes children my grown daughter lol )

ok this will be super fast .. i have a lot on my plate just got back and its 8am had to met a client at boat docks this morning at 7am was nice breeze on docks !! loved hearing buoys dinging seagulls !!  I’m off to do some ordering of canvas , Sunbrella is type we use . Ok have a most wonderful Wednesday all take care !!

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Pearls & Lace

Pearls & Lace

Happy Friday all !!! ( Trying to seem perky ) … I’m up and ready ( not really still in my night shirt on my second cup of coffee! )  ok its going  be non eventful weekend . Going to be 100 today 99 tomorrow and 99 Sunday!! I cant ever remember being like this in summer here. Heat index is 115 yesterday. Next week it cools off. My poor heat pumps are spinning lol . Cant wait to see electric bill uggg !

Have a most wonderful friday if your like me stay inside!!! I want to sit on my screened porch but not this week unless i want to melt.

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Hitching A Ride !

Hitching A Ride!Happy 4th of July  from Virginia  seems my lap top is gone wonky this morning . Iv’e re done my blog like 3 times lol gota love this .  Not doing anything special today . Our business is busy and we need to get out 4 boat works by Sunday !! Might sit on front porch and have shrimp and appetizers  but its suppose  to get over 90 today and sun is beating on screened porch . Have a great day all

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