Happy Weekend !!  I haven’t posted in few days … Had few things to do in real life. Seems my diverticulitis has kicked up lol ( yes is there any thing i don’t have ??? ) I never been sick in my life until i hit in my late 50s lol !!  I spent the other day  sitting in court with  for our business ( some one bounced a check and they decided not to pay 😦 This was some one we had done business with for ages. ( They wrote it off a dead account also ) Go figure!! lol …

My sweet baby Pumpkin ( my cockapoo)  had been getting sick in my computer room ( new carpet, I love her more than the carpet .) We took her to the vet yesterday and she hasn’t liked her food lately and just liked her treats so vet has her on  1/2 Prilosec OTC and new dog food so far so good !! I live a boring mundane life !! I have been trying to decorate my new home in secondlife. realized when doing photos i move things around for photos . Now looks like hoarders house lol !!

Sooner or later i need to get rid of the snow . I rent from a nice guy ( i rented from him for 8 years on different parcels ) he uses prim snow, Im slowly not liking the snow !! lol . I know come on old lady hurry up and finish !! Have a great weekend all and make it a great one !!


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I Make my blog half about second life and half about Real life!! Yesterday I had to take my mom to doctor ( She has gotten vertio!! ) She wanted me to drive her new car!! ( not that my Chevrolet Equinox ( that’s 2 yrs old isn’t good enough) But couldn’t drive her self and wanted me to come to her house and drive hers . Its a Toyota highlander.

Did i say brand farking new!!?? I was scared shitless driving 25 miles to doctor in her baby ( SUV lol!!)

She has that thing that beeps when you go across line lets you know .. I love my mom but… When she drives it goes off and sounds like shes playing pin ball lol!! I want you to know it didn’t make a peep up and back when i drove . My mom had breast cancer and is cancer free for past 6 yrs she had her checkup . I told her to cancel the appointment but nooo .. Since my Dad died last year at Christmas ive cut her some slack lol jk.. I canceled my x ray to take her . But will do it Wednesday unless something else comes up. My life even though my children are in Their 30s and grown with kids.. My life isnt dull lol !! Have a wonderful Tuesday all !!

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Breakfast On The Run!

breakfast on the run!

Good Morning !!! Its the weekend . I have taken down my tree ( thank goodness i can now see out my front window now lol !) The mantel looks empty after taking down the arrangement i do on it . The stair case is bare with all the greenery off. Now to find all things i took down to up my Christmas stuff!! This will take few days .. Still moving like a 80 yr old lady with my back and arm issues i do laugh about it lol !! Have a super weekend all !!

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Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Raises a toast to the old year !! This past year has been a extremely hard one, But a happy one in the end. I’m ready for this year to end.

I know you’ve heard me say ( if you read my blog.) My second life Hubby Lars Convair died this past January.. I was on his real life Facebook his daughter tagged him .. I Had just had text from him few days prior he was in hospital he had MS for years and cancer and had beat it . long story short he had gotten phenomena.

My life for 6 years as i have had him came to a crash .. He had prepared me for when this time would come.

My real life fathers Memorial was last January he had died unexpectedly had hit me so sudden and devastated me to my core. My Real life and I had moved back to Virginia. We sold our home in fla and moved to my parents home until spring to buy a house.. We found our dream home!! My daughter in law had beaten leukemia this year !  thank god !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR may this year bring happiness to you !!!

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Tired And Its Not Even Christmas Yet lol

Tired And Its Not Even Christmas Yet lolYepp its closer to Christmas .. Im not done yet !! lol . After blogging and posting on Flickr today i have 2 grocery stores i have to go to ! Different things i need. I have a long list having 10 people staying at our house starting Christmas eve. My son and his wife ( that has gotten clean bill of no cancer !! she had leukemia ) My mom and brother are coming also thank goodness mom lives down road and my brother is visiting. My daughter is coming Christmas day with her husband and kids and her dog lol !!! I have bought me 3 bottles of wine, Chilling in the wine cooler in kitchen !! ( i love my wine cooler we had built in. )  okie dokie time to stop yammering and get shower and head out today have a wonderful Christmas i think this will be my last blog till after Christmas !!!

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I’ll Wait For You Under The Tree

I'll Wait For You Under The Tree

Yepp… Thanksgiving is over. You know what that means !!? Its time for all fall & Thanksgiving decorations to be taken down and .Christmas stuff goes up!! I normally do it now. My daughter (RL) is having surgery this Thursday .. I will pick up my  Three grand kids I Think Thursday after school ( 2 hrs away!) While her husband is at hospital with her. I will be making Christmas cookies with the grand-kids, I decorate my tree alone lol im a perfectionist lol …. So Im catching up my blogging ( which i always am head for cases like this in RL) My blog is always about my real life or how it ties into second life. Its boring im sure. I don’t have a  perfect life .. ( no such thing) .. My life has it ups and downs but i wouldn’t trade it for any thing else.


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Fox & Socks!!

Fox & Socks!

Good Morning !!! Its Sunday before Thanksgiving here in the states!! Things are busy here in my house hold. My real life is up banging on front porch before 9am ( im sure the neighbors love him lol )  We do live in country but our neighbor is night Mgr at Walmart hes not been getting sleep I’m sure. We are renovating our house we bought . We were done with all major things but . When you live in flat low line area on the water here, You only have certain septic field ( sewer/ wells) He took our front porch door and designed it to the side and added new steps ! took all brick off old one and re did it and now re screening our screen on porch . There isn’t anything my rl cant build or make. We didn’t like walking on the muddy hill to front porch . I know yada yada i write about boring things lol .. Is my life perfect?? no… Is it full of ups and downs ??? Yes!! But its my life and its the best ive had in many many years. have a great Sunday im going to post and then do some odds and ends and then watch Redskins play football !!

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Home Alone .. Whats Out That Window?

Home Alone !! Whats Out That WindowI don’t like being home alone in a house I’ve not been in before at night.  Am i a chicken well in new house first night i do sleep with bathroom light on.  I carry a night light with me when i travel to some one else’s house so i wont run into a wall or trip and wake them up lol !!  Im still trying to fight this awful cold i have so i’m moving slow this morning . Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend .. 🙂

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Yes I like Pink, I’m not afraid To Admit it lol

Yes I LikE Pink !!

I love pink in second life lol !!! I dont own but one pink item in real life .. I own a light weight jacket to wear with my yoga pants thats pink .. Thats about it lol Not much of blog today ! I am in cleaning mode .. Grand kids and Daughter & son inlaw coming this weekend. I have to wash clothes and bathrooms and go to grocery store all yucky things lol !! Take our cockapoo to the groomers tomorrow . Have a great Thursday !!

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Sometimes You Just Need Some Alone Time

Sometimes You Just Need Some Alone Time

Morning !! Its lazy Sunday.. Wind is blowing and chill in fall air here In Virginia !

I am upstairs in my computer room / Spare bedroom. My domain .. My she shed lol.

Will spend time up her for next few hours with cup of hot coffee mmm Hazelnut creamer my sweet dog at my feet having Sunday news on tv in here. After i post i will head down stairs and make homemade chili in crock pot most of day and watch My team play football !! ( American Football ) Have a great Sunday all until Monday !!!

PS …. I waited till flickr’s feed was working it had been down most of Sunday to post . have a great Monday!!!


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