ūüéĶ Listening To Christmas Music Walking In SnowūüéĶ

Listening To Christmas Music Walking In Snow

Morning all. I’m Our first big time frost last night !!! I could hear upstairs and down stairs dual heat pumps just rolling !!! I’m laying in bed thinking omg how much money is this lol !! Im hoping to find time to get out and get my nails done today . My Daughter and my son in law and grand kids are coming next week. For 2 days before Christmas.

I wish they would come for Christmas but They are going to take his mom with them to South Carolina to see relatives. Still my son¬† hasn’t decided what day he and his wife are coming . ( Boys !!) lol My husbands kids don’t come .Well due to they aren’t happy dad remarried after 9 yrs of being single . ( Grown kids eye roll) !!! ok im off to post you all have a most wonderful Thursday !!

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Morning !!! Yes Thanksgiving is over and now lets get into Christmas!! I had less than 24 hrs notice for company yesterday . My husbands Daughter, I haven’t laid eyes on her in 5 yrs .¬† He has 3 grown daughters. he had been divorced 10 yrs before i met him. They were ok with me being girlfriend. But when i married him they didn’t come to our house they met up with him few times. He has mantel cell non Hopkins lymphoma fast spreading cancer . i told his grown grand daughter they need to grow up and come and visit him. Now Im sure we wont see them again in our home. They are in their 30’s one in her 40s grown women need to grow up. ok enough boring yacking you all have great Monday im off to decorate my house for Christmas will take¬† a week as much crap as i have .



Juniper Cove

Juniper Cove

Happy Hump day Every one !!! This photo is named Juniper Cove its a real cove name.

My Grandparents named it that. They lived here in Mathews County since 1930 My grandfather sold my parents 2 acres of land on the cove that goes out to the creek that ends up to the Chesapeake Bay. To build house when they retired from school system.

In 2001 they built huge 3.000 foot house on water. My grandparents house ( 1895 circa) was main house .. There is a dock my dad docked his boat in front of house this is long story to tell you why i called photo this . Its good memories i still go there to this day and enjoy . Crabbing and fishing . Thank you all for who do read my blog !!! Have a most productive day hugs !!!

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The Colors Of Fall

The Colors Of Fall


We all made it past Monday !!! 1 down 4 to go lol … Ecky rainy day here … Open door to let dog out in our fenced in yard to go potty .. She turned to me gave me that are you kidding me look !!??? I pushed her out and shut door lol !!! She went super duper fast lol

I normally go out with her but not this go around . My real life just drove off to his second round of Chemo this morning.. He does well with it.

Im not cruel letting him go by his self . My husband( RL) Is strong minded .. He did it last round . He doesn’t want me sitting with him for 3 hrs .. He every one getting chemo is alone . The nurses and staff are friendly and chat to them . I text him while hes there and call him. We have a business someone has to be here to maintain that while hes out.

Ok im off to post before my mother calls .. ( i don’t want to try to post this and Flickr at same time with her talking i surely will mess up .. Im ADD LOL¬† Have productive day all !!!

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Picking out The Perfect Pumpkin

Picking Out The Perfect Pumpkin

Morning all This so reminds me of my child hood!! & with my own children and my grand kids always had to find the perfect Pumpkin at Pumpkin Patch . But as adult i do it easy way lol… My dad when he was alive used to grow Pumpkins id come visit and get one .

I have found them in town at feed and seed store. I’m not going to patch and walk out any more getting to old for that lol !!!

I’m giving you all a big break that’s all i have this morning lol !! Have a great Hump Day all !!!

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Happy Hump Day!!! Middle of the week its all down hill now !! I’ve been bit under weather but I’m still trudging lol¬† I am also sadden by all the shootings breaks my heart.¬†W’eve had in the states.

My internet is super fast Now all is A ok lol..And shows its fast on SL. My issues have been textures going in and out of focus ( could be my land) Any one sees this know how to remedy this let me know . I don’t ask firestorm any more ( I been in game since beta ) it used to be you clear cache or you would hit debug or other ways now zippy !! Eventually i wait and then it can take photo lol . ( pain in ass for sure ) ok im off to go and post and do more orders for our canvas bushiness… It wont slow down until the boats come out of water which is about Beginning of November or first hurricane which comes first. Have great day all .

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The Blues

The Blues

Morning !!!! Hoping that all who live near or in Louisiana are batting down the hatches !!! look like low category 1 hurricane but the water looks high. Been threw my share of hurricanes living in Virginia and lived in Florida . .

Super short blog today ( Lucky you lol ) Have a most wonderful weekend make most out of it !!!


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When The Music Stopped !

When The Music Stopped

This photo was mishap for the name. My long time second life hubbie was a DJ .. Was first DJ @ Big Daddys 80s club .. He and 2 others founded it . He worked there 7 yrs before he died.  I was host mgr there for a year. We worked 5 days week together for yrs . Before we dated we were good friends had our share of disagreements. One day we noticed we both were single at same time lol . There on was history of best 6 years of my second life !!! Music in SL i dont turn on my music any more for past year since he died.

I dont attend Big Daddy’s due to to many memories. ( Ive been there about 5 times )There is memorial there for him. its not the same anymore …

To me when he died ..My music died in second life. ( he would play when he was offline on his computer his stream to our house all my favorites and his . I always knew he was sitting at his¬† computer when he wasn’t online he would throw out” Our Song”

Ok enough memory lane. Yes this is a darker photo than i normally do . ( It was to be one thrown away but i said what the He— ill do it . Have a great week all take care !!!

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Evening Stroll

Evening Out!

Morning !!!  uneventful day yesterday !! So far this morning . I need to go shopping but my body says nooo stay home. ( Hates shopping lol ) Hubby is down stairs  making tons of noise in dinning room . We put our big wrought iron light up before we moved in . The light i told him was going to be when some one stood up from table they would get hammered in the head lol !!! He had to take light down this morning and the medallion and re wire it ( hes retired electrician yay lol ) cut new hole in ceiling and spackling and painting . Hes brawn im brains ( scary huh?) lol !!  ok enough of my small little life going on here . Time to post!!! have great Hump day!!

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The Tropics

Happy Hump day !!! ( Im like teenager every time i hear the word hump day!  lol)

Today for first time in about a month or so have i not had any customers to call or to have them come for appointment ( Real life business) Some times we get so busy since we only have one sewing machine for making cushions for boats and awnings for decks patios stores. Golf carts. We have one heck of a waiting list this spring !! They come from all  three counties to have us make them. My husband has been doing it for 20 yrs.

Enough blabbing . I need to get this out . You all have a most wonderful day !!!


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