Burr !! It May Be Cold But I’ts Ice Cream !!

Burr !! It May Be Cold But I'ts Ice Cream !!

Sunday Morning ! Up early need to get rolling . My mom is out of town and i need to get my dads Christmas wreath to his grave. My Dad died before Christmas 2 yrs ago on 19th.

I still have trouble with it. He was retired High School Football Coach ( He is still winning est coach with his record . He holds in State) He was healthy and just had stroke that day.

Ok enough  sadness.  Im going to get all my decorating done !!! Crossing fingers.

With real life still having chemo he had a round other day and is lagging a bit . He does more than most do when they dont have cancer.  You all have a most wonderful Sunday enjoy it !!!

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Wanna Sip?

Wanna Sip

Sunday Morning !! We are having a northeastern Winds blowing up to  30 55 miles hr

In our rural area Our electricity goes out really easy most electricity wires to older houses aren’t  under ground. Soo in case i’m hitting on putting this out really fast lol .

In the states we celebrate Thanksgiving in 12 Days. I’m not in mood to cook thank goodness i only have my mom and few other friends to come. If even that many . I need to deep clean house for Christmas any ways. Soo Told my My real life we so need to get jump on Christmas . His chemo starts on his  4th round December .

He gets week after it . So we will be decorating right after Thanksgiving .

I have lots and lost of Christmas stuff . It will take week at least . You all have great

Sunday !!!!

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Black & Gold

Black& Gold

Well its Sunday !!!! End of weekend nearing … Had the heat on here for past 2 days ! Now its pain in butt to let dog out to go potty at 2 am . She looked at me with that look that said Really???? I told her its 2am she can go really fast im not putting on her doggy  coat or sweater ( they are in my closet some where since last year. ) I have finished putting away Halloween  stuff up and the Thanksgiving flag is up out on the porch hanging.

You all have a most wonderful day … Relax its Sunday !!!

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Juniper Cove

Juniper Cove

Happy Hump day Every one !!! This photo is named Juniper Cove its a real cove name.

My Grandparents named it that. They lived here in Mathews County since 1930 My grandfather sold my parents 2 acres of land on the cove that goes out to the creek that ends up to the Chesapeake Bay. To build house when they retired from school system.

In 2001 they built huge 3.000 foot house on water. My grandparents house ( 1895 circa) was main house .. There is a dock my dad docked his boat in front of house this is long story to tell you why i called photo this . Its good memories i still go there to this day and enjoy . Crabbing and fishing . Thank you all for who do read my blog !!! Have a most productive day hugs !!!

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I Sometimes Feel You Near

I Sometimes Feel You Near

Well its another week again !!!  Tomorrow is first of October!!! My favorite month by far !!!  Maybe due to its my Birthday Month in RL and its My Anniversary in RL  Love Love the leaves  beginning to turn here in Virginia !!weather isn’t cool yet .. Wont be for another 3 weeks or more.  we get this Indian summer here beautiful leaf turning and hot weather lol Today its going to be in 80’s Wednesday will be mid 90’s Sooo if we ever get snow ( last yr was only dusting) It happens in February ( Maybe this year it may be surprise) We live On Chesapeake Bay and its 15 degrees warmer always compared to rest of state. Now you’ve had your history lesson lol .

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Polka Dot

Polka Dot

Good Sunday Morning …. Okay its  non eventful day !!!!! Yesterday i got this wild hair and started digging in my attic doors ( I have 3 doors in my computer room / spare bedroom like dormer doors where  all my holiday decorations are, One has Christmas stuff and one has fall/Halloween / Thanksgiving… other door is my valentines day / Saint Patrick’s & Easter lol its all shewn out on the bed up here !! ( cant let dog get into it .)

I also started decorating my land in second life I used to do it beautifully but lost the will to do landscape but taking my time again ( after 15 yrs you sorta get tired of it or rather i do lol ). Have whats left of a great weekend !! Hugs all !!!



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