This is so me in RL lol .. I am a coordinator for sure !! I love to match .. I wont go out of house unless i have earrings on and little make up ( dont want to scare the kids at the bus stop lol ( jk) I do wear around house old jeans and yoga pants and old tee shirts with holes in it lol and sweatshirts. But if i walk out of house its on !! lol


Seniha. Aroa Suit  @POCKETGACHA Pocket gatcha Open ’15th June’ 14th July

Seniha  Aroa Suit  Pocket Gatcha hud

Limerence     Chloya hair  Blush

shanghai      Thaila Necklace Blue Lemone Blue Bag Hand The Seasons Story

[Black Bantam] My Cutie Dachshund Pup Love equal10

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

[Blossom] Sport Glasses Lens



Dream Fairy

FairyThis set is fit for Maitreya Lara and contains several mix & match layerable pieces

The lootbox contains the rare glass wings, uncommon gray/silver edition of the goggles and uncommon blush shirt.

Decoy Tinkerer Tales Gacha

Decoy   Tinker Tales Gatcha The Lootbox

{Limerence} Dominika Good Vibes

^^Swallow^^  Noldor Elf Ears

[MANDALA]   Pearl rain season 2/CREAM – Bracelet & (single/short) Pearl Rain season2 necklace

euphoric High Society Lashes Series

{anc}  fairly cluster

From Crayons To Perfume

From Crayons To PerfumeThis Blog i dedicate it to my departed sweet second-life husband .. He had passed away few months ago . I always said he took me from crayons to perfume . It is a metaphor for him teaching me, lots of things to use in my real life. He showed me how to love again. He also helped me with my real life resumes for work. Letters for college I attended. I had been a widow, In real life he told me to look for some one that would be good to me in real life and love me and take care of me. I listened to him… In five years I found most wonderful man in real life and got married. My second-life Husband was so happy for me. The six years of us in second-life together . He was a DJ at Big Daddys for 10 years he always played me to sir with love by LuLu . This blog is for you Lars Convair  I Love you !!


Paperdoll’s – Sunset ( comes with hud for pink blue yellow for skirt) comes in high waist skirt and low waist skirt . Opening May 7th Anybody Event

Paperdoll’s  Sunset Set Anybody Event

ChicChica – Seduction Perfume Seduction Perfume comes in Transparent & NonTransparent with spray annimation

:::ChicChica:::    Seduction Perfume Cosmopolitan Events

Dahlia Soho – Necklace & Dahlia – Soho – Headband FaMESHed

{Limerence}  Elise hair FaMESHed

Your The Only One I Tell All My Secrets to

Your The Only One I Tell All My Secrets toIf we all have had a pet in our life time .. We talk to them like they are human ! lol I have been lucky enough in my life time to have had few pets i still dearly miss. That are departed. I didst like cats but one day i got a cat i lived on a farm 368 acres of land had all corn fields. Which produced mice!!! I got one not wanting to be attached to her . Well long story short i did lol . She was my confidant for 17 years. After her departure, I didnt get a pet for 6 years . We now have a cockapoo ! Part poodle and cocker spaniel . Shes almost 2 full of energy lol … They live long they say about  span of 15 years . I talk to Pumpkin like shes one of my besties  lol Shes trust worthy and doesn’t spread rumors lol


Decoy – Rebecca Dress Each dress has a HUD to change the color of straps and metal rings Dress also comes with built-in panties has a hud with color options match the dress colors

Decoy   Rebecca Dress: Fatpack Blush

{Limerence} Rosaly hair With Flowers Bloom

[BREATHE] Anais Heels–White

JIAN  JIAN Splendid Spaniels Floor Snoozer

{Your Dreams}  Wedding Spring Tulips – Reception Chair & Tulip Jug Lost and found

{moss&mink}  Sweet Retreat – Bed

(Yummy)  Festival Ring Set N21



Portrait of a Redhead

Portrait Of RedHead Thank you My 2000 Followers !Yes in Real Life i am a redhead !! Yes its true about redheads we or i am fiery ..

A spitfire !! People think im not talker when they met me. If i don’t know you well i just sit back and let it all sink in and read you and try to figure you ou. If i know you i yammer for hrs lol .  I am a true blue friend. If you tell me your secrets i will keep it with me till i die. But you  if  humiliate me or talk crap about me then all is off table and i take the gloves off. I am a giver and have a big heart. Id give you my last 10 cents if you needed it … As i’ve gotten older in life i have learned not to put my heart or friendship out there till i see what im looking for in a person . Trust is earned not given. I love my red hair in rl life .. Still no gray hair!! ( At 58 neener neener lol ) My brother, daughter and Son and my grand-kids are redheads . My mom and dad have brown hair. It skipped few generations . People wanted to know was i adopted when i was little.. My mom said the same milk man followed her from state to state.. ( old joke)

CATWA  – Catya Head

{Limerence}   Emma hair

~Empyrean Forge~ Ah-Kin Collar SILVER

Addams Isabella Boho Shirt

oOo Studio Winterview Vignette pose


I’m Lost, But I Will Find My Way


Im Lost But I Will Find My WayWe all get lost from time to time . Most women do stop to ask where they missed their turn or follow the navigator in their car. Mine recently took me wrong way to the my Doctors office and sent me to a restaurant !! instead  lol I would of rather gone to lunch but.. The road was a new one so my navigator got it mixed up . In the old days when i was growing up my mom sat in the front passenger seat and dad drove and mom read the map all spread out .. Seems mom could read a map pretty well . Now me that’s a different story i  cant read a map to save my life . Don’t ask me how many times i got lost lol .


***The Cora Dress by Decoy comes in 12 colors and fat-pack with belt color and buckle color hud @ COLLABOR88 ( Now Open! )***

Decoy   Cora Dress  COLLABOR88

{Limerence} Janna  GachaLand Event

^^Swallow^^  Ears HD – High Definition

EMPYREAN FORGE      ( Jewelry )   Tesoro del Luna Necklace Redux  Tesoro del Luna Armband Redux Tesoro del Luna Redux Earring



My Safe Place

My Safe Place

Sometimes we all need a safe place. If its a real place or in our head we go to when things are confusing or getting us down to relax a bit and re group .

These laced booties by Paperdoll’s are so hip and stylish they come in 4 styles with metal colors hud. Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. You can get these at The Season Story event starts on April 10th..

Paperdoll’s  Pellucid Laced booties (The Season story April 10 ) Seasons Story

.miss chelsea.  Rosi Honey Bee Fameshed

{Limerence} Camila hair

Catwa CATWA EYES Developers Kit  /CATWA HEAD Catya

^^Swallow^^  Bento Rings

White Widow  Blackmail – White

:::ChicChica:::  Minerale

pr!tty   (accessory only ) {Daisy Hair Tie}

Persefona  Daisy in mouth – yellow

NOMAD  Crocus Bucket // White

{anc}  telephonebox 11Li. RARE

oOo Studio Grounded Two



Every One Needs A Little Fantasy




This outfit by Decoy makes all your fantasies come true. Wearing this makes you feel soft and beautiful . The flowers are delicately placed on the outfit and on the crown. The wings have a flapping and idle script moves are so flowing. The front is as detailed as the back. Comes in four colors and a rare!! For Maitreya Lara

Decoy  Blooming Fae Gacha      Lootbox  ( Role Play Gacha Event)

Decoy – Blooming Fae: Floral Bodysuit
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Wings Green
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Skirt Green
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Elven Ear Cuff Green
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Flower Crown Green

[White~Widow]   Psycho – White

{Limerence}    Camila hair

EarthStones     Krishna Pendant Necklace

^^Swallow^^  Ears HD – High Definition

[addme.] posepack) – mirrors