The Witching Hour!!!

_Witching Hour

Simple little black dress can turn into your Halloween costume lol !!

Today im finally getting my Halloween things out . I had my fall stuff already out . I dont stick out my Halloween things till October!!! I had appointment with Gastroenterology

I’m hoping this will be trick. You cant cure IBS  you can maintain it . I have lost more weight ( lol yay not best diet lol ) I’m 15 pds away from my goal weight lol .. Thank you IBS LOL

Working our home business and having my RL Hubbie with Cancer and I with IBS  never boring moment here in my house .. You never know what you can handle until it hits you !!! Have a most wonderful weekend !!!




Ebony Eyes

Ebony Eyes .

Well its Monday Morning . Long weekend with grand kids. I don’t do political stuff on my blog . But these shootings need to stop !!!!  its not from video games some are saying its caucusing its from people that are blind to who and whats going on. Ok im done getting off my soap box.  This is short i have long day today hugs all take care !!!

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Hey Morning !!!! Seem by my own schedule im always running late!!  My Mom called this morning . A good friend of ours died of a debilitating disease.. ( My Moms best friend for ages) Now my dad died over yr or so ago . This has taken toll on her. Ok enough sadness  as i got off phone with her i had to order material for our business and i didn’t get the dog out to back yard soon enough … I think my dog ( Pumpkin ) decided the new carpet up stairs in den was a perfect place to do her stuff!!!! No wonder she didnt want to go out side lol !!!  All reasons why things hold us up in mornings huh?? !!! You all have a great Tuesday !!


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Country Gal

Country Gal

Good Sunday Morning !! I cant not believe i slept in till 8:30 am EST !!! Another storm last night i had settled down after watching tv .. I got woken up by my phone !! My 7th grade granddaughters name came up on my phone at midnight !! I was like omg!!! One ring only . I called her she said she was at sleep over and was looking at her phone and hit my number she and all girl were giggling . I said im glad your ok ( Think was this truth or dare game ) lol. Ok guys im off to hurry up you all have  most wonderful Sunday !!! Having storms all day today (uggsss)

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The Blues

The Blues

Well I’ve had interesting few days to say least in Second life. I woke up few days ago went to log into second life. I Noticed when my firestorm was up no wording on it and the colors were different . I make my firestorm blue skin with phoenix . I logged in and i knew my Firestorm was reverted . Means what ever I have backed up  said it saved long ago and now isn’t saved. I haven’t had this issues in about 5 yrs . But i always had my sl hubbie to help me . * He died a year ago* I kept to my self for a year . ( didn’t talk to any one on my friends list didn’t feel the need to wanted to distance my self crawl in A hole. )

Since i don’t have a second life Facebook ( yeah some one kept reporting mine as spam) I had to go to firestorm group ( well as many people that have problems they cant get to all an i was one of them they by passed in scrolling group.) Long story short i went to my friend Kelly !!! HELPPP  lol  . She was my moral support my ear to bend. Some times you just have to have a friend in second life just to say breathe!! Finally i deleted my old firestorm and downloaded a new one . So far as of last night all is ok i haven’t logged in yet lol . Ok enough technical talk for a early Friday morning . Have a great weekend all.

Im off to post and later today take my fur baby to get groomed.

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Diamonds & Pearls

Diamonds & Pearls

Morning … Its HUMP DAY.. !! My morning rant!! * isn’t it always lol * ??! I called my Nurse practitioner yesterday morning about my MRI appointment i need . I left a message with front desk its now  9am  They said she was done with her morning patients and she be calling me with in next hour. ( its been over 24 hrs ! this is super small office too. ) Why are people slackers?!! lol .. Not much need to head out and get my nails done and pedicure today in real life. ( I live 45 min from nearest nail place ) love small towns ( rolls eyes lol ) you all have a wonderful day !!!


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I’m Holding Your Heart

Im Holding Your Heart

Hello all !! I take few of us watched super bowl? My team wasn’t in it . But I do have to pick a team !! I picked Rams. ( which lost lol ) We smoked a pork butt in our smoker ( to make barbecue  and i made home made coleslaw and baked beans took it to my moms we had super bowl party there ( only few of us. ) My family is big football family. My dad was retired High School football coach.He coached  for 40 yrs !! I never missed a game of his !! When he died he was most winning-est coach in state of Virginia . I’m the girl that knows more football than most  lol !!!

Over weekend i bought a new house in second life  A Dads house !! Omg i had tons of fun changing colors lol  an not done yet decorating. I’m a prim ho or used to be in old days after being in second life since beta you tend to not play second life full force or rather i don’t. Yes Sparky you are rambling lol  I’m in pink again . Maybe its going to be my signature color from now on lol !! Have a great Monday all !!!

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