They Call It The Blues

They Call It The Blues

Morning .. I’m up early waiting for the repair guy ( my home warranty company )

Our microwave built in over our stove is broken. My husband retired Electrician has fixed it we thought . We got parts for door to shut and it still trips the circuit breaker. Its only 2 yrs old . I hope they just replace it and not try to keep fixing it . Thank goodness we had older Microwave up stairs in our den .. When company comes grand kids use it for popcorn . Ok im heading to post and watch for repair truck . Have good day and please keep healthy from the Virus!!!

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White Linen

White Linen

Hellooooooo Friday!!!!! its the weekend coming up !!! ( I used to be excited about weekends long ago) When you work from home, You even forget the day of the week lol Unless im doing orders then i have my trusty laptop to show me. Im pretty pumped! I sent in my ancestry kit my mom ordered me. ( had to send a lot of spit couldn’t drink or eat any thing for 30 mins then spit) Looking for my grandmothers real Mother She found out at age of 55 she was adopted her adopted parents didn’t tell her until she went to get her passport to go to Europe. I was very little at the time ( 9 yrs old about ) I vowed id find her mother for her !!! that was 49 years ago when i promised it as little kid. Its my bucket list i only have 2 !! I’ve had since i was little other one was go to Switzerland. I don’t fly but i would if i was going there lol !! The tickets i checked are outrageous lol

Ok enough jibber jabber!! Time to put out this blog and go post at Flickr have a great weekend all !!

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Yumm All Mine ! Ok,You Can Have A Lick!

YUMM ALL MINE ! OK YOU CAN HAVE A LICKBringing a monthly Gacha Event from your favorite designers straight to shoppers grid wide via a unique custom made HUD. Play anywhere. Anytime. No teleporting. No Lag. Everyone can play at once.
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