Hi happy Thursday !!! Wow i cant believe i slept in that’s been twice !!! Its a dark dreary day to day . My dog slept in so did real life !!! We  have 2 clients having appointments this morning to pick out fabric  to order for boat cushions and for tops of their cabin cruiser/yacht

We only like to have one in office at a time some one canceled yesterday ..

I wanted to get my nails done lol  ( Yes im selfish lol )  ok enough gibber jabber ..

have a great day.

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Helloooo !!!  Tuesday Morning !! ( ugh Tuesday is probably most under rated day of the week. In other words boringgg lol !!! )  Today on my agenda is picking up my computer glasses. They called yesterday morning i had to much to do in rl with our businesses.

I hope my glasses are right prescription they are for computer and reading only. I even took measurements of my laptop where i sit to make sure . I am wearing pair that my dog loves plastic chewed and scratched up !! over a year ago lol .. I wonder if my sl will look different that just squinting or looking side ways lol . Have a great day !!


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Diamonds & Pearls

Diamonds & Pearls

Morning … Its HUMP DAY.. !! My morning rant!! * isn’t it always lol * ??! I called my Nurse practitioner yesterday morning about my MRI appointment i need . I left a message with front desk its now  9am  They said she was done with her morning patients and she be calling me with in next hour. ( its been over 24 hrs ! this is super small office too. ) Why are people slackers?!! lol .. Not much need to head out and get my nails done and pedicure today in real life. ( I live 45 min from nearest nail place ) love small towns ( rolls eyes lol ) you all have a wonderful day !!!


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I’m Holding Your Heart

Im Holding Your Heart

Hello all !! I take few of us watched super bowl? My team wasn’t in it . But I do have to pick a team !! I picked Rams. ( which lost lol ) We smoked a pork butt in our smoker ( to make barbecue  and i made home made coleslaw and baked beans took it to my moms we had super bowl party there ( only few of us. ) My family is big football family. My dad was retired High School football coach.He coached  for 40 yrs !! I never missed a game of his !! When he died he was most winning-est coach in state of Virginia . I’m the girl that knows more football than most  lol !!!

Over weekend i bought a new house in second life  A Dads house !! Omg i had tons of fun changing colors lol  an not done yet decorating. I’m a prim ho or used to be in old days after being in second life since beta you tend to not play second life full force or rather i don’t. Yes Sparky you are rambling lol  I’m in pink again . Maybe its going to be my signature color from now on lol !! Have a great Monday all !!!

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I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke

i'd like to buy the world a coke

This coke Bottle by Chicchica reminds , me of growing up in early 60’s and Late 70’s and coke song i grew up with !!! We have unfortunately have gone on in a different way in our lives ( with lots of anger and hate this reminds me of a happier time.

I got up earlier this morning than normal. Going to get my hair highlighted and cut .

I finally got to the hospital and got my x rays for my neck and back yesterday . I wanted to post this before my hair appointment .. I live in small town where wifi wont pick up so i will be able to see Flickr a little then head home.  Im half asleep so forgive me if i sound even wackier than  normal lol have a great Thursday !!


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Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Raises a toast to the old year !! This past year has been a extremely hard one, But a happy one in the end. I’m ready for this year to end.

I know you’ve heard me say ( if you read my blog.) My second life Hubby Lars Convair died this past January.. I was on his real life Facebook his daughter tagged him .. I Had just had text from him few days prior he was in hospital he had MS for years and cancer and had beat it . long story short he had gotten phenomena.

My life for 6 years as i have had him came to a crash .. He had prepared me for when this time would come.

My real life fathers Memorial was last January he had died unexpectedly had hit me so sudden and devastated me to my core. My Real life and I had moved back to Virginia. We sold our home in fla and moved to my parents home until spring to buy a house.. We found our dream home!! My daughter in law had beaten leukemia this year !  thank god !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR may this year bring happiness to you !!!

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