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Well its Wednesday … Happy Hump Day !!! You will start seeing me talk more about cancer now … My husband as I’ve said has been diagnosed with Mantel Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  … He hasn’t started chemo yet. He is gone to have bone marrow biopsy today ..With my illness i have that flares up now and then has due to stress . Thank god for my Mom !!! She has him driving her suv with her and She will drive back its about almost 2 hrs away.

This is first time ive been alone since hes been diagnosed . Yes i did scream and cry !!!! ( I don’t let him see me cry )  I think dog understood she didn’t freak out she just laid there and looked at me. We have home business we don’t know once chemo sets in will he be able to work . life threw us one heck of a curve ball!! Tomorrow were suppose to go to meeting for people who are going threw cancer . Yes this is depressing and sad . but its my therapy to get things out . If its to much for you just by pass it to the blogging products . Have a great day all make most of your life !!!

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Morning !!! Well we all made it to Friday !!! I will try to keep my blog upbeat even though Life has dealt a rotten hand …My  ( RL)  husband has been diagnosed with Mantle cell lymphoma is a cancer of white bloodcells, which help your body fight infections.

Started with lump on his lymph node gland under his jaw and kept swelling. He has appointment with oncologist Next week and Will be having pet scan ( to see if its spread to other parts of his body. ) Hes so positive type and is joking about it how i love this man  !!! if we all had his postive outlook( Me i needed full blown day of crying) When i met him i was a widow for 5 yrs ( in rl)  .. I have been in second life since beta .. I had second life hubby at time too. ( My sl hubbie had been battling MS for years and another long term illness which he died in 2018 ) My father ( RL)  has unexpectedly died in 2017 … I just read this man this is soo depressing !!  ok Enough depressing crap

Have a most wonderful day all hugs !!!!!

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