The Blues

The Blues

Well I’ve had interesting few days to say least in Second life. I woke up few days ago went to log into second life. I Noticed when my firestorm was up no wording on it and the colors were different . I make my firestorm blue skin with phoenix . I logged in and i knew my Firestorm was reverted . Means what ever I have backed up  said it saved long ago and now isn’t saved. I haven’t had this issues in about 5 yrs . But i always had my sl hubbie to help me . * He died a year ago* I kept to my self for a year . ( didn’t talk to any one on my friends list didn’t feel the need to wanted to distance my self crawl in A hole. )

Since i don’t have a second life Facebook ( yeah some one kept reporting mine as spam) I had to go to firestorm group ( well as many people that have problems they cant get to all an i was one of them they by passed in scrolling group.) Long story short i went to my friend Kelly !!! HELPPP  lol  . She was my moral support my ear to bend. Some times you just have to have a friend in second life just to say breathe!! Finally i deleted my old firestorm and downloaded a new one . So far as of last night all is ok i haven’t logged in yet lol . Ok enough technical talk for a early Friday morning . Have a great weekend all.

Im off to post and later today take my fur baby to get groomed.

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DDL I Can’t Get Enough (handbag) LEVEL

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Carol G   Never Give Up TaTToo ( group gift )

Evening Stroll

Evening Out!

Morning !!!  uneventful day yesterday !! So far this morning . I need to go shopping but my body says nooo stay home. ( Hates shopping lol ) Hubby is down stairs  making tons of noise in dinning room . We put our big wrought iron light up before we moved in . The light i told him was going to be when some one stood up from table they would get hammered in the head lol !!! He had to take light down this morning and the medallion and re wire it ( hes retired electrician yay lol ) cut new hole in ceiling and spackling and painting . Hes brawn im brains ( scary huh?) lol !!  ok enough of my small little life going on here . Time to post!!! have great Hump day!!

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Right Here Waiting …For You

Im Here Waiting


This outfit by Hilly Haalan Has so many colors on the hud.. It will take your few minutes to decide which one you will use so many to choose from . comes with shoes jewelry clutch to be able to change colors in ..

Hilly Haalan  Peyton Outfit

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