Lavender Day

Lavender Day

Morning all. Yep im late .. Hope all had a good Mothers Day!!! Hubbie and i  smoked ribs in our smoker . I made potatoe salad .. Hubbie made bread pudding for my mom . We did drive by put it in thermal bag in her garage  called her and told her from car its there to walk out so i could wish her happy mothers day .

That was good to see her and give her dinner. My kids called me both did. and put old photos of us on Facebook a ode to mom lol  My brother i tried to be friendly with had moved out of my moms . He called me boohooing . ( he does that when hes drunk) im like omg i so dont need this long story but im doing it short. He started being crappy with me. I told him i was done . My mom called me told me he called her and shes not happy with me. I’m done with this .( trying to please others) I only write my blog up top here for my therapy lol !!! you can by pass it to bottom for clothing lol . hugs all have safe day !!! ( Don’t ever have argument with some one that is drinking  )

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I’m Lost, But I Will Find My Way


Im Lost But I Will Find My WayWe all get lost from time to time . Most women do stop to ask where they missed their turn or follow the navigator in their car. Mine recently took me wrong way to the my Doctors office and sent me to a restaurant !! instead  lol I would of rather gone to lunch but.. The road was a new one so my navigator got it mixed up . In the old days when i was growing up my mom sat in the front passenger seat and dad drove and mom read the map all spread out .. Seems mom could read a map pretty well . Now me that’s a different story i  cant read a map to save my life . Don’t ask me how many times i got lost lol .


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