Black & Blue

Black & Blue

Morning all !!! I had productive few days  .. Got pedicure !!  went finished ordering Christmas gifts. I am almost done .. All done with Grand kids in October. Real life work is caught up ( Our business hubbie and i have )  This is short i have to do few things in real life this afternoon. You all have a wonderful Hump Day !!

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White On White

White On White

Morning .. I had blog all ready done for yesterday and low and behold … Flickr was down showing no photos uploaded for hours !!! ( on A Friday no less) So im totally out of gas to re do it . I deleted it lol .. Have a most happy weekend all !!! Make it a great weekend even if watching Hallmark Christmas movies starting this weekend .. Its what im going to do after i clean kitchen lol . !!!


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Welcome Fall


Well we have made it all to the weekend. This week was hard one. for My house hold

My RL hubbie is going steady in his chemo and doing really well . I had to go into hospital for infusion for dehydration for few hrs ( my Doctor ordered it . ) When you RL Hubbie has cancer your whole life changes… Things that you wished would get done you just dont care about any more. You end up depending on family more that you ever did .

Is why i have always felt family was most important thing there is.  I have a brother ( i might as well been a only child due to hes not visited with all of my family here in 2 yrs since my dad died. ) I’m really happy about to be honest … There is always a f .up in family lol !!!  ok enough yammering off to post have a wonderful weekend !!!


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Flower Garden

Flower Garden

Well its Wednesday … Happy Hump Day !!! You will start seeing me talk more about cancer now … My husband as I’ve said has been diagnosed with Mantel Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  … He hasn’t started chemo yet. He is gone to have bone marrow biopsy today ..With my illness i have that flares up now and then has due to stress . Thank god for my Mom !!! She has him driving her suv with her and She will drive back its about almost 2 hrs away.

This is first time ive been alone since hes been diagnosed . Yes i did scream and cry !!!! ( I don’t let him see me cry )  I think dog understood she didn’t freak out she just laid there and looked at me. We have home business we don’t know once chemo sets in will he be able to work . life threw us one heck of a curve ball!! Tomorrow were suppose to go to meeting for people who are going threw cancer . Yes this is depressing and sad . but its my therapy to get things out . If its to much for you just by pass it to the blogging products . Have a great day all make most of your life !!!

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Good Morning !!! As you all know i tend to blog about sl and real life.

Life has thrown my life  a curve ball. My dear Real life Hubby has been diagnosed with mantle non Hodgkin’s lymphoma ( Sigh) NOT what we had expected .I asked oncologist what stage he was in She said 3 or it could be 2 we need more tests. I have cut back a few more sponsors due to things to come . He will be home with a port to have his chemo. Unless things change. Starting after labor day. My head hurts lack of sleep and worrying

ok back to my blog .. I want to thank My dear friend in second life for texting me last night after i told her about my husband. Thank you Kelly !!! Hugs sweetie you are such a dear person .

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Is it Time Vacation Yet!?

Is It Vacation Time Yet

Morning all!!! Been busy busy few days here . I had  a sonogram yesterday morning ( no im not pregnant hahah)  That’s one health issue im sure not to have !!!

My son is and his wife are coming this weekend ( My son has agenda coming for steamed crabs !!! ) My mom still has her crab pots out her dock we have been sharing them with friends so were going to fish them out  in holding tank and get them this weekend.

Next weekend my grand kids and my daughter and my son in law are coming !!

My daughter in law is a germaphobe! she doesn’t have  leukemia any more but its a reminder of how she lives.

Ok off to post and super clean house !!  have a great Tuesday all

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Beach House Vacation

Beach House Vacation

Morning !!!! What a night last night lol !!! Logged off second life. went down stairs to my bedroom.  I had heard noises other night like mice running up in our attic ( we have re done a 1940 house .. restored it beautifully !  The field next door a empty 5 acres or so was finally cut after a year ( hunt club owns it so they don’t care if its cut or not .. I’m feeling they have come to our house for refuge lol . So my real life hubby put traps out .. But last night they or it rather sounded really loud !!!

and then we heard it down our bedroom wall!!! i banged on wall hoping it stop but noooo.. This morning … nothing in traps. Im Thinking its a black snake or maybe possum. uggg ‘Im having company end of month for week and hubby is going out of state for week . Don’t want my cousin that’s flying in to have horrible visit with sounds upstairs in the attic. Our friends here own a pest control business. We will call them if we cant get it . them or what ever it creeps me out for sure lol !! ( Tried to post this yesterday Morning matter of fact twice after 3 views or so in hour or so i said nope and deleted it !! now ill try today have a great Weekend all 🙂

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Good Morning .. Sunday when most are sleeping in. I’m on EST, I’m 3 hrs ahead of  Second life time. This morning was a fiasco lol I wake up eat breakfast take my meds and get dressed ( yoga pants and no i don’t do yoga lol ) and big Tee. I get my cellphone and my reading glasses and get ready to head upstairs ( my computer room/guest room) My bedroom is on main floor of our house. My hubbie throws ball to my dog!! ( rubber ball) Hits the candle holder in entry way.. My big candle falls on floor ( thick candle) Breaking into lots of pieces !!!! on hardwood floor!!! ..See i live in small 8,000 population county wheres closest place to buy one??? Wal-Mart is 20 miles away . Nearest mall is over hour away !!! (sigh)  I know pick my battles. It is only 8 dollar candle … But But But!!! lol

This should be called my vent not my blog right ? !!!  Have a most wonderful day all !!!

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