Black Lace

Black Lace

Good Morning .. Sunday im worn out staying up watching Nevada Caucus.  Yes i’m News Junkie and In to polices. This will be short and sweet running late putting in load of laundry and having phone rang and kept me from getting going . Have good day and make most of it !!

Nerido Eva Dress FaMESHed X

Yes I’m On A Pink Kick !!

yes im on a pink kick !!

It seems im picking pink all time from the hud !!  No rhyme or reason lol !!

This morning is dreadful rainy day !! 60 degrees !!! and tomorrow will be in 30’s Living in Virginia motto is .. If you don’t like the weather today  you’ll love tomorrow, Weather is never consistent. Tomorrow high is 36 lol I got up late couldn’t sleep last night .. I have decided i don’t want to go to the physical therapy the nurse recommended . ( Read all reviews) I’m going to one that works with my gym ( YMCA) This way i surely will go to gym !! I pay for it and don’t use it . I Need too i lost tons of weight 4 yrs ago and I’ve gained back few since i have had all this mess going on.  I have made a appointment to go to drs office ( which they never read my results to me only nurse on phone.) Ok enough yammering and boring talk.  I know your reading this Kelly !! No one else does lol 🙂 hugs !!! have a great Thursday!!


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KUNGLERS Biba necklace & Earrings – Quartz

L’Etre Les accessoires – Roses crown



Simply, Just Chilling!!

just chillin

Hello !!!! Well today its been the coldest day in Virginia where i live .  It got to 13 degrees last night . After all rain here we live in area where land is all flat and sea level.  There are muddle puddles all over our back yard ( size of some ones pool)  and thankfully they are now frozen !!! We have mini pond !!! Let out our dog this morning ( Pumpkin her name) She about did a nice skating move sliding but she loved it !!! She cant quite figure it out yet. This is her second winter here since moving back from Florida. We got her from breeder there shes 2 yrs old.  Enough jabber tad cold upstairs here in my office/spare bedroom 3 Bed room house other room is the den upstairs .  I’ve got coffee and heat is up  Have a great day all 🙂 ]

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Celebrating Hallows Eve ( My RL Birthday )

Celebrating Hallows Eve

Yes its my Birthday .. Am i excited ? Not really lol !!! I’m 59 years old !! I have been in second life since i was 44 , I think this will be my last upcoming year. I’m pretty sure.

My wonderful second life hubby has passed away almost a year ago. This will be my first birthday with out him in 7 years !! He would sing me happy birthday on Skype every yr 🙂 … (sigh) This is also my first birthday with out my real life Dad too. They both died month apart. My dad an mom always called me and sang happy birthday on phone to me Mom called me this morning with out her back up singer !! . I am lucky this year My real life and i have bought a new house and sold ours in Florida last year. To be closer to my family and kids and grand-kids! Tomorrow is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary 🙂 so i am very blessed !! Have a Great Tuesday!!

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** Note * I dont always put all what im wearing or using in my blog if Im not blogging for them . If i bought it my self or its old and been in my inventory for ages .



Sometimes You Just Need Some Alone Time

Sometimes You Just Need Some Alone Time

Morning !! Its lazy Sunday.. Wind is blowing and chill in fall air here In Virginia !

I am upstairs in my computer room / Spare bedroom. My domain .. My she shed lol.

Will spend time up her for next few hours with cup of hot coffee mmm Hazelnut creamer my sweet dog at my feet having Sunday news on tv in here. After i post i will head down stairs and make homemade chili in crock pot most of day and watch My team play football !! ( American Football ) Have a great Sunday all until Monday !!!

PS …. I waited till flickr’s feed was working it had been down most of Sunday to post . have a great Monday!!!


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