Pink & Green !! Mix Of Colors


Good Morning . I hope its ok to say a little of my background is done by my Friend Kellytopaz Firehawk ( CREDITS) it was something so sweet of her to help . ( Help was understatement.) I haven’t felt like decorating my home for long time now. My long time SL Hubby OF 6 years  died over a year ago. So my home was just things plopped in it

I was talking to Kelly telling her i was fighting with my new furniture. She asked did i need help I  hated to take her away from her doing any of her most beautiful photos

So she TP right over and i had my furniture out and she started her magic!!

Kelly said um your house isn’t straight lol i about died laughing no wonder i had been fighting the decorating. I lost the thrill to decorate a house.

What a most beautiful living room i have now !! I have come to enjoy our Chats and off lines and Flickr messages and Skype messages from this most talented and friendly open person. I adore this new person i have come to know . Friends  in second life are hard to find.  ( I know shes cringing lol !! ) Don’t worry Kelly not a lot read my blog lol . wink wink lol Have a most enjoyable day /night. Im off to go to my new physical therapist to have consultation so see what they can do with my back hugs all !!!

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Me & My Friend

Me & My Friend

Morning its a nasty rainy yucky day here in Virginia !!! When you live at sea level ( low more like it .)  We have extremely flat land. Our ditches here are about 4 feet deep if not we be flooded. But they do over flow from time to time. roads on bay flood. The electric some times goes out due to any wind with rain !! lol We all have in spring bubba boots white rubber boots or we call them bedroom slippers. I want gray ones with pink hearts !!!! But they are always out at the store here. Will order me some nice ones lol ok enough on dang boots already huh?!!! Have a most wonderful weekend my dear friends

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The Tropics

Happy Hump day !!! ( Im like teenager every time i hear the word hump day!  lol)

Today for first time in about a month or so have i not had any customers to call or to have them come for appointment ( Real life business) Some times we get so busy since we only have one sewing machine for making cushions for boats and awnings for decks patios stores. Golf carts. We have one heck of a waiting list this spring !! They come from all  three counties to have us make them. My husband has been doing it for 20 yrs.

Enough blabbing . I need to get this out . You all have a most wonderful day !!!


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~Bed Room Chill~

Bedroom Chill

Hi Happy Monday !!! ( not really but sounded good lol ) !! Did we all have a good weekend?!!! I worked & spring cleaned. Yesterday was all hands on deck !!! ( my rl and my dog lol ) We did hardwoods in dinning room, shampoo carpets, windows !! Bathrooms. Cleaned windows . I moved my exercise bike in my spare bedroom/Office by myself away from window to other end of the room .. So far no pain lol ( real life said he should moved it !! due to my back issues) I know hes stronger than i am but i had something to prove to my self. ( I’m hard headed lol ) Ok enough jibber. Have a great day at what ever you do !!


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Yes I Ate 5 LOL !!!

Yes I Ate 5 LOL

No I dont eat this many or any lol !!! I thought of this by Chicchica Eclair !! My diet wont allow these lol … I am not a sweet eater!!  ( even when i wasn’t on a diet.) I need to work out more 8 days on my diet can i tell ?!!! ehh maybe lol .. I got my computer glasses Tuesday!!

I hated them at first then got home went to my office I looked at my lap top it and loged into SL !! OMFG !!!! As i told a friend in SL It looks like some one seeing color tv for first time !!! all scratches and haze on my glasses and wearing them cockeyed that was horrible

Im off to post having hair appointment this morning !!! have a great Thursday !!

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Stroll Out For Ice Cream

Stroll Out For Ice Cream

Good Morning Happy Thursday !! Its getting closer to the weekend .. I haven’t posted in few days. Parked a lot in second life and did real life work. I did go shopping to Mall with my mom (* NOTE AND REMEMBER SPARKY HATES SHOPPING IN RL *) lol My brother given my mom gift card for Christmas . 350.00 ( Guilt Christmas money he hasn’t come here in a year and lives in same state and only 3 hrs away) So my mom bought me 200.00 dollars worth of clothing lmao !! Good sale at Macy’s 3 tops lol.. ( Perks of being there for your parents  and not expecting any thing in return.) She treated me to lunch.

Ok i think thats enough to fill some of my blog page so it looks like ive done some work lol . Have a great day today all !!


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Long Day And Not Started Yet!

Long Day And Not Started Yet

Good Morning !! It was suppose to snow today ( we haven’t gotten any all winter unless you count a dusting ) Little bit on deck enough to make you want more just to look pretty. Its now raining.

Not so much to do today in RL .. Going to eye doctor tomorrow .. My loving dog Pumpkin over year in half ago got my computer glasses and scratched them and i am taping them up on sides ( I don’t like spending over 300.00 dollars or more on glasses )

Being in sl I have to look close to screen due to so many scratches on them lol. I finally got my snow off my land on sim i live on. ( 3 people on it one not been online i think in month. one must come on super late at night. ) Its a blank slate now. That’s hard part will come to me how to do it .. But i so hate doing it lol . ok enough boring talk have a good  HUMP DAY !!

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Don’t Forget To Take your Pill !

One Pill Never To ForgetI so love Pink ! I am a girly girl for sure but a tomboy at heart lol !! I always do make up and my hair and perfume before i head out . Wouldn’t want to scare kids at bus stop in mornings lol! I am also the girl that was into sports in high school . I played baseball and ran track did basketball. I was cheerleader and prom queen . I love football ( due to my dad was high school football coach for 40 years .I am also remodeling our old farm house we bought . I even have pink handled tools lol !!


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I Think I Have More Bags!

I Think I Have More BagsI am in love with this Year and model of Car!! Summer morning getting ready to take road trip on coast ..I always pack way to much, I feel its better to pack to much and lug it all the way to the car, Than get there and have to buy more . This is the perfect road trip out fit to wear from Scandalize . Time to load  up and head out !!! This sim is Maison de L’amitie

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