The Colors Of Fall

The Colors Of Fall


We all made it past Monday !!! 1 down 4 to go lol … Ecky rainy day here … Open door to let dog out in our fenced in yard to go potty .. She turned to me gave me that are you kidding me look !!??? I pushed her out and shut door lol !!! She went super duper fast lol

I normally go out with her but not this go around . My real life just drove off to his second round of Chemo this morning.. He does well with it.

Im not cruel letting him go by his self . My husband( RL) Is strong minded .. He did it last round . He doesn’t want me sitting with him for 3 hrs .. He every one getting chemo is alone . The nurses and staff are friendly and chat to them . I text him while hes there and call him. We have a business someone has to be here to maintain that while hes out.

Ok im off to post before my mother calls .. ( i don’t want to try to post this and Flickr at same time with her talking i surely will mess up .. Im ADD LOL  Have productive day all !!!

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Old Fashion Lavender Tea Party

Old Fashion Lavender Tea Party

Good Morning !!! I am almost back to normal ( don’t want to jinx it lol ) I have been out of house and about to do things. Seems so far .. I’m feeling good again. I got my hair cut and highlighted !!! I wont scare children at bus stop lol ( Just kidding) Hubbie is responding well to his Chemo !! he doesn’t go back till next week and hes working and cutting grass . We needed some much normal here. Have a great Thursday !


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Black Leather

Black Leather

Hi all … Yes im back !! lol … My lap top had a virus  of some sort attached to some thing .. ( my tech lingo lol ) My computer tech came to house and spent almost 2 hrs on this. To the tune of 180.00 !!! i wasn’t going to let him take it .. So is why it cost more . I live in small town .. Hes only one in my town that works on computers ..I could taken it 25 minutes away and they would kept it over week  and half. Well i hope all that has been in hurricanes way are safe.  I live in Virginia, Schools are out for past 2 days . We are having heavy rain from it as i speak tropical storm warning . If winds blow to hard electricity will go out  we live near bay my mom lives right on it . ( shes not bothered ) its not going to be as bad as South  or North Carolina . My husband gets his port for chemo put in on Monday .. I tell ya things around here there is Never a dull moment lol have a great Friday all hugs !!!

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^^Swallow^^Pyramid Ear

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The Baby Blues Have It!!

Baby Blues Has It

Tuesday Morning !!  Hopeing if willing i can make it to my nail and pedicure appointment this afternoon . Still have lots to do before i can get there .. I hate to reschedule it if needed .. Not going to talk about the C word this morning !!! We do have appointment Friday with oncologist . Ok off to post this and get some work done.. Hugs have a great day !!!


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There’s A Little Minnie Mouse In All Of Us

Theres A Little Minnie Mouse In All Of Us

Good Morning .. Yes I’m late posting. Long night you know when you cant sleep and toss and turn. I had to get out and meet 2 customers took swatches down to our local coffee shop met them both at same time lol !! These ladies are friends and they go boating all over on their boats with their hubbies together .Thought id never get out. We are still awaiting news on My rl hubbies pathology on the lump on his throat and  something on his ear ..( sigh) Crossing fingers and praying and not sleeping are going hand in hand . Ok enough gibber jabber . You all make best of your Monday hugs all !!!


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Is it Time Vacation Yet!?

Is It Vacation Time Yet

Morning all!!! Been busy busy few days here . I had  a sonogram yesterday morning ( no im not pregnant hahah)  That’s one health issue im sure not to have !!!

My son is and his wife are coming this weekend ( My son has agenda coming for steamed crabs !!! ) My mom still has her crab pots out her dock we have been sharing them with friends so were going to fish them out  in holding tank and get them this weekend.

Next weekend my grand kids and my daughter and my son in law are coming !!

My daughter in law is a germaphobe! she doesn’t have  leukemia any more but its a reminder of how she lives.

Ok off to post and super clean house !!  have a great Tuesday all

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The Blues

The Blues

Morning !!!! Hoping that all who live near or in Louisiana are batting down the hatches !!! look like low category 1 hurricane but the water looks high. Been threw my share of hurricanes living in Virginia and lived in Florida . .

Super short blog today ( Lucky you lol ) Have a most wonderful weekend make most out of it !!!


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