Morning its Sunday when all should be resting and chilling and sleeping in .. I’m up and getting coffee and posting i try to keep my sponsors to a minimum. I  only post one daily i don’t know how these bloggers can do 2 or 3 or 4  a day!!! I am such  ADD and OCD I will do 15 and delete them and re do it lmao !!! I then post and still dislike it lol. There  are so many wonderful bloggers and some do such beautiful work i’m so in awe in them. I am just happy i am still hanging in there about mid way .. We all hit our stride early and some like me will hit it eventually or not. I’m here to fill my days while i work from home with my real life job . I don’t even play second life. I do have my big land that i will never give up lol i like no lag and only 1 other person the sim!!

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Foggy Snow Fall

Foggy Snow Fall

Morning … Well  I have done my Christmas shopping food wise. My son and his wife are suppose to come for Christmas holiday and Daughter in law says my son has taken all his leave and on other hand he says hes coming but they don,t know when. I have been asking them before Thanksgiving. I’m to point Just don’t come . They are in their mid 30’s grown people ! lol My daughter is coming this weekend with her husband and my grand kids. My mom and Aunt and Uncle live down road will be here  Christmas eve or Day. Id rather do Christmas Eve. RL took our do to vet . For her yearly shots and ect. Shes gained weight ( hubbies fault he gives her to much from his breakfast lol ) ok im off to post this have a wonderful day all !!!

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Its Cold Outside !! Lets Stay In

Its Cold Outside !! Lets Stay In

Monday Monday !!! .. I’ve got lots to do . OMG When do i not lol My Daughter & Son inlaw and my grand kids are coming Sunday !!! for night . I do worry about my daughter. She works in high power insurance agency and has 3 kids and her husband goes out of town for week traveling for his job. I haven’t seen her much at all she only lives a hour and half away. She used to come see me all time . They moved recently for her job closer to big city they are renting till spring. Then buying a house . She only texts me I think something is up due to i would know in her voice. Her town house is so small no extra bed room to go visit and my hubbie has cancer. soooo ..  Maybe one day she will be close like she was with me few yrs ago.  Who knows !!! This summer she came for whole day and spent it on her phone or upstairs in our den talking to her  husband ( which he was here ) ok enough yacking have great day !!!


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Aqua & Winter White

Aqua & Winter White

Ok its Saturday Morning here !! Im up and dressed and its before 9am  lol .

I have turned on all Christmas lights ..( Need to get into the spirit!!) Hubby is procrastinating as always lol why does that not surprise me.?

I have asked him to send Omaha steaks or gift baskets  To my kids and his

His Christmas duty he does yearly. I know he has cancer but if he can go work in our shop ( home business ) for 5 hrs he can pick phone up and sit in the den and make orders lol Now my kids are coming next weekend. We cant order it now . We do dont big gifts at Christmas for adults Only grand kids. Well gift cards look good for me i can get them next week. My son and his wife get chick fillet gift cards ( how much chicken can you eat for 50.00 ) lol They dont cook they work all time at Geico in corporate office. My son inlaw travels for week at time  . Daughter needs massage card  lol Ok im off to post you all have wonderful weekend im trying to get all my blogging done before they come and Christmas . I don’t know how all the bloggers do 60 or 70 sponsors . I have 10 and i have cut back due to my husbands cancer and our business ..

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Morning all !!! Sigh!!! Long day yesterday . Doctors appointments for my nerve pain . Went to Walmart to get my prescription omg it looks like rats running in door tons of people !! I had to wait 30 min to get only one prescription  I still have to go back and get my other one. I didn’t want to wait any longer . Walmart is 25 miles from my house ( I live in small rural area on the Chesapeake bay In Virginia . ) So my doctor is 30 miles away the other way and i still had to met up with a costumer for our home business. I didn’t get home till 6pm and i left at 1pm lol

Today long day doing our business and i need to finish decorating our RL home.

We have had company last week and i was in middle of it. I need to get into that Christmas spirit!!! Tree is up but not decorated  have great weekend all Im

off to go post !!! Hugs

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Morning all !!! Its a chilly 29 degrees here coldest its been so far!!  but will head to 55 today. Tomorrow 62 and sunny!!  Thinking of going shopping with my mom tomorrow.

Shopping with my mom is a experience for sure !! I’m going to drive i love her but her car is brand new and has that beeping sound when you get to close to the road lines. its like playing old pong game from 70’s!! Ding Ding Ding !!! lol Bumper car style.

We Always go to library for her to get books on tape . My mom will clean house with her head sets on or do gardening with it on. You don’t talk to her when its on .. She will ignore you and not say a word. ( Sometimes its best like that lol jk )

I need to get blanket for guest room for company coming at Christmas and i need to go to get mascara  from clinique . You know your not supposed to wear your mascara over 6 months old .. Well i wear mine till it runs out . Like now lol !!!! Almost 2 yrs lol . ok enough jabber time to post have great Monday all hugs !!!

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Everyone Needs Best Friend

Everyone Needs A Best Friend

Morning !!! Friday yippie !!! lol .. I am little sore this morning i had procedure in doctors office yesterday.  I also ran to grocery store to get turkeys on sale at grocery store before all good Butter Ball turkeys were gone lol. I Got 2 been stocking up my freezer for company for holidays and have freezer in my fridge also loaded . Now i need to start baking and freezing cookies ect. My Christmas presents for grand kids are done !!

I like to get a hold of it early due to my RL Hubbie has cancer and is doing chemo and we have a RL home business that’s super busy .

You all have a most wonderful weekend !!

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Pink Again? Always !!!

Pink Again

Morning … Chilly morning here In Virginia !! High today is 62 tomorrow is high of 40 !!! Living here our weather is always up and down cant count on it being normal at all . Living on water its 10 degrees warmer than off of it . So is why we don’t get much snow living on water here in winter . It maybe fall but .. Living in Virginia you will have sinus issues out wazoo !!! We live in country and vacant land ( owned by hunt club/ Deer/Turkey.. ) They haven’t bush hogged it in over 1 or so .. Tall grass and pods flying cant breath and sinus head aches soon it will be gone im hoping !! Ok all have a most wonderful day !!! hugs

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Hot Cup Of Pumpkin Spice On Halloweens Night

Hot Cup Of Pumpkin Spice On Halloweens Night

Morning all !!! Yes Its Halloween .. Today is My RL & mine Wedding Anniversary !!! Yes we got married 4 yrs ago on Halloween lol .. Yesterday was my 60th … Yes 6O th Birthday !!!  I Spent day with my mom .. She made me home made crab cakes from my Uncles crab pot Home made potato salad and for desert she made me cheesecake. We had beautiful day sitting on her big deck facing the Chesapeake bay  leaves falling in breeze !

Chatting and yacking!!  Hubbie has gotten crabs from my uncles and my dads crab pots for this evening ( yes i do love sea food!!) My dad died 2 yrs ago and my uncle does crab my dads pots for all of us. ( plus his ) … Ok enough yabber . Have a great Halloween . We don’t get trick or  treater’s  here we live in country down long drive way .. They have things all week for kids in town.

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