I Have The Cake .. Do You Have The Forks?

I Have The Cake Do You Have The Plates

Well i haven’t blogged in days. My RL is in hospital . Its pretty bad he has dropped from 138 pounds to 119 pounds to 109 … When he had cancer he never was sick  during it and didn’t lose any weight and worked in our business

He had his body scan and showing NO Cancer this week  coming back . But he wont eat and cant walk down steps and can hardly get dressed Our Doctor had him admitted to ER Wednesday . I didn’t go yesterday due to he needed to be on IV’s the visiting hours are cut back due to virus. I will go today to take his robe and underwear and see him for short time i know it will tire him out . I’m afraid he wont bounce back. I miss him so much and i’m praying for a miracle !!! He had dangerous UTI effected his kidneys and almost got septic . We dont’ know what is effecting his non eating it could be connected to the UTI the infection I will know more later today i hope . Hugs all you have good day

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Crisp White

Crisp White

Morning how are you all doing today? Im doing good !! My nails are looking little sad. I need my gel nails done. i am clipping them shorter to keep some of gel on my top of my nails, So i can type.. My real nails are horrible i have had my nails done since they have come out with acrylic nails then to gel. for 30 yrs. First set they didn’t cut them and were long as a wolverines nails on the movie lol ..  They were costly then 100.00 bucks set and when it broke 40.00 for broken nail ( that was in 1987) I stopped them and went back to them about 10 yrs later i went back to them ( 98) not looked back lol … ok that was enough jabber you didn’t need to know lol.. I have decided no one is going to hold my hand with the virus out there with out gloves and for my pedicures too

It will take me time to get out and do that i will paint my own nails until then.  ok all you be safe and wash your hand and wear a mask to go out if you have too hugs all !!

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Cinderella For The Day!!

Cinderella For The Day

Morning all . Hope your doing well, Being safe. Hubbie has to go get blood work this morning for his next surgery to take cancer off his ear. Its never ending saga !!

We did get our stimulus check in mail !! I’m planning on getting new dinning room floor out of it . Hubbie putting it in . Ordering few other things .. Came in handy.

Ok im going to let you off hook today im off to post this have good day Hugs

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Morning ill make this short . ( haha ok ill try lol ) Slept in till almost 9am !!! Im up normally early. If you read my blog . You know i have said, My proof reading and punctuation sucks . I do own it lol I’m in hurry sometimes to get it blogged and before virus our home business was booming and super busy . We still are busy but slow.

I’ts good though due to hubbie has 3 different types of cancer. ( he had a 4th and was taken care of 4 yrs ago.) Sometimes i do get depressed and no one to talk to.  My dear friend in rl died almost 2 yrs ago. My dad died in December  3 yrs in December

My Second life hubbie of 6 yrs died month after my dad. My mom lives 5 miles down road not seen her in months now ( from virus) .  I Keep my circles small in Second life.  ( My dear friend of  6 yrs in second life ) She has lots of rl things and only logs in from time to time.

Id look for new friends in SL but blogging takes over my time  & RL . My friend when she logs in doesn’t understand im blogging she doesn’t blog. ok see i said id do this short .

I lied lol !! Ok have good Thursday and be safe!!

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Strolling In My Dreams,When World Was Normal..

Strolling In My Dreams When World Was Normal

Morning all . Another day … Monday .. I did finally went to website to see where our stimulus check is  it says its coming May 8 .. ( We pay taxes mostly we dont any back lol so is why i had to go to the website to see where it was. ( long story in US if you make under 150k as couple you get from government $1.200 if you have kids extra per kid. ( I i have grown kids and grand kids ) we get total of 2.400 I have mine spent in my mind lol . We are going to re do dinning room floor ( we have 90 yr old farm house) We renovated whole thing 2 yrs ago.

Dinning room we buffed down and stained it ( Hubby said wood was soft cheap old wood look good but its got dings in it . ) going to do tongue and grove fake wood lol !!!

I’m also getting new comforter for our king size bed . I spent $300.00 5 yrs ago on one we have with pillows . WHITE IS NO NO  lol  i got white with designs . Beautiful .. Before the dog and we sitting in bed in mornings drinking coffee watching News lol I wash it weekly ( its more of a farm house type quilt) This time it will be from same place and dark color lol !!! Hubby can do our floors so will save us money . so i told hubbie ill give him 400 of mine towards bills lmao!! he can use his towards any thing he wants !!

Knowing him he has every thing . When i met him he is older than i am so he has every tool and every gadget they make .. His air compressor to his power washer. to and has newest grill and we have smoker and giant crab pot to cook crabs. Ok im rambling

Hugs all and be safe !!!

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In The Blue

In The Blue

Morning .. I guess most of us now have to check the computer or our phone to figure out what day it is lol . Its like Movie Ground Hog Day . Over and Over… I haven’t seen my mom since January even though we live 4  miles down road . My brother and i weren’t on speaking terms ( long story or you may of read my blog while back why) Short story he moved in .. Now he has a Job working for fortune 500 company 50 miles from here . Hes still commuting hoping he will move i have talked to him . Were on speaking terms.

Back to mom. We are on lock down in Virginia it happened  in March. Now he will be moving out and i still cant see her due to this virus . Shes doing well shes out on her deck ( she lives on water on the bay beautiful views !!) and shes pruning her roses and her shrubs and doing well .. She has 3,000 sq house and is cleaning ( for no company lol )

She misses the gym and her card club on fridays and friends an going shopping with my aunt. I call her once a day . !!! You all have wonderful Sunday and stay safe !!

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Morning .. I hope we All are doing well. I worry about This damn virus all time. I try not to . I work from home It keep my mind busy !! . We have home business believe me we are still busy. We are are a seasonal business.  Our business is Boat Canvas work.

Vinyl seating for boat seats every type of boat. T- Tops for boats. Covers for boats ( which have zippers) We do awnings for business and porches . Rv seating . We are only one around until 45 miles . We live on Chesapeake Bay this is a Boat town for sure !! Our business picks up in End of March ..

We have been busy !! You can go boating even though were on lock down .. If its just your self in bay !! .. We have them drop off items in front of our  our fence to our business out back. and we put it back there again once its done . If  we work on a boat hands on .. its docked with out any one around . Ok ive gone on and on . Take care be safe !! Hugs

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It’s A Beret Kind Of Day!!


Morning . I haven’t been blogging so much lately. Trying to get this Virus thing in check. I have ordered my grocery’s and had it picked up. We are in  staying safe here . Our schools in Virginia are out for while. I have my freezer  stocked and my fridge. Our meds all filled and we have cough medicine i got nose spray and big box of  Tylenol  tissues  .

limited our business customers coming to house just dropping off their orders on porch and calling us . Ok im late by 2 yrs posting !!! Hugs and please stay safe im praying for all of us .. Don’t forget were in this together !!! Hugs

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Rose Bud

Rose Bud

Morning !! Long day yesterday … Finally got my nails done yay!!! lol… The lady i go to get my nails done .. Had gone to Vietnam for her sons wedding they all left closed down the shop and went over to the wedding ( they are all American citizens) The kids marriage isn’t acknowledged in United States now they have to get married at Justice of Peace here to make it legal odd huh??!!  They were gone since end of December and now back . Now i can type a little better lol ( I said type not make sense lol ) Ok fast blog all !!! Hugs Make most out of your day !!!

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Thursday Morning …

Thursday Morning ..

Morning . Going to be short to many things going on this morning before i even got up the stairs to the office/ computer room / I have hair appointment and i cant go 😦  I have to cancel RL had to take the car to chemo his Truck had flat ( slow leak ) he didn’t have time to change it .  I have only changed tire once in my life.  His truck was my fathers brand new one . When my dad died 2 yrs ago my mom gave to my RL as gift. My dad loved my RL !! I have  To call and cancel hair appointment i so was looking forward to . When your short pixie hair grows out it looks horrible lol I was getting it highlighted too . Look at it this way im saving money for tire now lmao !!! SMH  You all have a great day

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