Magical Bubbles

Magical BubblesMagical Bubbles reminds me of when i was a kid you could blow bubbles and see if they reach to heaven ! I often think of my real life father and my second life husband that both have recently died. My father died unexpectedly early part of last December! First person I told in text was my second-life husband Lars . Then a month later in January Lars died of phenomena from being in hospital he suffered from MS & Cancer he been fighting had under control, Then flared up. He called me to tell me he was in hospital. So the kid in me blows the bubble to heaven to my real life father and my second-life hubby rest in peace you both !! Sometimes you have to believe !!!  I do … do you ??!!

These Bubbles by ChicChica are so cool !! they come in 2 sizes bigger and smaller the cap and the bottle . When you touch the cap you start blowing bubbles !!

:::ChicChica:::   Bubbles  Marketplace

[Cynful] Elvi Top + High Waist Pants  FaMESHed

[CAROL G]  Finesse – White Tattoo


^^Swallow^^  Princess Ears ( Ears @ Kustom9 ) (Rings Mainstore )Aphrodite Bento Rings

.::Supernatural::.  Layla Necklace  TRES CHIC Venue




All The Things A Girl Loves!

All The Things A Girl LovesAll the things that a girl loves. Well this girl loves her fashion and her favorite drink ( the go to one!) and of course her dog . Which I treat mine like its my baby since all my kids are grown and gone, and have kids of their own !! lol

Decoy – Xiora Dress stripes are color change with optional bright glow settings Dress and Corset bottom can we worn separately.  The :::ChicChica::: Margarita  has a hold and sip pose in it . has the perfect lime added to it !!

Decoy  Xiora Dress: Fatpack  The Fantasy Collective Event

:::ChicChica:::   Margarita  Equal10

[Black Bantam]  Westie Tongue Collar Female

Rocket Mainstore   Chapeau Bag

[MANDALA] Necklace – TEFUTEFU Jewelryset Multi Rainbow

Navy+Copper  – Lungo – Collabor88

**RE**  Arwen Glove FaMESHed  





From Crayons To Perfume

From Crayons To PerfumeThis Blog i dedicate it to my departed sweet second-life husband .. He had passed away few months ago . I always said he took me from crayons to perfume . It is a metaphor for him teaching me, lots of things to use in my real life. He showed me how to love again. He also helped me with my real life resumes for work. Letters for college I attended. I had been a widow, In real life he told me to look for some one that would be good to me in real life and love me and take care of me. I listened to him… In five years I found most wonderful man in real life and got married. My second-life Husband was so happy for me. The six years of us in second-life together . He was a DJ at Big Daddys for 10 years he always played me to sir with love by LuLu . This blog is for you Lars Convair  I Love you !!


Paperdoll’s – Sunset ( comes with hud for pink blue yellow for skirt) comes in high waist skirt and low waist skirt . Opening May 7th Anybody Event

Paperdoll’s  Sunset Set Anybody Event

ChicChica – Seduction Perfume Seduction Perfume comes in Transparent & NonTransparent with spray annimation

:::ChicChica:::    Seduction Perfume Cosmopolitan Events

Dahlia Soho – Necklace & Dahlia – Soho – Headband FaMESHed

{Limerence}  Elise hair FaMESHed


SunriseI woke up early this morning to get ready to drive 2 hrs to my grandsons first communion. Family friends and my daughter and her husband . My three grand kids . Its a 2 hr drive and its suppose to rain 😦  Putting our little girl in a kennel for the day .  Going to be long but happy event !!

:::ChicChica::: Mimosa
Summer Loving Hunt
MAINSTORE HUNT (Hunt starts May 6 at noon)

:::ChicChica:::  Mimosa  Summer Loving Hunt Markeplace

MINA  Sigrid  FaMESHed

Baiastice   Isabel MiniDress-All Colors_HUD  ( fatpack)  FaMESHed


SDesign’s <<Reese>> Bento Rings&Nails

^^Swallow^^  Ears HD – High Definition

Green Eyed

Green EyedWhen I was a teen we all had the greeneyed bug ! You know green eyed envy.
for silly things .. Like i am real life red head, I cant tan a lick lol .. I envied the girls at our local pool we belonged to that all tanned and they laughed at me for burning and then turning back to white again. When i was little girl in middle school they called me firetruck and made sound of fire engine, as I walked down the hallway. I entered high school my red hair became my signature and I stopped being envious of the other girls as in my older age now. The non sun bathing has left me with out wrinkles and no melanoma no leather skin. My red-hair is still red with out any gray in it .. Some of us in this game carry over their envy /green-eyed monster concept. I am not envious of the best photographers/bloggers in second-life .I am in awe of how they are so talented and i always give comments . As you get older like me you tend to not care what people think of you .. Childhood, Teen yrs are spent on having the green eyed bug . Not Mature self assured women.

..::PD::.. ( Paperdoll’s) Budded heel Comes in Black heel with hud has 8 diffrent bud colors and also with out buds laces up front


PD Budded heel  Marketplace

*Besom~  Moonlight FaMESHed

[MANDALA]  MIYABI Necklace & Earrings

Giz Seorn  Scarlett Top [Printed]  FaMESHed
Giz Seorn – Savanna Shorts

Serenity Style   Julia Spring Backdrop – Spring colors  Bloom


My Safe Place

My Safe Place

Sometimes we all need a safe place. If its a real place or in our head we go to when things are confusing or getting us down to relax a bit and re group .

These laced booties by Paperdoll’s are so hip and stylish they come in 4 styles with metal colors hud. Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. You can get these at The Season Story event starts on April 10th..

Paperdoll’s  Pellucid Laced booties (The Season story April 10 ) Seasons Story

.miss chelsea.  Rosi Honey Bee Fameshed

{Limerence} Camila hair

Catwa CATWA EYES Developers Kit  /CATWA HEAD Catya

^^Swallow^^  Bento Rings

White Widow  Blackmail – White

:::ChicChica:::  Minerale

pr!tty   (accessory only ) {Daisy Hair Tie}

Persefona  Daisy in mouth – yellow

NOMAD  Crocus Bucket // White

{anc}  telephonebox 11Li. RARE

oOo Studio Grounded Two



Did You Notice My Shoes?!

Did You Notice My ShoesThese shoes by Decoy are at Shoetopia and  so adorable the Fat Pack comes in 11 colors for the  Strap with 4 sole colors. Comes in Maitreya Lara Mid & Slink Mid.. You will have hard time deciding what color to pick with your outfits!!

Decoy Maddy Heels  Shoetopia Opend 4/2/18

erratic  celeste – lingerie

RAMA.SALON  Brigit  Hair  Fameshed

. MILA . POSES      Shoot Me

{what next} Isabelle Vanity Table & Mirror

^^Swallow^^   Pyramid Ear



What You See Isn’t Always True

What You See Isnt Always Trur I got this sign at kinky event going threw machine i died laughing at it . Due to what it says .. Sugar Daddy!!! We know there are different types people look for in real life and in second-life . I don’t have sugar daddy in second life and surely don’t have one in real life !! Most think i do due to my real life husband is older than I .. ( Is why i got a kick out of it giggled all way to my house with it . ) So sometimes what you see  even in writing isn’t true !

The heels are from Avie they come in so many colors its hard to pick from they are at Chapter 4 I picked a hot red to match the sign and to match the white stockings !!

Avie   Chloe Heels  The Chapter Four

Krescendo  Cheeky Neons – 09 Wanted  Kinky event

.::Nanika::.  Hope tattoo Henna  The Chapter Four

*COCO*  Bishop SleeveTop   FaMESHed

Dead Dollz Natural Diva – Stockings


Asteria  “Adel” Panties

[MANDALA]      Leather Feather Earrings/Polly White

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

Le Poppycock Hi fructose  The Chapter Four


Date Night With My Best Friend

Date Night With My Best Friend ( my dog)I have a 11 month old Cockapoo ( part cocker spaniel & poodle) Her name is Pumpkin . Pumpkin is so lovable and has became a lap dog. She is so full energy and runs circles threw house. She loves to tear up paper towels, napkins, any kind of paper, my sandals she pretends to chew so we can play chase game !! She wont let them go for nothing until.. I have discovered she loves my graham crackers !! I snack on. I call her a cracker ho ( I say this in the most loving way ) She will stop and listen for a graham cracker every time !! She will drop my sandals and what is in her mouth and becomes attentive . This is my first designer small dog ive ever owned ( she weighs 24 pds) A lot is involved in dog like this .. Grooming isn’t cheap !! its more than my nails and my pedi’s but when you love your best friend you will become a softy and do most any thing for them .

!Rebel Hope Delicate dress comes in 8 individual colors  FaMESHed
Fatpack hud has all 8

!Rebel Hope – Sady Mesh Shoes
10 individual colors and 10 on the fatpack hud

JIAN Spaniels Floor Snoozer

Meva  Marlene Collar Marlene Bangle Cosmopolitan

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear


White Widow Shining Kinky Event




Why Cant We Go Back In Time

Why Cant We Go Back In Time
This has a deep meaning to me .. Being in Second life . and Real life we wish we could all go back in time . Get a do over! My Second-life husband has cancer and MS his time is limited now to  his good days. 5 1/2 years ago we started this journey down our road we have seen each other go threw death surgery moving computers with virus issues and fried mother boards , Weight loss , Jobs in real life . Grandchildren, Marriages in real life. We understood real life came first and foremost but always stay in contact never falter . Now the time has come when one of us only logs in for 3 days week at hour at time. Those moments are the richest and endearing knowing we still laugh,gossip,share our real life, And our aches and pains and doctors visits !! We do text and email almost daily. The music ( our favorite songs ) and memories of second-life are around me daily .Its just our new chapter of our relationship.

LYBRA June Babyblue  FaMESHed

RealEvil   Monroe Necklace & Earrings

Wasabi Pills Mango Mesh Hair – Style 1 Seasons Story

[Gos] Kylie Slingbacks White FaMESHed

Infiniti Polaroid

MILA  POSES Stool Style