Roaring 20’s

Roaring 20's

Jean Flapper dress is at the Vintage fair comes in 10 Single colors or you can get the Fat-pack that has four bonus colors with a HUD that will let you change the dress so you can fix it to get your own style ! every pack is a face type light to make the dress little more glittery


Narcisse  Jean Flapper Dress  Vintage Fair

Exile Annabelle Vintage Fair

ERSCH   Nadia Hat Black Vintage Fair

euphoric ~Lana Contact Lens Applier  Cosmopolitan Events

euphoric  Yana Lashes Applier

Maxi Gossamer   Garter – Perisian Jewelled

shanghai  Lupe Necklace Black

Dreamcatcher  Cigarette with mouthpiece (mouth)


{anc} {anc} Looking-glass. {oval mirror} amber
{anc} flottante puppy. milk . sitB / withCollar



Out On The Lanai

Out On The LanaiThese colors and The furniture reminds me of our lanai we had in Florida!! It was glassed in with sliding windows . It was where we entertained with cocktails and when weather wasn’t so hot we had nice breeze with palm tress blowing . We loved our home in Florida we lived there for two years, But as beautiful as house and yard was .. We didn’t realize how much we miss our family and grand-kids !! 1,000 miles away was to far . They all came for visits, But wasn’t the same so we sold our home and moved back to Virginia !! where there is 4 seasons.


***Josephine Skirt Fits Maitreya Lara Each color includes 2 versions, Pattern and Plain

Decoy   Josephine Skirt: Fatpack Plain  COLLABOR88

***ChicChica Grapes come in 2 colors green and Dark purple and with two poses 1. hold 2. up.. Is now at The Chapter Four

:::ChicChica::: GrapeGreen The Chapter Four

ISON  lisa halter wrap top  COLLABOR88

Exile::  Evermore  COLLABOR88

[MANDALA]  The hair accessory – Kiku-corsage-Shiro(White)
Earrings – pearl rain 2 earring

(Yummy)  Festival Ring Set – Maitreya

Kalopsia Zelie’s Rattan set Couch rug and table and Macrame  COLLABOR88




Its Always a Party If You Have Cake !

Its Always a Party If You Have CakeI have a friend that is baker and he makes the best homemade beautiful wedding cakes and any occasion cakes !! They are so moist and yummy ! You just want to take a fork and keep eating it till you’ve done some damage to it lol !!!

This is sexy short dress comes in
Paperdoll’s Laced dress Hud has 9 colors and fits
Maitreya /Belleza/Slink/ Tmp/

Paperdoll’s   Laced dress  Marketplace

Exile::   Sure, Jan.

L’Etre  Les accessoires – Roses crown [Big]  ~ TRES CHIC Venue ~

RealEvil Industries  Monroe Bracelet & Earrings

*{Sese} *   Wedding Table and Fruit Cake   Trunk Show

FOXCITY  Photo Booth – Show Time- Lights Limit 8




Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time2

Don’t we all wish we could freeze time ? Maybe go back to our younger self and tap our  self on shoulder and whisper .. Don’t do this ( fill in blank) or your need or should do this ( fill in the blank) But sadly, It would change the future and as much as it would be wonderful ..  Things are to happen naturally.

This outfit by Addams is business casual on bottom with pinstriped pants and sexy camisole girly on the top both met a even great look !! For these pants I used the Fatpack stripes.

Addams  Muriel Suit Pants  &   Muriel Suit Body

Exile Strawberry Wine

VIBES TripBangle



^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear


Dreamers… Dream

Dreamers DreamI am a dreamer, are you ? .. Who doesn’t ever just sit at their desk at work or at home, Maybe in car as a passenger, zoned out and day dream about certain things. You are so deeply engrossed in thought. The sound of the radio or some one talking to you, You gradually come back to earth, I call it my safe place to go when things get to me when im super stressed out . My Dreamer safe haven.


White Widow  Psycho

Exile The Idea of Her blush Event

neve   overall  TRES CHIC Venue

Purple Haze

Purple haze
:::KC::: Bellia Shorts ★Includes: • Hud with 20 Colors for Short & Belt • Maitreya//Belleza All Bodys// Slink & Hourglass

Kendrasy Creations  Bellia Shorts Marketplace

ninety    ( With Balloons) Spring Parking Backdrop

Exile Sugar High Blush Event

MishMish Bear Cookie Mouthie / Blue Blush Event

Sari – Hot Day Tank Tops (Pink) Blush Event

Vagabond   Neon Signage (Sweet Thing) Blush Event

Letis Tattoo : Sati

ChicChica  Fifie Pink

+Half-Deer+  Rose Petals – Pink –   Flower Stringlights

Kirin Pose -Cheerleader Jump

^^Swallow^^ Pyrmid ear





Party Of One

Party For One
Even if you don’t like sweets .. Which im not to big on. My all time go to sweet is my moms homemade Red velvet cake .. Which you  put red food coloring in it . When i was 5 yrs old my mom decided to switch up and make it out of green food dye!!! Ugh it looked like baby poop and cross between spinach cake tasted wonderful with her butter creme icing . A childhood memory we all talk about every Christmas when we get together. yes mom  still makes it RED !! ( Not green lol ) Some memories are just to  funny  and dear , when you see something that reminds us of the good times. Just Cherish it !

These sexy laced up heels are by Avie they come in a array of colors ! They are now at limit 8  so dont hesitate take tp and find these sexy heels !!

Avie Lucy Heels Limit 8

Neve Dress – grove

Exile Cold

Mandala HARAMITA-season2-Bangle & Hair Stick SHIPPOAH

^^Swallow^^  Aphrodite Ring & Pyramid Ears

Lovely Disarray Translucent Glasses

dust bunny & windsong  rose cake

[Gos & oOo] Pose Pouffe

Floating Out To Sea

floating out to sea

Sometimes in life we feel were all alone again and drifting out to sea but in reality we are starting anew . A Freedom of venturing out to unknowns with out our tight rope to guide us and what is guiding us away from something thats unfamiliar to us . The song by Whitney Houston the part of drifting out to sea is part that pertains to me.


Kendrasy Creations  Baby Swimsuit Marketplace


• Hud with 10 Colors• Maitreya // Belleza All Bodys// Slink Physique & Hourglass // eBody

The Sugar Garden   .tsg. Madames Hairbow – Canary ( gacha)

Lazuri Cocoa Island Necklace

Exile   Run the World ( 50 linden friday July 28th 2017 )

Swallow Pyramid Ears


Its Not The Penthouse, But It Will do .

Its Not Penthouse But It Will Do - Copy(1)
Over time we all have lived some where we weren’t to proud of or had to downsize to small place in life . We arise to the challenge to make that place home. You know the old saying … Home is where the heart is no matter how big or how small your home is.

The Lilo Dress – This sharp patterned dress, with flower at the neck Comes in 8 separate colors and also a Fat-pack ( of the 8 colors ) Its now at the SaNarae Event

Avie Lilo Dress  SaNarae

Pseudo Vacant Room Scene ( Gacha)  SaNarae

Exile  Over the Edge

Swallow Pyramid Ears

MANDALA  Bracelet Pearl-Rain-Season3

+Half-Deer+    *Kitty Galore*  ( Pose w/ kitty)