Closer Look At My Self

Closer Look At My Self

Looking in the mirror I see the reflection of a older me, more self assured me. I have taken a big break in second life and have returned. I used to be on edge and had to be perfect . I was more the reclusive type. After my wonderful second life hubby died in real life last month, I retreated back here to say goodbye to our past and to grieve. I decided he would of  told me to carry on! I have been doing few photos here and there, and my attitude is more relaxed . I feel I don’t have to be here now .. I want to be when I have time .. It’s called growth !
DOUX  Shawnte Hairstyle  TRES CHIC Venue
EVANI Emi dress  *Emi panties ( bought separate ) Whore Couture  
[BREATHE] Anais Heels
Infiniti Pose -Blowing Smoke
Swallow  Pyramid Ear