Got Mail!??

GOT Mail

Morning all !! Not a lot to blog about . I did get all the rolls of TP i needed and Paper towels We have triple rolls of Paper towels and Double rolls of TP  !!! We just cant chance going out due to underlying conditions …Amazon and Wal-mart is my best friend!  LOL

Today im going to order cloth mask on Etsy! I ordered one off Amazon and some dumb ass says its sent and it will be here end of July ( like some TP i have ordered ) There are some bad sellers of Amazon for my dogs bones i order i order from same guy over and over.  Our lives have really changed hasn’t it??!!  As they say new Normal pftt !!

There has been shortage of beef i noticed when i tried do do my grocery store to order steak or roast they say its out. I decide to suck it up and order steaks from Omaha Steaks!!  We normally do that for Christmas Presents not for us to much . We have freezer in laundry room and in the kitchen we have French Fridge freezer on bottom double doors up top…  I worry about hubbie going to all these cancer doctors and us getting the virus . Tomorrow is super cleaning day here at our house !!

Ok all you be safe and remember to wear a mask and wash your hands hugs!!

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Evening In Paradise

Evening In Paradise

Morning .. I am up early this morning hubbie has to go to Dr  hr away  to take stitches out of his head from surgery from them  getting cancer out this 3rd cancer.  I know it sounds like this is unbelievable hes had 4 types of cancer in 4 yrs of our marriage.  He has had chemo and now these 2 skin cancers. You get numb to it or unfortunately get used to it when we hear another cancer has popped up.

I keep hearing in my head the song from Kelly Clarkson –

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes you Stronger .. I’m a believer in that that !!! And my grandmas saying .. When god shuts a door he opens a window!!

Ok its simple and sweet today i have few calls for our business to order canvas while hubbies at Doctor . Hugs all and keep the faith we will get threw this Virus!!

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Its A Hot Pink Kinda Day!!

Its A Hot Pink Kinda Day!!

Morning all !!! guess what ? My mom drove and put on my porch new night gown she ordered for me and some of her magazines and drum roll…. TOILET PAPER !! one roll but that’s is one more we didn’t have . I haven’t seen my mom in Months !!! I couldn’t hug her i saw her threw screened in porch door. I was crying i couldn’t hug my mom . Im  60  yrs old and i can hug my mommy lol . I gave her dozen eggs ( i had 18 eggs and that dozen already ) Hubbie had surgery recently ..and the doctor handed him big box of gloves and we gave my mom some. Hubbie has 3 kind of cancers He has finished his chemo for one of cancers 2 months ago 1.Non Mantel Cell Hodgkin’s Lymophanomia  2.Squamous Cell Carcinoma 3. Melonnomia if that isnt enough right?

The Squamous Cell Carcinoma  he had taken off in Doctors office last week . He has met with the team for Megalomania  one Doctor last week and one this friday they will team up for getting the Melonnomia  off top of his ear. He had cancer previously 5 yrs ago rebuilt a new ear. ( SIGH) We have only been married not 5 yrs yet. Feels like 15 yrs lol

People tell us ( friends ) your so lucky you have had bought 3 houses in 5 yrs .

Our passion is redoing houses ( we don’t flip we re design them and love them !!! Then we moved when it wore us out . ) Then we sold the other due to my dad was ill and moved back home. . Now hubbie has about 100k in doctors bills .  He has finished his chemo for one of cancers 2 months ago I don’t want pitty this is just me blogging to get it off my mind aren’t you lucky ones get to read it .. ( if any one does lol)  ok please love your loved ones your quarantined with and keep in touch with your friends and family hugs all !!

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It’s A Beret Kind Of Day!!


Morning . I haven’t been blogging so much lately. Trying to get this Virus thing in check. I have ordered my grocery’s and had it picked up. We are in  staying safe here . Our schools in Virginia are out for while. I have my freezer  stocked and my fridge. Our meds all filled and we have cough medicine i got nose spray and big box of  Tylenol  tissues  .

limited our business customers coming to house just dropping off their orders on porch and calling us . Ok im late by 2 yrs posting !!! Hugs and please stay safe im praying for all of us .. Don’t forget were in this together !!! Hugs

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They Call It The Blues

They Call It The Blues

Morning .. I’m up early waiting for the repair guy ( my home warranty company )

Our microwave built in over our stove is broken. My husband retired Electrician has fixed it we thought . We got parts for door to shut and it still trips the circuit breaker. Its only 2 yrs old . I hope they just replace it and not try to keep fixing it . Thank goodness we had older Microwave up stairs in our den .. When company comes grand kids use it for popcorn . Ok im heading to post and watch for repair truck . Have good day and please keep healthy from the Virus!!!

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All Dressed Up , No Where To Go!!

All Dressed Up , No Where To Go lolMorning all . Ugh Sooo Much Rain here .. I’m soo done with it . 5 Days of rain .. We live on flat land near bay .. We had to dig trench  last year to not have water under our home.

Our drive way looks like mud bath lol … The weather has been soo wacky !! This week one day is 35 and next 65 .. Who says there isn’t global warming ??? ( we know who right?) ok I have client coming in next few hrs for order to pick out color of canvas .. for their boat cushions. .Have a wonderful day all !!

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Morning . I just logged into my Blog here @ World Press and it said Congratulations you have been blogging 3 yrs here at world press!!! wow i even left second life for 4 months thought i was going to leave for good and deleted my sl Facebook in process lol . ( which was stupid i cant get one it keeps getting reported as spam. ) I have sort day on my blog .

You are so lucky you don’t have to see any jabbering lol hugs all !!

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Miss Rudolph !

Miss Rudolph !

Morning all!!! This is my last post till Monday.. My Daughter & Son inlaw  and GRAND-KIDS!!!! are coming . My daughter and i always had super close relationship but lately not so much.

She wont call unless i do. So i decided to send her text threw Facebook inst. Message .

Its not long its just how are you ect. Normally she would call me all week before she comes talking about what to bring or eat. Not talked to her on phone but 3 times since June. Used to be my grand kids used her phone or my 13 yr old grand daughters phone to call me. It all stopped. My son said same thing about my daughter . She doesn’t talk to them . Also my mom had emailed her she didn’t respond. after 2 weeks and finally said she was doing ok . That’s it !!! This could be good weekend or bad one . Kids right??? Wait till yours get older its worse . You don’t get to see them so much ( i live hour and half away my husband is going threw chemo so we don’t  go up there .) I haven’t had any wine in 6 months since my my meds i had been taking … But i think i will need a bottle this weekend what do you think????? ( god ill be cheap drink not drinking in long time lol i already warned hubbie lol ) ok you have good weekend all hugs !!!

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School Girl Antics !!

School Girl Antics !!

Hello Tuesday!!! …. 63 degrees!!! high 69 yay !!!! cool weather lol …Cutting Back on our air !!!We have dual units for up and down stairs ..This Morning my cockapoo ( cocker spaniel) was barking in living room madly i heard tractors on road … ( We living in small county of  7000 if it summer due to summer houses on water and camp grounds) There was combine and 2 big tractors moving slowly . Pumpkin is honey colored 3 yr cockapoo that thinks her land is all her eye can see lol !!! We own over acre and half but most of it is behind us . Shes the Mrs Kravitiz of our neighbor hood ( Mrs Kravitiz is nosey neighbor of old show Bewitched . ) ok enough yammering !! I need to get dog ready for being groomed at groomer today and drop her off in few hours  ( need to feed her) Have a great Tuesday all !!


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Monday Monday!! Not much to blog about . ( SHOCK HUH?)  lol …

Non eventful weekend !! Did some shopping online, I bought sweater and  pair of earrings and iPhone leather case . Spent time looking for my grand daughters Christmas presents . They want jewelry box. I have 13 yr grand daughter and 5 yr grand daughter. My 10 year old grand son is lot easier to buy for lol My boring life.. I don’t have any second life gossip or news like some do in their blogs!! I guess i stay in real life a little to much !!! My husband has Mantel Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer , Hes doing really well with his cancer . I’m so proud of him . He works on our canvas business and chemo doesn’t so far made him sick. We know that this cancer doesn’t have a success rate 😦

He has 3 more rounds . His numbers are great so far!!! Lots of prayers . Have a great Monday all hugs !!!

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