Good Morning !!! As you all know i tend to blog about sl and real life.

Life has thrown my life  a curve ball. My dear Real life Hubby has been diagnosed with mantle non Hodgkin’s lymphoma ( Sigh) NOT what we had expected .I asked oncologist what stage he was in She said 3 or it could be 2 we need more tests. I have cut back a few more sponsors due to things to come . He will be home with a port to have his chemo. Unless things change. Starting after labor day. My head hurts lack of sleep and worrying

ok back to my blog .. I want to thank My dear friend in second life for texting me last night after i told her about my husband. Thank you Kelly !!! Hugs sweetie you are such a dear person .

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Morning all. Its been long few days .. I haven’t posted in 3 days.. Due to My rl hubbie had to have biopsy late in evening Wednesday ( Doctor called at 7am) We didn’t get home until 10pm and was to be at 2pm .  Playing waiting game for results Doctor feels it most likely be cancer lymphoma ( in his throat growing rapidly )and part on his ear they are worried that its melanoma , So to say the least i’ve not had any sleep. Worried Losing him. about our business or losing our home cars ect. Losing him. my mind is all over the board. I wish now i never gave up cigs lol !! Its called wait and see game … Hes a hard rock i not so much !! Next week we will know what pathology says lets hope for good cancer as doctor says. Have a great day !!! all im worn out lol

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