Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties

Hello !! Not much going on since the other day . Going to have to be on phone most of the day contacting my health insurance ( eye roll gawd i hate calling and being on hold )

I need to get a MRI now !! I want one that’s a open MRI  ( Not the sausage tube like lol ) So need to find one. I live in small town where nearest mall/ diagnostic / medical, is like over a hour away! soo . Our Nearest hospital is almost 30 minutes from here . ( small hospital also)

I didn’t grow up here ,I grew up in large area. Your trade is a lot if your a shopper your not going to like it here !! If you like it quite at night and mayberry like town, seafood /fishing crabbing oysters and boating, jet skis parties on the beach your in heaven ! The town getting bigger in summer when all come to the two camp grounds and cottages get filled.  I’m close to my mom  and my husband lived here also for many yrs before i met him.

My dad grew up here and moved when he went to college and my parents moved here when they both retired. 20 yrs ago. This is where my grandparents lived all my life  my grandfather was first football coach here in 1940’s so its like moving home. Small towns people know who you are ( some you wish you didn’t know them lol ) So its like second life in a way gossip !!! I stay to my self so no one really knows  my back ground to much. I have one theory i carry .. “Trust is earned not given” . I use it in second life and in real life. ok yes yammering have great Tuesday !!!


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Its Sunday Lets Liven It Up A Little !

its sunday lets liven it up a little !

Good Morning !!! (or Evening ) Its still the weekend… I had meeting yesterday in Real life most of the day . I am on few  committees in our small town here .  Between that and Our RL bushiness I looked at my house i so need to do lots of cleaning !! lol I finally got my results from my xrays . My Neck has a deteriorated disc and my back has slipped disc . My Dr recommended me to go to Physical Therapy. Most insurances require this before surgery. I tried to call the Therapist they recommended me too . They said on internet they close at 4:30pm i called at 2pm and answering machine came on saying they were at lunch till 1pm or in meeting . No one called me back i left a message. This i can see will be slow moving.  ok enough of my real life. My secondlife is wayy more boring lol . I log in and i do photos and i park most of day and i go shopping by my self and tp back home and park again lol !!! I have been in second life since beta i have had a long and full secondlife, .Life. You name it I’ve mostly like done it all. I Owned bridal venue was one of first bridal photographers in second life , Owned clubs. Tattoo shop, and texture shop, Clothing store, Radio station for one of the biggest sims on second life. ( Pontiac sim yes car sim in real life) Just a few things i had done. ok im off to post after ive given you a snoozing blog !!

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Girly Girl !!

girly girl

Well where in the heck did the weekend go??!!  lol  Yes im still slowly undoing Christmas decorations .. ( I personalty think they are multiplying lol ) Now i know why my RL said to me when we moved here YOU have wayyy to many Christmas decorations ( I dont want to tell him hes right lol ) This photo i did today is lot softer than i normally do . I tend to like the red hair ( Im redhead in RL )  i Have as they say peaches and cream skin . ( Im lucky i inherited my moms genes ( shes not red head ) Woman is 78 and has few wrinkles !!! I dont lay out in sun .. Why would i ?? I would burn like slice of bacon lol !! ok enough jibber jabber today Have a wonderful Sunday


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Tired And Its Not Even Christmas Yet lol

Tired And Its Not Even Christmas Yet lolYepp its closer to Christmas .. Im not done yet !! lol . After blogging and posting on Flickr today i have 2 grocery stores i have to go to ! Different things i need. I have a long list having 10 people staying at our house starting Christmas eve. My son and his wife ( that has gotten clean bill of no cancer !! she had leukemia ) My mom and brother are coming also thank goodness mom lives down road and my brother is visiting. My daughter is coming Christmas day with her husband and kids and her dog lol !!! I have bought me 3 bottles of wine, Chilling in the wine cooler in kitchen !! ( i love my wine cooler we had built in. )  okie dokie time to stop yammering and get shower and head out today have a wonderful Christmas i think this will be my last blog till after Christmas !!!

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