Monday Monday!! Not much to blog about . ( SHOCK HUH?)  lol …

Non eventful weekend !! Did some shopping online, I bought sweater and  pair of earrings and iPhone leather case . Spent time looking for my grand daughters Christmas presents . They want jewelry box. I have 13 yr grand daughter and 5 yr grand daughter. My 10 year old grand son is lot easier to buy for lol My boring life.. I don’t have any second life gossip or news like some do in their blogs!! I guess i stay in real life a little to much !!! My husband has Mantel Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer , Hes doing really well with his cancer . I’m so proud of him . He works on our canvas business and chemo doesn’t so far made him sick. We know that this cancer doesn’t have a success rate 😦

He has 3 more rounds . His numbers are great so far!!! Lots of prayers . Have a great Monday all hugs !!!

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Lifts My Beer To Cooler Weather!!❤️❤️

Lifts My Beer To Cooler Weather!!

Friday !!!!! You all made it!! its 58 degrees at this moment i love love it !! Leafs falling crisp feel and its sunny ( no rain) beautiful day !!! High of day is 68 !!! ( can you tell im tired of 98 degree days?!!! ) Im a Virginian i know it will be back even in November .. They call it Indian Summer . Have a wonderful upcoming weekend all !!❤️

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Back In The Day When……

Back In The Day When..

Monday Morning !! its going to be in 70s today!!! Were heading towards cooler weather ( don’t’ let Virginia fool you lol ) Old saying is is you don’t like weather in Virginia give it few minutes and it will change. Our weather is never on even keel. Weather will be in high 60’s this week .. By end of month it could be 86  lol . We don;t get out  heavy winter coats here until December or January .. Jacket or hoodie or my jean jacket is only needed . First frost will be November lol . Yes you just had weather lesson!! Ok off to do this blog and get to my rl work ordering canvas for boats take care all have great day !!!

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The Witching Hour!!!

_Witching Hour

Simple little black dress can turn into your Halloween costume lol !!

Today im finally getting my Halloween things out . I had my fall stuff already out . I dont stick out my Halloween things till October!!! I had appointment with Gastroenterology

I’m hoping this will be trick. You cant cure IBS  you can maintain it . I have lost more weight ( lol yay not best diet lol ) I’m 15 pds away from my goal weight lol .. Thank you IBS LOL

Working our home business and having my RL Hubbie with Cancer and I with IBS  never boring moment here in my house .. You never know what you can handle until it hits you !!! Have a most wonderful weekend !!!




I Sometimes Feel You Near

I Sometimes Feel You Near

Well its another week again !!!  Tomorrow is first of October!!! My favorite month by far !!!  Maybe due to its my Birthday Month in RL and its My Anniversary in RL  Love Love the leaves  beginning to turn here in Virginia !!weather isn’t cool yet .. Wont be for another 3 weeks or more.  we get this Indian summer here beautiful leaf turning and hot weather lol Today its going to be in 80’s Wednesday will be mid 90’s Sooo if we ever get snow ( last yr was only dusting) It happens in February ( Maybe this year it may be surprise) We live On Chesapeake Bay and its 15 degrees warmer always compared to rest of state. Now you’ve had your history lesson lol .

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Lazy Afternoon

Fall On The Water

Sunday Morning …. Its 9am im dragging a little to come upstairs to my office to post this.

laying in bed thinking i can sit and drink another cup of coffee with news on.

Then thought opps i have photo to get out!!! I am finally human i got my hair done with highlights !!! My gel nails & my pedicure !! ahhh i can be seen in public now lol

ok this is short blog ( you all got off lucky lol )  Have great rest of your weekend whats left of it !!!

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Old Fashion Lavender Tea Party

Old Fashion Lavender Tea Party

Good Morning !!! I am almost back to normal ( don’t want to jinx it lol ) I have been out of house and about to do things. Seems so far .. I’m feeling good again. I got my hair cut and highlighted !!! I wont scare children at bus stop lol ( Just kidding) Hubbie is responding well to his Chemo !! he doesn’t go back till next week and hes working and cutting grass . We needed some much normal here. Have a great Thursday !


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Welcome Fall


Well we have made it all to the weekend. This week was hard one. for My house hold

My RL hubbie is going steady in his chemo and doing really well . I had to go into hospital for infusion for dehydration for few hrs ( my Doctor ordered it . ) When you RL Hubbie has cancer your whole life changes… Things that you wished would get done you just dont care about any more. You end up depending on family more that you ever did .

Is why i have always felt family was most important thing there is.  I have a brother ( i might as well been a only child due to hes not visited with all of my family here in 2 yrs since my dad died. ) I’m really happy about to be honest … There is always a f .up in family lol !!!  ok enough yammering off to post have a wonderful weekend !!!


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Blue Jean & Lace

Blue Jean & Lace

Wow its Monday already?!!!!! Days are just flying by !!! Talked to my daughter ( RL) yesterday it was her Birthday !! She is 36 !! ( she thinks shes old haha !!! ) I’m one that is old if shes 36 lol Well not much going on here in RL other than working and ordering getting our business all caught up before my RL  Starts chemo after Labor Day

We don’t know how chemo will effect him. Hes strong man in 5 years we’ve been together I’ve not seen him have flu or only 2 colds. !!!  I’m off to blog this and post on Flickr you all have the most wonderful Monday and don’t take life and who you love for granted you never know when they will need you the most and when you will need them the most.

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Happy Hump Day!!! Middle of the week its all down hill now !! I’ve been bit under weather but I’m still trudging lol  I am also sadden by all the shootings breaks my heart. W’eve had in the states.

My internet is super fast Now all is A ok lol..And shows its fast on SL. My issues have been textures going in and out of focus ( could be my land) Any one sees this know how to remedy this let me know . I don’t ask firestorm any more ( I been in game since beta ) it used to be you clear cache or you would hit debug or other ways now zippy !! Eventually i wait and then it can take photo lol . ( pain in ass for sure ) ok im off to go and post and do more orders for our canvas bushiness… It wont slow down until the boats come out of water which is about Beginning of November or first hurricane which comes first. Have great day all .

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