Grown Up Tea Party !

its a purple morning

Morning . There is so many sad things happening in United States its breaking my heart. This isn’t what should be happening . I’m not going to get on my soap box  With that this morning . I did photo last night and wasn’t happy with it and rushed up stairs to do another. I am OCD with my photos . Is why i cant do but one a day to post  not like most do 2 3 4 ect a day . I’m on a 4 yr old laptop i bought it for SL when i was working at Big Daddy’s club with my second life hubby ( he was Sr DJ and i a Host we worked there for 6 yrs he is first Dj when they opened yrs ago) ( he has pasted away 3 yrs this upcoming January . It has 16 gigs good for crowed events ,  but for photos not so much ! I’m not a graphic designer.

One of my paint programs is ending in December due to its on flash player 😦  Sigh i need to find new one ( i have 2 already that came with my laptop ) That one i use just to tweek it . If you know of any good EASY ( For slow learning old ladies let me know lol ) Even though i have been in second life since day it was in Beta .. I know a lot about the game but i know not tons about blogging as you can see lol . I know there are people that awe me how wonderful they are I know i wont ever be on that level and im fine with that im to old to be jealous lol !! Ok you all have good Thursday and be safe !!

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Morning all i had a really hard day yesterday . My husband as you all know has 3 diffrent types of cancer. and most of you that dont i know it sounds wild .. Frank ( RL ) Has Non Mantel Cell Hodgkin’s Lymophanomia , Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Melonnomia

He has gone threw Chemo and had squamous 7 places cut off .. In doctors office

Yesterday he had Melonnomia  on his ear taken out . They took top his ear off.  That is ear he had cancer in 4 yrs ago they built him new ear then . ( total 4 cancers in 4 yrs of our marriage. ) They wouldn’t let me in due to the rules no visitors to wait . That was 8 hrs at hospital . Franks niece and husband took him and picked him back up for us. ( The hospital .. They did this due to I have flare ups of my issues for my stomach .. Yeah i put this all out there to see . I do this for my self . and below is for blogging for my sponsors i dont think but few of my friends see this so im not to worried about world knowing my rl ..  Adding stress of his cancers with virus it makes a stressful house hold for sure lol !!

Sooo I am blessed i wake up with my husband  … He is strongest person i know .

Ok all enough yapping hugs and make it a good day even if your home being safe i know i am !!

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Crisp White

Crisp White

Morning how are you all doing today? Im doing good !! My nails are looking little sad. I need my gel nails done. i am clipping them shorter to keep some of gel on my top of my nails, So i can type.. My real nails are horrible i have had my nails done since they have come out with acrylic nails then to gel. for 30 yrs. First set they didn’t cut them and were long as a wolverines nails on the movie lol ..  They were costly then 100.00 bucks set and when it broke 40.00 for broken nail ( that was in 1987) I stopped them and went back to them about 10 yrs later i went back to them ( 98) not looked back lol … ok that was enough jabber you didn’t need to know lol.. I have decided no one is going to hold my hand with the virus out there with out gloves and for my pedicures too

It will take me time to get out and do that i will paint my own nails until then.  ok all you be safe and wash your hand and wear a mask to go out if you have too hugs all !!

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After Long Walk Ice Cream!

After Long Walk Ice Cream!

Its Saturday !! it might as well be Monday huh?!! Every day running into same day isn’t it? I’m worried about my mom she hasn’t felt well lately but she said shes feeling better .

Since i’m not going to her home, She lives 5 miles away . Down the lane she lives on my Cousin and his wife live on it and my aunt and uncle and my other Cousin!! mom is at end with a water view ( on The bay) My grand parents had all this land and my parents retired there after retiring from teaching in school system. ) She is alone rest of them go to work and she will talk to my aunt daily out side on deck they are 6 feet away. She sound like in funk. I call every day since March to check on her. Shes doing social distancing . My mom played cards on Thurs for 5 hrs with her friend at the club down street and have lunch and shes in choir and works out daily at gym. ( so she is climbing walls i think) Ok guys im heading to post. Remember I do this blog when i write for my own outlet. if Punctuation spelling and run on sentences Then go around it  lol

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Got Mail!??

GOT Mail

Morning all !! Not a lot to blog about . I did get all the rolls of TP i needed and Paper towels We have triple rolls of Paper towels and Double rolls of TP  !!! We just cant chance going out due to underlying conditions …Amazon and Wal-mart is my best friend!  LOL

Today im going to order cloth mask on Etsy! I ordered one off Amazon and some dumb ass says its sent and it will be here end of July ( like some TP i have ordered ) There are some bad sellers of Amazon for my dogs bones i order i order from same guy over and over.  Our lives have really changed hasn’t it??!!  As they say new Normal pftt !!

There has been shortage of beef i noticed when i tried do do my grocery store to order steak or roast they say its out. I decide to suck it up and order steaks from Omaha Steaks!!  We normally do that for Christmas Presents not for us to much . We have freezer in laundry room and in the kitchen we have French Fridge freezer on bottom double doors up top…  I worry about hubbie going to all these cancer doctors and us getting the virus . Tomorrow is super cleaning day here at our house !!

Ok all you be safe and remember to wear a mask and wash your hands hugs!!

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Evening In Paradise

Evening In Paradise

Morning .. I am up early this morning hubbie has to go to Dr  hr away  to take stitches out of his head from surgery from them  getting cancer out this 3rd cancer.  I know it sounds like this is unbelievable hes had 4 types of cancer in 4 yrs of our marriage.  He has had chemo and now these 2 skin cancers. You get numb to it or unfortunately get used to it when we hear another cancer has popped up.

I keep hearing in my head the song from Kelly Clarkson –

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes you Stronger .. I’m a believer in that that !!! And my grandmas saying .. When god shuts a door he opens a window!!

Ok its simple and sweet today i have few calls for our business to order canvas while hubbies at Doctor . Hugs all and keep the faith we will get threw this Virus!!

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Lavender Day

Lavender Day

Morning all. Yep im late .. Hope all had a good Mothers Day!!! Hubbie and i  smoked ribs in our smoker . I made potatoe salad .. Hubbie made bread pudding for my mom . We did drive by put it in thermal bag in her garage  called her and told her from car its there to walk out so i could wish her happy mothers day .

That was good to see her and give her dinner. My kids called me both did. and put old photos of us on Facebook a ode to mom lol  My brother i tried to be friendly with had moved out of my moms . He called me boohooing . ( he does that when hes drunk) im like omg i so dont need this long story but im doing it short. He started being crappy with me. I told him i was done . My mom called me told me he called her and shes not happy with me. I’m done with this .( trying to please others) I only write my blog up top here for my therapy lol !!! you can by pass it to bottom for clothing lol . hugs all have safe day !!! ( Don’t ever have argument with some one that is drinking  )

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On The Board Walk

On The Board Walk

Good Morning to you !!! How are you all doing .. ??? I had to cancel a appointment this morning … Its cold here in 30s omg i cant believe it !!! ( we Hubbie and i going to go climb on my Doctors boat and measure for cushions for their boat!! ( we do canvas work for people that dont remember. ) The wind is blowing and boat is in the water lol its docked in boat house. We had to call them told them with high winds we be there tomorrow they would be on their land and we walk to it due to hubbie has cancer. Ok Im heading to blog this late due to i thought we were going to be gone and i was going to blog this tomorrow . stay safe

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Morning ill make this short . ( haha ok ill try lol ) Slept in till almost 9am !!! Im up normally early. If you read my blog . You know i have said, My proof reading and punctuation sucks . I do own it lol I’m in hurry sometimes to get it blogged and before virus our home business was booming and super busy . We still are busy but slow.

I’ts good though due to hubbie has 3 different types of cancer. ( he had a 4th and was taken care of 4 yrs ago.) Sometimes i do get depressed and no one to talk to.  My dear friend in rl died almost 2 yrs ago. My dad died in December  3 yrs in December

My Second life hubbie of 6 yrs died month after my dad. My mom lives 5 miles down road not seen her in months now ( from virus) .  I Keep my circles small in Second life.  ( My dear friend of  6 yrs in second life ) She has lots of rl things and only logs in from time to time.

Id look for new friends in SL but blogging takes over my time  & RL . My friend when she logs in doesn’t understand im blogging she doesn’t blog. ok see i said id do this short .

I lied lol !! Ok have good Thursday and be safe!!

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Wanna Lick?!!

Wanna Lick lol

Morning . I got woken up at 6am this morning ( and its 7am)  My dog started barking at ( New neighbors 2 dogs !!) we live in country and we have 2 acres of land and they have about same but there is open field between us. The deck faces behind us .. I know the lady bought house shes sweet 86 yr old lady she acts like shes 50. One Labrador retriever and one shitzsu . Then my dog starts barking ( i didn’t go to bed till 1am ) soooo im up blogging 2 hrs early . ok im half asleep and not had any coffee yet.

Have a wonderful day !!! BE SAFE!!

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