Is 5 o’clock Some Where !

Is 5 o'clock Some Where !

Morning all !!! Are we playing it safe still?!!! I hope so .. I want to see my followers and Ones i follow names and not worry about them. I haven’t left house in 3 weeks!! Hubbie had to leave due to our sweet baby girl ( cockapoo Pumpkin) had a seizure and he took her to vet they met him at car  he handed her off on her own and she went to them he sat in car for 3 hrs blood work x ray’s urine ect. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

Thank goodness . To tune of $ 450.00..Shes worth it . Vet said it could be fluke one time thing but could come back .  Omg i have been ordering my groceries offline it has been only one day  waiting or getting that day. We live in small town of 5,000 now its taking 5 days when i hit apply !! means every one in town must be doing same thing . Its only grocery store in town except for little gas station grocery stores. We have 6 double rolls of tolit paper left which is like 12 regular ones. ( Which is good ) Im not going to walmart its 23 minutes away not worth it . I have plenty of food . I need paper towels tolit paper and few odds and ends we have enough food in our big freezer and in our big fridge with bottom freezer take care hugs all

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Morning… I can not express where ever you live to be careful of the Virus!!

My business i am having my clients in RL drop off their cushions to their boats on our front steps for our business . I’m getting my hair cut today and i’m going to tell girl that owns shop i hope shes cleaned off her chair with Lysol there is only 3,000 people in winter live here ( tourist come in summer) so she has small amount of people hair she cuts.

My rl has just had his last chemo and i surely don’t want this to get to him.

Ok all be proactive and safe hugs !!!

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Yes i do like Pink .. From Time To Time.

Yes i do like Pink .. From Time to time.

Morning . I am so sad .. I have 2 paint programs that came with my lap top I use primarily .. But my favorite one is online paint program, I use it to resize and do tiny touches with  Its pretty much gone after 5 yrs of using it . Some times its down for a day. I know it was to go down in December due to it wont support flash Player 😦

Oh well .. I will find another for tweaking and ect. Pay for one or hunt one. down lol

Not heard from my Mom in Week. I dont call her due she has landline my brother picks up phone and listens  ( yes the alcoholic  that broke his hip that is 58 came home to live with my mom. ) My cousin was there for week and Im glad about that my Aunt and Uncle that lives 2 houses down is in Florida on their vacation. my cousin lives next door he works during day ( This is family land on the Chesapeake bay big beautiful houses down long lane the land has been in our family for ages . I’m happy we have family live near my mom . She will call me on her cell phone when she is out going to places , She knows i detest my brother. I’m hoping he finds a woman again and leaves . ( hes on dating sites prays there’s one out there to take him off my moms hands lol )

Ok enough jabber you have great Hump-day ( Wednesday !! )

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I sooo Need Coffee ( look at Shirt lol )

I So Need Coffee

Morning all… Hubbie is done with Chemo.. Crossing Fingers  This takes for while He has few more test and a surgery ahead of him. We have  had some high winds .. Our back Privacy  fence blew over and Hubbie had to go out after chemo and fix it . ( Told him to wait few days but noo lol ) Not felt like doing much of any thing around here but our business orders and ect.  I not sound like one of those people in Secondlife that complain all time  that I used to avoid lmao !!! ( Karma on me huh? lol)

Ok you all have a most productive Sunday and enjoy it.

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Black & Pearls

Morning .. Its a new day .. January has been one hell of a month.  I hope February is back on tract i so need it . I got my cortisone in my knees Friday !!! They say it will take 2 weeks to work ..( Its doing better already !!! ) I went 6 months this past time with out getting my shot . That’s pretty good!! I can stand up with out pain or waiting to walk .

I’m bone on bone. I played basketball and cheerleader & Track in high school and in college. I was female jock lol. now i am product of old age lol You all make the best of your Wednesday – Hump day !!

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Late Night Munchies

Late Night Munchies

Morning !!! I finally got out to get my hair highlighted and cut .. ( Happy Dance) I haven’t been able to get out due to flare up with my Issues i have and Hubbie just finished another round of chemo. His last round is February . I have 3 clients this afternoon coming and more canvas orders coming in for our business. Its only January and were getting swamped. Hubbie is little slow after  this round of chemo. You all have a most wonderful Friday and great weekend hugs !!!

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Winter Chill

Winter Chill

Morning .. Its Monday again.. Seems Weekend went really fast!! I had taken 2 days from blogging . I just parked in SL with screen minimized and did some book work for our home business in RL  faxed few things and ect.

I have a client bringing their boat here some time today so we can work on their cushions . You think this time of year would be dead. Most are getting good look at their cushions ( seating ) If they get it now they will be ahead .. Due to spring summer is our busy time.

You all have a most wonderful day hugs !!!

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