I Have The Cake .. Do You Have The Forks?

I Have The Cake Do You Have The Plates

Well i haven’t blogged in days. My RL is in hospital . Its pretty bad he has dropped from 138 pounds to 119 pounds to 109 … When he had cancer he never was sick  during it and didn’t lose any weight and worked in our business

He had his body scan and showing NO Cancer this week  coming back . But he wont eat and cant walk down steps and can hardly get dressed Our Doctor had him admitted to ER Wednesday . I didn’t go yesterday due to he needed to be on IV’s the visiting hours are cut back due to virus. I will go today to take his robe and underwear and see him for short time i know it will tire him out . I’m afraid he wont bounce back. I miss him so much and i’m praying for a miracle !!! He had dangerous UTI effected his kidneys and almost got septic . We dont’ know what is effecting his non eating it could be connected to the UTI the infection I will know more later today i hope . Hugs all you have good day

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Grown Up Tea Party !

its a purple morning

Morning . There is so many sad things happening in United States its breaking my heart. This isn’t what should be happening . I’m not going to get on my soap box  With that this morning . I did photo last night and wasn’t happy with it and rushed up stairs to do another. I am OCD with my photos . Is why i cant do but one a day to post  not like most do 2 3 4 ect a day . I’m on a 4 yr old laptop i bought it for SL when i was working at Big Daddy’s club with my second life hubby ( he was Sr DJ and i a Host we worked there for 6 yrs he is first Dj when they opened yrs ago) ( he has pasted away 3 yrs this upcoming January . It has 16 gigs good for crowed events ,  but for photos not so much ! I’m not a graphic designer.

One of my paint programs is ending in December due to its on flash player 😦  Sigh i need to find new one ( i have 2 already that came with my laptop ) That one i use just to tweek it . If you know of any good EASY ( For slow learning old ladies let me know lol ) Even though i have been in second life since day it was in Beta .. I know a lot about the game but i know not tons about blogging as you can see lol . I know there are people that awe me how wonderful they are I know i wont ever be on that level and im fine with that im to old to be jealous lol !! Ok you all have good Thursday and be safe !!

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Morning all i had a really hard day yesterday . My husband as you all know has 3 diffrent types of cancer. and most of you that dont i know it sounds wild .. Frank ( RL ) Has Non Mantel Cell Hodgkin’s Lymophanomia , Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Melonnomia

He has gone threw Chemo and had squamous 7 places cut off .. In doctors office

Yesterday he had Melonnomia  on his ear taken out . They took top his ear off.  That is ear he had cancer in 4 yrs ago they built him new ear then . ( total 4 cancers in 4 yrs of our marriage. ) They wouldn’t let me in due to the rules no visitors to wait . That was 8 hrs at hospital . Franks niece and husband took him and picked him back up for us. ( The hospital .. They did this due to I have flare ups of my issues for my stomach .. Yeah i put this all out there to see . I do this for my self . and below is for blogging for my sponsors i dont think but few of my friends see this so im not to worried about world knowing my rl ..  Adding stress of his cancers with virus it makes a stressful house hold for sure lol !!

Sooo I am blessed i wake up with my husband  … He is strongest person i know .

Ok all enough yapping hugs and make it a good day even if your home being safe i know i am !!

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Crisp White

Crisp White

Morning how are you all doing today? Im doing good !! My nails are looking little sad. I need my gel nails done. i am clipping them shorter to keep some of gel on my top of my nails, So i can type.. My real nails are horrible i have had my nails done since they have come out with acrylic nails then to gel. for 30 yrs. First set they didn’t cut them and were long as a wolverines nails on the movie lol ..  They were costly then 100.00 bucks set and when it broke 40.00 for broken nail ( that was in 1987) I stopped them and went back to them about 10 yrs later i went back to them ( 98) not looked back lol … ok that was enough jabber you didn’t need to know lol.. I have decided no one is going to hold my hand with the virus out there with out gloves and for my pedicures too

It will take me time to get out and do that i will paint my own nails until then.  ok all you be safe and wash your hand and wear a mask to go out if you have too hugs all !!

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Got Mail!??

GOT Mail

Morning all !! Not a lot to blog about . I did get all the rolls of TP i needed and Paper towels We have triple rolls of Paper towels and Double rolls of TP  !!! We just cant chance going out due to underlying conditions …Amazon and Wal-mart is my best friend!  LOL

Today im going to order cloth mask on Etsy! I ordered one off Amazon and some dumb ass says its sent and it will be here end of July ( like some TP i have ordered ) There are some bad sellers of Amazon for my dogs bones i order i order from same guy over and over.  Our lives have really changed hasn’t it??!!  As they say new Normal pftt !!

There has been shortage of beef i noticed when i tried do do my grocery store to order steak or roast they say its out. I decide to suck it up and order steaks from Omaha Steaks!!  We normally do that for Christmas Presents not for us to much . We have freezer in laundry room and in the kitchen we have French Fridge freezer on bottom double doors up top…  I worry about hubbie going to all these cancer doctors and us getting the virus . Tomorrow is super cleaning day here at our house !!

Ok all you be safe and remember to wear a mask and wash your hands hugs!!

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Morning ill make this short . ( haha ok ill try lol ) Slept in till almost 9am !!! Im up normally early. If you read my blog . You know i have said, My proof reading and punctuation sucks . I do own it lol I’m in hurry sometimes to get it blogged and before virus our home business was booming and super busy . We still are busy but slow.

I’ts good though due to hubbie has 3 different types of cancer. ( he had a 4th and was taken care of 4 yrs ago.) Sometimes i do get depressed and no one to talk to.  My dear friend in rl died almost 2 yrs ago. My dad died in December  3 yrs in December

My Second life hubbie of 6 yrs died month after my dad. My mom lives 5 miles down road not seen her in months now ( from virus) .  I Keep my circles small in Second life.  ( My dear friend of  6 yrs in second life ) She has lots of rl things and only logs in from time to time.

Id look for new friends in SL but blogging takes over my time  & RL . My friend when she logs in doesn’t understand im blogging she doesn’t blog. ok see i said id do this short .

I lied lol !! Ok have good Thursday and be safe!!

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Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Good Morning all its almost 9am Est . I’m up and doing laundry  ( did 2 loads of clothes and 2 of towels) All stacked up on my dryer i’m to lazy to put them away lol !! ( This is time i miss having teens to do my dirty work . They are all grown now and one has teen of her own . )

Hubbie has another appointment with one of his Doctors to remove his cancer off his ear  ( one of other team member’s) Over hour away from here. Hoping you staying safe.

Our state wont open until June. We are steadily going up hill … not flattening . I’m glad were not going back yet . These other places are open for movie theaters and gyms and nails and hair . I love my gel nails but those days are gone i wont get them done for long long time now. They look horrible but oh well. My hair is sort now so it can grow to point i don’t care put it in hair tie. I have no gray hair so that’s a plus lol .. I Just will miss my highlights . With having rl spouse with cancer you don’t chance things. Ok all you stay safe I’m off to post this ..

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Ruffles Can Be Classy!

Ruffles Can Be Classy!

Morning . Ground Hog Day 100000 lol … Nothing to blog about mostly no news lol

I did have hubbie go to my moms and get Paper towels out of her garage ( the good ones Bounty !!) We try to order them from our grocery store they are out of any paper products here . Grocery store says they are hardly getting any at all. My moms garage is double garage and she before virus she went to Costco and stocked up for few months at time ( don’t forge nearest Costco is over hour away. We have one grocery store here .

Small place nearest Walmart is 25 min away. So we are in her stash !! of Toilet   paper and her paper towels lol . ( shes even going to be out soon ) . Ok im running late this morning posting on flickr you all stay safe and take care hugs !!!

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I Just Opened The Bar. Come On Over!

I Just Opend The Bar. Come On Over

Morning . I know most of us are under Tornado watch or sightings . Bad weather here ,

Praying for the loss & damage of Alabama. Here we are under Tornado watch and we are locked down here in Virginia from virus. My rl husband is heading to doctors office to have piece off his ear taken off .. He has Melanoma  He has just finished chemo from mantel cell non Hodgkin lymphoma …This isn’t our first or second scare of Cancer .

He had cancer cut out of his whole ear and had replaced his ear.

I’m sitting here with shoes on lol . You like i dont get it . I am barefoot a lot around house i have prepared for Tornado . Our walk in closet has flash light phone charger ( one with out electric) pillows blankets . You all be safe hugs !!!

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