What Is Normal ..Now?!!

What Is Normal ..Now!!

Morning .. How is every one holding up??!! We are doing well . Just praying that this will flatten out for while. ( Virus) I wish my governor would lock down state we are hot spot now .. My town is super small and I’m afraid it will just wipe us out. We are a place where most come to retire to or vacation. We have 5,000 people live here one road in and one road out . If your not retired you work in Richmond or Newport News , Norfolk. which is 50 plus miles away. So your bringing it here regardless  … Ok off to post be careful be safe i hope to keep seeing my friends post to know they are ok. !! I pray for all of you !!! keep in touch with family and friends in rl and sl hugs !!!

We will get threw this !!


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Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Morning … Hubbie has gone for his after chemo scan this morning ..  Im little worried but that is normal .  I have to deliver few seat cushions this morning to few boats for our business to keep me busy. I wish this cancer thing was behind us . But it will never be .

I haven’t been into blogging lately. I’m not going to quit . I have cut back a lot . Its only reason I’m still in second life after 15 yrs. My second life hubbie of 6 Yrs died 2 yrs ago. I tend to stick to my self a lot . I never did like having a friends list of 100s I always kept it simple. I have trust issues and my circles are small . My dearest friend that got me in Second life left 5 yrs  ago her and i started out in beta. We had second lifes first wedding venue & photography ! Which i knew nothing about lol . ( avies were just ugly then lol ) My other bestie of 5 yrs logs in every 3 to 4 months for little while and shes gone we do stay in contact by RL  facebook .

Would i like a friend .. Yeah and no lmao!!!  I dont have to worry about drama this way lol  i have large parcel of land 2 of us only on the sim ( 2 plot)s  I do park a lot during day due to my rl work from home. Its hard to find a ( Real person) for a friend . I laugh at few one month some is their bestie and they talk daily for few month and then they move to next flavor ( friend ) of the month . I just laugh and let them move on . I don’t beg for friendship and never will . My theory is .. Trust is earned not given.

My take on Second life since beta makes me probably more cynical ! You all have a most wonderful Friday !!! have great weekend .

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Morning . I just logged into my Blog here @ World Press and it said Congratulations you have been blogging 3 yrs here at world press!!! wow i even left second life for 4 months thought i was going to leave for good and deleted my sl Facebook in process lol . ( which was stupid i cant get one it keeps getting reported as spam. ) I have sort day on my blog .

You are so lucky you don’t have to see any jabbering lol hugs all !!

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Thursday Morning …

Thursday Morning ..

Morning . Going to be short to many things going on this morning before i even got up the stairs to the office/ computer room / I have hair appointment and i cant go 😦  I have to cancel RL had to take the car to chemo his Truck had flat ( slow leak ) he didn’t have time to change it .  I have only changed tire once in my life.  His truck was my fathers brand new one . When my dad died 2 yrs ago my mom gave to my RL as gift. My dad loved my RL !! I have  To call and cancel hair appointment i so was looking forward to . When your short pixie hair grows out it looks horrible lol I was getting it highlighted too . Look at it this way im saving money for tire now lmao !!! SMH  You all have a great day

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Blue Hue

Blue Hue

Good Morning … Friday Friday!!! I’m waiting on a guy to come and fix my ice maker in our 2 yr old fridge. It has 2 ice makers one in bottom drawer and one up top with water.

Its one with water in it  on the door isn’t working. The repair person came around thanksgiving and wanted to come fix it Christmas eve day and we had to turn off fridge for 24 hrs we told them to come after Christmas ( we had company and didn’t want to throw away our food . ) We have a freezer in our laundry room to keep more frozen food. Sooo our food is in cooler and in a small fridge we have up in our den we keep our diet cokes and water in . ( like dorm / college type fridge ) The guy came last time repair guy had attitude from hell. Well this Ginger ( me) let him have it. He said it wasn’t worth fixing .  This is a 2,000 high end fridge. I told him it will be fixed ( we have 2 warranty one with lowe’s and home warranty) ok off my soap box he will be here between 10am and noon and its 9am now .. Have a great day hugs !!! \

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Best Buddies

Best Buddies

Isn’t this a cutie !!!! ( not me ) This guy!!! I love it !!! its by RINKA&AMPRENTA

Not a blog today im tired didn’t get much sleep today and i need to start getting boxes out of the attic to take down Christmas things. I get so sad taking them down. I don’t know if this will be our last Christmas here in our home or is This my last Christmas with hubbie. Since he has cancer and I’m afraid of all hospital bills that aren’t insured will over amount so far its over  10k Im hoping for miracle for New years !!!! I wish you and your family sl or rl A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Huggs!!!

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🎵 Listening To Christmas Music Walking In Snow🎵

Listening To Christmas Music Walking In Snow

Morning all. I’m Our first big time frost last night !!! I could hear upstairs and down stairs dual heat pumps just rolling !!! I’m laying in bed thinking omg how much money is this lol !! Im hoping to find time to get out and get my nails done today . My Daughter and my son in law and grand kids are coming next week. For 2 days before Christmas.

I wish they would come for Christmas but They are going to take his mom with them to South Carolina to see relatives. Still my son  hasn’t decided what day he and his wife are coming . ( Boys !!) lol My husbands kids don’t come .Well due to they aren’t happy dad remarried after 9 yrs of being single . ( Grown kids eye roll) !!! ok im off to post you all have a most wonderful Thursday !!

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Classy Leather

Classy Leather

Morning … Hope your all up and feeling the one hour extra sleep !!

I feel im running  behind from  it !! I have finally got my new house placed in Second life. A dear friend of mine taught me something I knew existed in second life but i didn’t know how to do ( in almost 15 yrs being in second life one of few things i didn’t know ) Shes a blogger (Home &  decor /furniture ) She taught me how to group all and move in one swoop !!! I had a friend that knew this long ago shes left sl . She used do it for me i did my own one piece at time uggg when i changed houses . I can add that to my bag of tricks now lol!!!

Ok im off to get VOTE ( Local here in Virginia !!) Get few things done if i have time i soo need pedicure and my nails done if i have time today full week with work ( in RL ) and hubbie gets his next chemo round this week 3 more rounds to go ! His levels have been doing awesome crossing fingers .. Its a aggressive cancer  Mantel Cell Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma  not a good success rate next to about none few yrs is most it can do and come back.. Ok all have great day hugs !!!

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Toast Anyone??

Toast Anyone

Morning all .. Its Friday !!!  Phone rang at 7:45am this morning It was cancer center for my RL  He has to go back in for infusion for hr saline for this chemo his liver ( something don’t ask me to remember so early in morning i was asleep) Hes heading there in few .

Im so proud of him hes doing well for now hes out in shop working yesterday . He went to see boat to do a order on and went to our florist and brought me home a single rose .. Awwww hes such a sweet man We have  been married 4 yrs next month!! done a lot in our short 5 years together !! Have a great weekend all !!

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Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Hey !!! happy hump day !!! ( im still like kid when i hear that lol ) middle of week ugh at least only few more days and its weekend again !! I was to have more company this weekend still not heard from them, Sent a message and they picked it up no reply ( rolls eyes children my grown daughter lol )

ok this will be super fast .. i have a lot on my plate just got back and its 8am had to met a client at boat docks this morning at 7am was nice breeze on docks !! loved hearing buoys dinging seagulls !!  I’m off to do some ordering of canvas , Sunbrella is type we use . Ok have a most wonderful Wednesday all take care !!

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