Boardwalk Stroll

Boardwalk Stroll

Yes the title of this photo has nothing to do with my blog !!! lol .. If any one is reading my words/blog. All know My dull rl is now super busy!! Working in rl and re doing a house we had bought 5 months ago . We finally get to move in to it !! This evening we move our bedroom from my moms to the house and the movers are coming tomorrow to get furniture out of storage . I hate paying store fees of $300.00 monthly over $2,000 dollars spent on it lol … Just think of all lindens i could of bought !!lol Just kidding . Have a totally awesome Tues . I will be offline for day or so .. Already have internet in house all set up ūüôā


Seniha Gloria Dress  COSMOPOLITAN

Cae  Simplicity РGems Collection ( In Store )  Marketplace

ChicChica  Strawberry mango smoothie  Equal10

little bones King  COLLABOR88



Taking My Fav Girl On Vacay

Taking My Fav Girl On Vacay

Im back to work in rl now . So doing my blog night before .. Since posting my photo early in morning on flickr ill be half asleep lol !!! I’ll be off Monday -Thurs moving Wednesday !! This is short blog have good weekend !! ūüôā

Decoy  Top & Shorts ) Vivi Halter Top & Madison Shorts COLLABOR88

Exile  Storm COLLABOR88

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

*LODE* Crocus [bright purple]

[Black Bantam] Girlfriend Chihuahua Purple Kustom9

[Z O O M] Mio Bracelet  FaMESHed

BETRAYAL Off-Pin Clip Bag


OMG ! I Forgot The Ketchup For The Fries

OMG ! I Forgot The Ketchup For The Fries !!

I cant eat french fries with out ketchup lol .. Long childhood issue on this . I was 8 years old and we had ketchup in¬† late 60’s ( yes im as old as your mother im sure! ) in glass bottles . I got upset with my parents and hit the bottom of ketchup bottle hard and all came out on top of my fries lol !! My dad said you have to eat all of the ketchup !! Sit there till its done ! ( That only pissed me off as a little kid and i cried)¬† To this day i still love ketchup but i don’t put much on my fries as i used to !!¬† Glad there are plastic bottles of ketchup to squeeze now ūüôā


[JUSTICE] [Brooke Outfit Cosmopolitan


MishMish  Burger Bear Kustom9

[meisu]  Ikigai glasses

MANDALA UTUKUSHI-Necklace-set  Collabor88

MANDALA  TEMPURA Hoop Earring-Gold ( Gift )





Summer Time Party !

Summer Time Party

IDecoy  Carmen Blouse ( comes in 2 printed versions and plain one ) Collabor88

ChicChica  Beer Takeaway ( comes with hold/sip  single bottle  rez six pack and bento hold pose  equal10


shanghai  Swinga Necklace Pink/Green  Tres chicРshanghai РSwinga Earring Pink/Green

(Yummy)    (Rings ) Raining Diamonds  & Trudy Round Shades РMilk

The Secret Store¬† –¬†Fannie Capri Pant¬†¬†Collabor88




This Is How We Roll !

This Is How We Roll




Eudora3D  Wanda Stillettos&Stockings FaMESHed

.miss chelsea.  Cary Shorts

[CAROL G]  Deva РWhite Tattoo

little bones  Eclipse  COLLABOR88

(Yummy) Stella Rings

[Black Bantam]    Prissy Pom Pillow Decor Faded  Kustom9




Right There ( Points ! )

Right there

Paperdoll’s..::PD::.. Divine bodysuit – comes in 8 colors

Paperdoll’s¬†¬†¬†Divine bodysuit¬†¬†anyBody Event

tram H0527 hair COLLABOR88

EMPYREAN FORGE   Springleaf Necklace & Springleaf Earring

(Yummy) Festival Ring Set

Trompe Loeil  Waverly Beach Tent  COLLABOR88

[Z O O M]   Clymena Glasses


When Spring Turns In To Summer

When Spring Turns Into Summer

Decoy РCandace Swimsuit Each color includes 2 versions plain and leaves fitted for Maitreya Lara  is at COLLABOR88

Decoy  Candance Swimsuit COLLABOR88

*LODE*  Head Accessory РMatthiola [yellow]  The Chapter Four

RAMA.SALON  Sophie Hair

shanghai  Scare Necklace White & Earrings On9

[LAKSHMI] Isa Bolero  On9

*LODE*   Wild Roses Butterfly [brown]

Yummy  Sea Treasures Ring Set  COLLABOR88

^^Swallow^^  Ears HD РHigh Definition


Cocktail Hour !!

Cocktail HourThis dress by Narcisse¬† reminds me of my moms she had in early 70’s My mom and dad would invite their friends for cocktail hour !! ( it was all rage in late 60’s early 70’s) My mom had a white silver and pink glitter dress like this ( she didn’t have a sexy dress like this lol ) She had pink matching fishnet hose !! Her hair up in french twist with hair piece you wear on top looks like its a extra bun braided !! Very chic then . My parents would then make a pitcher of¬†Martini’s There were no flavors today like ChicChica’s Apple¬†Martini . Just the plain ones .

Narcisse   Apron Dress Vanity Event

ChicChica  Apple Martini Kinky Event

EarthStones Vintage Romance Necklace & Earrings РLady

Lazuri  Mystic Infinity Ring

White~Widow   Face Tattoo Arctia

little bones Divinity  COLLABOR88




Candyyyy !!

Candyyyy !!I am older person, I remember 5 and 10 stores (5 &Dime ) when i was little girl . We used to collect in Virginia bottles for 3 cents and turn in RC & Coke Pepsi and Grape Orange Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew bottles and go to store and we spend our money on candy. I loved fireballs !! Fireballs are still around to this day . Candy cigarettes & Clark bars were my favorites !! Most of you all probably never heard of these hard candies . I could go on and on .. My Real life hubby loves M&Ms !! ChicChica did such a wonderful likeness of the package looks so real! but they are L&L’s on package.

-Narcisse- Julia Tshirt Corset Dress on the hud has cord color and belt & Metals dress all in the fatpack

Narcisse  Julia Tshirt Corset Dress Marketplace

ChicChica ChocoCandies Comes with Left & Right hand and Rez items

ChicChica  ChocoCandies   Blush

little bones  Close   COLLABOR88

BETRAYAL Off-Pin Clip Bag N21 Event

Yummy  Sweet Like Candy Ring Set   N21

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

[Blossom]  Sport Glasses Lens

[BREATHE]  Mimi Flats-RedLips

[MANDALA]  HARAMITA-season2-Bangle And [MANDALA]777 Necklacejewelry set Red