Out On The Lanai

Out On The LanaiThese colors and The furniture reminds me of our lanai we had in Florida!! It was glassed in with sliding windows . It was where we entertained with cocktails and when weather wasn’t so hot we had nice breeze with palm tress blowing . We loved our home in Florida we lived there for two years, But as beautiful as house and yard was .. We didn’t realize how much we miss our family and grand-kids !! 1,000 miles away was to far . They all came for visits, But wasn’t the same so we sold our home and moved back to Virginia !! where there is 4 seasons.


***Josephine Skirt Fits Maitreya Lara Each color includes 2 versions, Pattern and Plain

Decoy   Josephine Skirt: Fatpack Plain  COLLABOR88

***ChicChica Grapes come in 2 colors green and Dark purple and with two poses 1. hold 2. up.. Is now at The Chapter Four

:::ChicChica::: GrapeGreen The Chapter Four

ISON  lisa halter wrap top  COLLABOR88

Exile::  Evermore  COLLABOR88

[MANDALA]  The hair accessory – Kiku-corsage-Shiro(White)
Earrings – pearl rain 2 earring

(Yummy)  Festival Ring Set – Maitreya

Kalopsia Zelie’s Rattan set Couch rug and table and Macrame  COLLABOR88





Femme Fatale At Night

Femme Fatale At Night

BouBouKi  Bless set fishnet Market Place

Ricielli  Koko Earrings /Silver

:Avanti:.  Noir Lace Gloves Maitreya HUD

Exile Life In Plastic  COLLABOR88

Le Poppycock  *Provocatrice* FUBAR

[MANDALA]  Katakori necklace_Silver

^^Swallow^^  Ears HD – High Definition



I’m Lost, But I Will Find My Way


Im Lost But I Will Find My WayWe all get lost from time to time . Most women do stop to ask where they missed their turn or follow the navigator in their car. Mine recently took me wrong way to the my Doctors office and sent me to a restaurant !! instead  lol I would of rather gone to lunch but.. The road was a new one so my navigator got it mixed up . In the old days when i was growing up my mom sat in the front passenger seat and dad drove and mom read the map all spread out .. Seems mom could read a map pretty well . Now me that’s a different story i  cant read a map to save my life . Don’t ask me how many times i got lost lol .


***The Cora Dress by Decoy comes in 12 colors and fat-pack with belt color and buckle color hud @ COLLABOR88 ( Now Open! )***

Decoy   Cora Dress  COLLABOR88

{Limerence} Janna  GachaLand Event

^^Swallow^^  Ears HD – High Definition

EMPYREAN FORGE      ( Jewelry )   Tesoro del Luna Necklace Redux  Tesoro del Luna Armband Redux Tesoro del Luna Redux Earring



Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Clouds are as thin as satin
The cool breeze caresses our faces
Millions of stars gleam so bright
Like no other I describe the night

There I see your eyes ever so pretty
Jaw-dropped as they look at mine
Your face defines such beauty
That It cursed me with dementia

Your lips is as red as velvet
Cured my color blindness
As they move as you speak
I can’t respond, I’m tongue-tied

The warmth of your embrace
Overthrew the coldness afar
As both our eyes collides
I fell more in love with you

I stare in your lips one more time
For they kept me in astonishment
Oh I really wanted to kiss them
Yet I can’t cause I can’t

I know that time will come
All I have to do is to keep my faith
Under this bright blue moon
I promise, with all my heart, I will wait

A late night stroll into  a gazebo Waiting for you. Realizing your not coming …. Ever…. Realization sets in your … Gone…


The dress by Mevo is a saucy little number very classy in front and hot in back . Hud has different colors for dress and for the insert of the material of rear and down the stomach and leg .

Meva  Joline Dress Cosmopolitan Event

Meva  Coins Set Gold  ( earrings bracelet)

Magika  Good Vibes

^^Swallow^^  Aphrodite rings

REIGN  Tied Pouch- FAMESHED GIFT ( May 2017)

DaD  “Byron Pavillon”  Collabor88 

ISON  nikki sunglasses (white)




EmeraldEmerald is a precious gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.

This Lingerie  from  Moon Amore i am totally in love with ! its so sexy .. In the back is a mesh like the front and thong shows off every asset you have lol !!!  comes with a hud that allows you to change the roses . The d!va hair is so sexy and sassy short bob with curls .

Moon Amore  Le Jardin Lingerie COLLABOR88

“”D!va””  Samantha  COLLABOR88

PHEDORA  Elvin heels

MILA  poses Photoshoot Me

^^Swallow^^      Pyramid Ear

Carol G  TattooFinesse



Is Spring Around The Corner?

Is Spring Around The Corner

I sold my home in Florida and Moved back to Virginia !! I wanted to see the seasons change. Its what i had missed in those two years I was in Florida.Since being back ive seen  the beautiful fall and had good amount of snow, I’m  beginning to see the crocus and the daffodils  and forsythia here in bloom. This looks a lot like Easter time when all starts blooming.


This is  why i picked this springy outfit from Just Because !! This color is in fat pack jammed full of solid colors and plenty of soft springy colors You wont be disappointed

*Just BECAUSE*     Cary Dress  Fat Pack COLLABOR88

CandyDoll Danny Heels Cream   COLLABOR88

little bones  Quartz  COLLABOR88

FOXCITY Blank Minds  kustom9

NOMAD  Crocus Bucket COLLABOR88

EarthStones Krishna Pendant Necklace

{what next} Marlow Bench

{what next} Medium Easel & Canvas

Infiniti  Sweetheart

I’ll Wait For You

I'll Wait For You
Have you ever been joking with a friend .. ( I know this is sorta creepy ) If i go first ill wait for you at the gates !!! ( Knowing good and well it was the booze talking or late night joke !) Some times we have these odd conversations and sometimes that’s all it is…

These {Avie} Whip Thigh High Boots comes in 8 different colors and on side is a whip on the ankle to add that touch of fetish your looking for  !

{Avie} Whip Thigh High Boots Fetish Fair

*LODE*  Crocus Crown


Stealthic   Sensual  COLLABOR88

Blueberry  BerryDoll

[CAROL G]  Vintage Flowers – Tattoo

GizzA   Vintage Wedding / Garden Gate

Compulsion  Absolom Roche Chair

{anc}   garden. tea
miniature/H. mannequin

oOo Studio  Pretty Pose

The Tourist


Walking threw the Tuscany village  in this casual out fit by blue berry and Buneo and my petite mort soho bag that carries all my film for my camera and my gum and few personal items to add to the out fit .

Blueberry  Kiki Shorts


ChicChica  Mineral water  COLLABOR88

Yummy Travel Camera   COLLABOR88

Petite Mort   Dusty rose Gypsy bag

AD    Hair sassafras

REDGRAVE Sunglasses Maddison

Meva Coins Necklace & Bracelet

White Widow Steppin

an lar  The Julia Series Season Story




I Turned Left When I Should Of Turned Right !!!

Why did i Turn Left . I Should Turned Right
Seems Lately Im always Traveling !! This time i got pretty lost .. No WiFi service to see where I am. Glad i wore my Blueberry Jeans and My Milk top !! I’ll just Sit here and wait and see if any one will stop and help me with directions .

Opale Alexa Hair Hair Fair 2017

Blueberry DWL Jeans – Boot Cut Jeans

Mandala Chunkeeey Necklace & Bracelets

Milk Motion Lace Tank Top COLLABOR88

Glamistry  Sunglasses PU2003

Le Poppycock  Adventure calls (pose) COLLABOR88


I Think I Have More Bags!

I Think I Have More BagsI am in love with this Year and model of Car!! Summer morning getting ready to take road trip on coast ..I always pack way to much, I feel its better to pack to much and lug it all the way to the car, Than get there and have to buy more . This is the perfect road trip out fit to wear from Scandalize . Time to load  up and head out !!! This sim is Maison de L’amitie

Scandalize Ally Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly

[Z O O M]  Cimmy Glasses

Opale  Sofiko

ChicChica  Mineral water  Collabor88

[CAROL G]   Vintage Flowers

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ears

MYNX Lagoon Handbag  Marketplace