Grown Up Tea Party !

its a purple morning

Morning . There is so many sad things happening in United States its breaking my heart. This isn’t what should be happening . I’m not going to get on my soap box  With that this morning . I did photo last night and wasn’t happy with it and rushed up stairs to do another. I am OCD with my photos . Is why i cant do but one a day to post  not like most do 2 3 4 ect a day . I’m on a 4 yr old laptop i bought it for SL when i was working at Big Daddy’s club with my second life hubby ( he was Sr DJ and i a Host we worked there for 6 yrs he is first Dj when they opened yrs ago) ( he has pasted away 3 yrs this upcoming January . It has 16 gigs good for crowed events ,  but for photos not so much ! I’m not a graphic designer.

One of my paint programs is ending in December due to its on flash player 😦  Sigh i need to find new one ( i have 2 already that came with my laptop ) That one i use just to tweek it . If you know of any good EASY ( For slow learning old ladies let me know lol ) Even though i have been in second life since day it was in Beta .. I know a lot about the game but i know not tons about blogging as you can see lol . I know there are people that awe me how wonderful they are I know i wont ever be on that level and im fine with that im to old to be jealous lol !! Ok you all have good Thursday and be safe !!

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After Long Walk Ice Cream!

After Long Walk Ice Cream!

Its Saturday !! it might as well be Monday huh?!! Every day running into same day isn’t it? I’m worried about my mom she hasn’t felt well lately but she said shes feeling better .

Since i’m not going to her home, She lives 5 miles away . Down the lane she lives on my Cousin and his wife live on it and my aunt and uncle and my other Cousin!! mom is at end with a water view ( on The bay) My grand parents had all this land and my parents retired there after retiring from teaching in school system. ) She is alone rest of them go to work and she will talk to my aunt daily out side on deck they are 6 feet away. She sound like in funk. I call every day since March to check on her. Shes doing social distancing . My mom played cards on Thurs for 5 hrs with her friend at the club down street and have lunch and shes in choir and works out daily at gym. ( so she is climbing walls i think) Ok guys im heading to post. Remember I do this blog when i write for my own outlet. if Punctuation spelling and run on sentences Then go around it  lol

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Cinderella For The Day!!

Cinderella For The Day

Morning all . Hope your doing well, Being safe. Hubbie has to go get blood work this morning for his next surgery to take cancer off his ear. Its never ending saga !!

We did get our stimulus check in mail !! I’m planning on getting new dinning room floor out of it . Hubbie putting it in . Ordering few other things .. Came in handy.

Ok im going to let you off hook today im off to post this have good day Hugs

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Wanna Lick?!!

Wanna Lick lol

Morning . I got woken up at 6am this morning ( and its 7am)  My dog started barking at ( New neighbors 2 dogs !!) we live in country and we have 2 acres of land and they have about same but there is open field between us. The deck faces behind us .. I know the lady bought house shes sweet 86 yr old lady she acts like shes 50. One Labrador retriever and one shitzsu . Then my dog starts barking ( i didn’t go to bed till 1am ) soooo im up blogging 2 hrs early . ok im half asleep and not had any coffee yet.

Have a wonderful day !!! BE SAFE!!

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Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Good Morning all its almost 9am Est . I’m up and doing laundry  ( did 2 loads of clothes and 2 of towels) All stacked up on my dryer i’m to lazy to put them away lol !! ( This is time i miss having teens to do my dirty work . They are all grown now and one has teen of her own . )

Hubbie has another appointment with one of his Doctors to remove his cancer off his ear  ( one of other team member’s) Over hour away from here. Hoping you staying safe.

Our state wont open until June. We are steadily going up hill … not flattening . I’m glad were not going back yet . These other places are open for movie theaters and gyms and nails and hair . I love my gel nails but those days are gone i wont get them done for long long time now. They look horrible but oh well. My hair is sort now so it can grow to point i don’t care put it in hair tie. I have no gray hair so that’s a plus lol .. I Just will miss my highlights . With having rl spouse with cancer you don’t chance things. Ok all you stay safe I’m off to post this ..

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Sunny !

SunnyMorning .. Well its Ground Hog Day!!  I am so glad my Governor hasn’t opened Virginia  he as well is retired Doctor . !!! We are closed till June . There is no cure or vaccine for The virus. ( Yet)

These Governor’s  opening up when the number are soaring are crazy. I feel sorry for the people that live there . I live in small town of 5000 and our numbers in our state are going up and not down . we are 12th largest state  in Population. I know this is sad time

Lets just hope the scientist out there are working hard. Our Nurses Doctors Hospital workers Policemen Grocery store workers and front line workers are heroes in my book. You all be safe please In where ever you live in what ever country you live . Hugs!!

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I Just Opened The Bar. Come On Over!

I Just Opend The Bar. Come On Over

Morning . I know most of us are under Tornado watch or sightings . Bad weather here ,

Praying for the loss & damage of Alabama. Here we are under Tornado watch and we are locked down here in Virginia from virus. My rl husband is heading to doctors office to have piece off his ear taken off .. He has Melanoma  He has just finished chemo from mantel cell non Hodgkin lymphoma …This isn’t our first or second scare of Cancer .

He had cancer cut out of his whole ear and had replaced his ear.

I’m sitting here with shoes on lol . You like i dont get it . I am barefoot a lot around house i have prepared for Tornado . Our walk in closet has flash light phone charger ( one with out electric) pillows blankets . You all be safe hugs !!!

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Is 5 o’clock Some Where !

Is 5 o'clock Some Where !

Morning all !!! Are we playing it safe still?!!! I hope so .. I want to see my followers and Ones i follow names and not worry about them. I haven’t left house in 3 weeks!! Hubbie had to leave due to our sweet baby girl ( cockapoo Pumpkin) had a seizure and he took her to vet they met him at car  he handed her off on her own and she went to them he sat in car for 3 hrs blood work x ray’s urine ect. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

Thank goodness . To tune of $ 450.00..Shes worth it . Vet said it could be fluke one time thing but could come back .  Omg i have been ordering my groceries offline it has been only one day  waiting or getting that day. We live in small town of 5,000 now its taking 5 days when i hit apply !! means every one in town must be doing same thing . Its only grocery store in town except for little gas station grocery stores. We have 6 double rolls of tolit paper left which is like 12 regular ones. ( Which is good ) Im not going to walmart its 23 minutes away not worth it . I have plenty of food . I need paper towels tolit paper and few odds and ends we have enough food in our big freezer and in our big fridge with bottom freezer take care hugs all

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