ūüíēA Rose For You

A Rose For You !

Its clearly a typical Monday Morning !!! Phone ringing at 6:30am Fisherman in the area has a ripped seat cover on his fishing boat ( Not pleasure boat but his work boat for oysters crabs and fish) For our real life business ughhh I so want to roll over but grabbed pen and took the order ( he wants it to day lmao …. I told him to come back and we will see ) I wanted to say I am going to post on my blog and do my Flickr this morning then we will get to it lol I think he will think ive totally lost it ! All My family knows and my RL knows I am on second life. Maybe one old friend. Its something i dont tell most.

Have a great Monday !!

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Dreaming Of A Vacation

Dreaming Of A Vacation!

A vacation lol !!! We havent had one in our 5 years being together my rl and I . Im guessing its due to us moving and buying houses and redoing them and not having money left over lol !!! We had booked a cruise for our honeymoon yrs ago.

We un booked it due to¬† we haven’t finished re doing our home and had to move wedding up ! I don’t think my RL¬† would know what to do with a vacation to be honest.¬† Tomorrow im heading shopping to big city with my mom ( i so hate shopping in rl like it in sl go figure!!)¬† She has gift card from my Brother for a certain store .. This is worst time to shop its left over winter clothes or its spring clothes.

I only buy spring clothes when its spring and same with any season.¬† I will be gone most of day. I don’t normally go shopping with my mom but since her best friend has a debating disease¬† and is bedridden, My aunt is vacationing with my uncle in Winnebago in Florida. My mom will buy clothes and hate them and take them back ( this has been going on since i was in my teens lol!!)¬† I know the deal !! Her driving will scare crap out of me . I wish i had a Valium lol . Just kidding im a front seat driver !! hugs all have a wonderful Monday !!

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Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl

Morning !! Afternoon where ever you maybe be !!¬† Today is crisp morning here in little town of Mathews Virginia ( 7,000 population) on Chesapeake bay @ 23 degrees . I don’t personally live on the bay,¬† ¬†My neighbors do across the street do and my mother lives on water 5 miles down road in her big huge house with all the windows!! I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend . I my self have a boring weekend planned .. Grocery shopping .. We own canvas and upholstery business I will be doing books ( ugh ) lol … I am buying a new house in second life today . I haven’t bought one in 2 years i go back to a old house which is cabin in winter when my sim turns winter. I need a small one few rooms. I have been stuck in rut and i do need furniture too . So My weekend will be¬† decorating ( i want to take up my winter items but to lazy lol !! I live on sim has 2 neighbors and I . One guy is never ever online. Next one keeps getting sold lol ( wonder if i run them off lol )!! Ok i am yammering off to post !!!

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Simply, Just Chilling!!

just chillin

Hello !!!! Well today its been the coldest day in Virginia where i live .¬† It got to 13 degrees last night . After all rain here we live in area where land is all flat and sea level.¬† There are muddle puddles all over our back yard ( size of some ones pool)¬† and thankfully they are now frozen !!! We have mini pond !!! Let out our dog this morning ( Pumpkin her name) She about did a nice skating move sliding but she loved it !!! She cant quite figure it out yet. This is her second winter here since moving back from Florida. We got her from breeder there shes 2 yrs old.¬† Enough jabber tad cold upstairs here in my office/spare bedroom 3 Bed room house other room is the den upstairs .¬† I’ve got coffee and heat is up¬† Have a great day all ūüôā ]

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I Make my blog half about second life and half about Real life!! Yesterday I had to take my mom to doctor ( She has gotten vertio!! ) She wanted me to drive her new car!! ( not that my Chevrolet Equinox ( that’s 2 yrs old isn’t good enough) But couldn’t drive her self and wanted me to come to her house and drive hers . Its a Toyota highlander.

Did i say brand farking new!!?? I was scared shitless driving 25 miles to doctor in her baby ( SUV lol!!)

She has that thing that beeps when you go across line lets you know .. I love my mom but… When she drives it goes off and sounds like shes playing pin ball lol!! I want you to know it didn’t make a peep up and back when i drove . My mom had breast cancer and is cancer free for past 6 yrs she had her checkup . I told her to cancel the appointment but nooo .. Since my Dad died last year at Christmas ive cut her some slack lol jk.. I canceled my x ray to take her . But will do it Wednesday unless something else comes up. My life even though my children are in Their 30s and grown with kids.. My life isnt dull lol !! Have a wonderful Tuesday all !!

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Snow Bird Time to Fly

Snow Bird Time to Fly

Good Morning !!! Its 2 days after Christmas .. I haven’t blogged since day before Christmas eve. !! I didn’t post i would be on vacation ( I was all caught up and then some)

I didn’t go away for Christmas i was home i had my kids grand kids my mom and my daughters & son in laws dog my dog and¬† ( my ex mother in law my daughter brought her due to my ex and his wife dont give crap about her ) my real life hubby here . 11 people here and 2 dogs!! for few days !!! My house is now back to normal. My dog now is worn out by my feet as i am typing . I ate to much crap !! (cookies /bread pudding/ sweet potato pie i could go on, We dont eat like this but once a year lol .I¬†need to post this to flickr lol .. Hope you all had a awesome holiday/Christmas!

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It’s That Time Of Year Again!

It's That Time Of Year Again!

Hey its Tuesday Morning here …. Was a warm day yesterday was 60 degrees ūüė¶ I love it being winter trying to decorate for Christmas in Real life. I am just getting my fall stuff down. Then trying to take inventory on all my Christmas stuff here. When we moved from Florida last year .. We didn’t decorate for Christmas ( We sold our home in Florida and moved back to Virginia) My father died week before Christmas. We were looking at houses to buy then but we put it off to get things down and be there for my mom. We lived up stairs ( 2 bedrooms den & bath) We had whole upstairs. 1,300 SQ feet . We then looked for house and bought it and renovated it . I haven’t seen my Christmas decorations in over 2 Christmas lol!! It will take me 1 week plus to decorate im extremely picky. Im feeling little sad, My dear friend is on breathing machine. She has debilitating rare disease¬† . I know time is only limed . (sigh) Ok off depressed talk lol.. Off to blog !!


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Santa Baby

Santa Baby


Yes !! I went and did Christmas music and its not even December lol !!¬† I cant help it ( shrug)¬† I have been decorating my land . I had my sim owner every year for 7 years I have been renting from ( i have had whole homesteads and half now im on one of his that’s three plots im one of them.¬† Hes most sweetest every year my Second life life hubby would have owner come and do it for me as my gift.

This year my second life hubby passed away passed away in January … It always takes the sim owner a while to come. I sent note card this year my self . Next day he IM me !! super fast!! I believe in little Christmas miracles thinking my second life hubbie in heaven had a little to do with it . ( its my blog and my story an i’m going with it lol !!

Have a wonderful weekend !!!


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Sometimes We Day Dream In Odd Places

Sometimes We Day Dream In Odd Places

Good Morning / Good Afternoon/ Evening where ever you may be ūüôā Long day yesterday is why i didn’t post.¬† My moms best friend i took care of with a debilitating disease is in hospital . She is going down hill fast. We visited her, I said my goodbyes to her. My mom and i went to lunch and did little bit of therapy shopping. Worn totally out mentally and physically from walking all over ( I’m still in pain in my knee when i fell down month ago. ) ill keep this short and post .. I have few things i need to get down in real life .. Have a awesome Thursday!!


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Going To Cast A Spell On You

Going To Cast A Spell On you

I believe some read blogs and some don’t. Sponsors check for our landmarks and ect.

I have never been a exciting writer and never will be lol !!! In sl I come off sounding stupid when i talked in local to people at club where i worked for almost 8 yrs . I met my now deceased¬† hubby at that club. He was the DJ I was the insecure first time host . We worked together, Monday threw Friday for 2 yrs until .. One day i was single and so was he. ( which with him wasn’t often lol ) I knew he was older than i but i was old in my own right lol !! We both had kids and grand kids. We started talking on Skype and he told me which to this day i¬† crack up!! OMG ( insert my real name ) hon You are intelligent lol Yep thank god for voice !!! I am good typist but rotten at expressing my self most think im a humors person and that’s it. I have had 3 yrs of college not much left to finish, my degree. I am almost 59 ( at end of month of October) I worked at CIA for over 10 years worked in public school system for over 17 yrs, with mentally handicapped and delayed. I came to find out Lars had written books and majored in English lit. I have learned how to take my time¬† do my school work and he checked it a lot by me sending it to him by email. He he passed away this January. ( sigh) I am still partnered to him, That wont ever stop .When i¬† leave second-life and i will still be partner to him. For six years of togetherness daily and texting and phone calling emailing and skyping . We were joined at the hip . He was 71 !! yes and was DJ @ Big Daddy’s he was one of founders there . You all have wonderful Tuesday !!

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